Saturday, May 10, 2014

Large unexplained DDoS attack hits USA - Possible relation to Facebook users experiencing issues

As I write up this post based on the sources I will quote below, I am finding that myself and many other users, going by tweets on Twitter, are having the message "Account Temporarily Unavailable", while trying to access their Facebook pages. This has been ongoing now for around twenty minutes. I am not sure yet at how widespread this is in relation to the impact on the percentage of Facebook users.

Screenshot from Live Digital Attack Map Friday May 9, 2014 3:31 PM EST:

The Register in the UK recently reported that the domain host 'Point DNS' has been hammered with a high intensity DDoS attack on Friday, knocking servers out for hours. The size of the attack is unclear at this stage, and the source is still unknown.

"We're experiencing a DDoS attack on all DNS servers we are working hard mitigate the attack," Point DNS said in a update on Twitter.

More than 220,000 domains are hosted on Point DNS and each of these have been impacted. When those websites domain names were accessed via the internet, the pages would not resolve because of this attack.

Security specialists Incapsula is said to have spotted a similar attack, which peaked at 25 million packets per second. Incapsula  reported seeing floods of non-spoofed IP data coming from two DDoS protection services as the cause of the outage.

Point DNS has this latest tweet at the time this article was posted.

Here is the message that many Facebook users are getting right now.

I just heard reports that users of YouTube are also experiencing issues with the loading of videos right now. It doesn't seem as wide spread as to what the clients of Facebook and Point DNS have been experiencing. I'm sure more information will be coming out in the media soon about this issue.



Wren Omatic said...

The Facebook thingy happened to me.

Laron said...

It was annoying! =)