Thursday, May 29, 2014

In age of runaway superbugs, handshakes now declared more dangerous than smoking

Clif High predicted this situation coming up within a recent IDIR report. Its a good hit.

By L.J. Devon via Natural News, 24 May 2014

Entire healthcare facilities may soon be dubbed "no handshaking zones."

As "smoke free zones" become more accepted today, so too could "no human contact zones."

Touching is now being proven to be more dangerous than smoking, as deadly super bugs like the MERS virus spread.

Hospitals may begin prohibiting human touch, in fear of spreading disease

New research from the UCLA reveals that the danger of spreading disease through hand to hand contact is growing rapidly, especially in an age of runaway super-bugs.

One day, hospital lobbies may display signs with an X through a picture of a handshake, prohibiting visitors and health care professionals from making simple contact with one another. One day, visitors may be asked to leave the building for hugging one another or holding each other's hands. Healthcare professionals could be reprimanded for giving a professional handshake to patients or visitors.

Kindness in healthcare facilities could one day be restricted to just long-distance waves or salutes, as human touch is replaced with fear and paranoia of infection. Commentary from the Journal of the American Medical Association supports the no-touch philosophy, as health officials go on guard against the spread of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

The authors behind the idea are now recommending that healthcare professionals develop an alternative greeting that doesn't involve touching but remains polite. They wrote: "Removing the handshake from the healthcare setting may ultimately become recognized as an important way to protect the health of patients and caregivers, rather than a personal insult to whoever refuses another's hand."

Hard-to-treat MERS bringing fear to health care officials

As hard-to-treat diseases like MERS make their way to America, healthcare officials are beginning to view human contact more fearfully than before. First emerging from Saudi Arabia in 2012, Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome is caused by a coronavirus, inflicting people with fever, cough and shortness of breath. According to the CDC, 30 percent of those infected have died, as hospital treatments fail.

The fear of contacting deadly superbugs like MERS is putting handshakes in the same category of risk as smoking. As the idea of handshake-free zones is tossed around in the medical community, hospital staff could one day be required to sit through classes and learn about the dangers of touching others. Signs may go up, and penalties may be established for making human contact. Who knows, one day, doctors may be replaced with machines altogether, as touching becomes forbidden.

(All this fear could be the band-aid solution, as the root problem is perpetuated. How long will antibiotics be handed out like candy?)

Underlying problem hinges on ignorance of immunology

This no touch ideology subliminally sounds the alarm that the era of antibiotic abuse and overuse is ending, but the method of action (restricting human touch) does not face the root of the problem.

The no touch philosophy goes to show that there is a lack of knowledge on immunology in the medical field. If healthcare professionals better understood how to strengthen the immune system of patients and themselves, then the fear of infection could be mitigated. On top of that, if superbugs were treated with antibacterial plant extracts like goldenseal, oregeno or raw honey rather than one-mode antibiotics, then patients and workers could be more confident in shaking each other's hands and breathing one another's air.

What about sneezing?

Furthermore, airborne transmission methods like sneezing may be more dangerous than handshakes, and this involuntary reaction cannot be stopped, no matter how many signs are put up. Sneezing is capable of emitting 2,000 or more bacteria-filled droplets, which can be taken in through the air without any human contact.

In the end, how will doctors be able to effectively work with patients if they are taught to neglect contact with them? Will robots take over health care one day?

Without human touch, sick and dying patients will be starved of that familial bond that is crucial in their life and death situation.

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Posted with permission from Natural News


Paul Tews said...

Reminds me of lines out of Stuart Davis' song Swim:
"In this hospital the beds are made of steel,
metal instruments are all some people feel
What you need is something soft against your skin."

DBlog said...

This is where I must put in a plug for cannabis oil. It kills most pathogens - including MRSA. It kills cancer also.

Linda said...

Yes, all of that, but watch that fear factor bug doesn't kill you first. Why is it that some people pick up things when exposed the virus and bacteria and some don't? Mind state. Everything is consciousness, including these. From what I know, I just don't think it's possible to catch anything unless you are resonating at a frequency that attracts it. The state of mind of yogis et al. have shown they can consume anything and not be affected. Most of us aren't at that place yet, but one sure thing is that if you're in a mode of worry - it's much more likely to happen.

Touch is so important to health, it's natural and healing. Fear and health don't reside together for long periods, something gives.

DBlog - great info, thanks.

Laron said...

With relation to getting sick, from anything at all, I have some strong opinions about it because of my knowledge around our energy body, healing, soul contracts and so on.

While this article is very practically centred, there are many other factors at play that we are not aware of.

If we are going to catch a bug, no matter how it is transferred to us, its also going to depend on our immunity, both physically and energetically. For example, I haven't got sick for probably five years now, with a few exceptions of when I caught a cold the day after drinking alcohol in excess, at least on three occasions, as that lowered the immunity of my energetic system.

For five years I have also been on a vegetarian diet and I am involved with energy healing a lot, I have got a lot of exercise at various times over those years and take vitamins when I feel intuitively the need to take them.

I have also been able to manage my stress and anxiety levels effectively with meditation and being in the now. Stress lowers our immunity energetically.

On top of the above, there are ways we can live our lives so that we are not susceptible to health issues, but there are exceptions as sometimes we are meant to get sick, as part of our plan/path.

Like Linda stated, our state of mind is also important.

There are so many reasons why our energy body becomes unhealthy/unwell, and in turn an illness will manifest through there, into the physical, depending on many factors. And we can be more susceptible to picking up the spread of a typical illness going around based upon all these factors.

So while a hand shake increases the chances, in some situations, of picking something up, this is really more an issue for the masses out there that are blindly going through life, unaware of all these other factors and who can become much more immune and energetically stronger, if they are educated and know to do so.

For example, the simple step of putting up an energetic visualised shield around us, and maintaining that until it becomes automatic, can assist with not just energetic vampires(people who unconsciously drain our energy), and the negative/unsuitable energies around us as we go through each of our days, but it can also assist with our health, and is an additional factor when it comes to the many ways of having a healthy and strong energetic and physical, bodily systems.