Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Did a UFO just take down Russia’s proton rocket?

Clif High posted this recently in relation to the 'malfunction' of the recent Russian satellite launch, a satellite which is said to be Russia's most advanced which they have sent into space.

"As our forecasts stated earlier this year [space wars/laser satellite wars] are manifesting. Put this video into full screen mode on a large screen to get a good look at the UFO attacking and destroying Russia's rocket. Note that Russia was sending their most advanced [satellite] to date into orbit (they thought, until UFO interveaned). As per the forecast, the language is now manifesting of [attacks on satellites]. (5/17/2014 -sorry for the late posting, had to validate the lingusitics in Russian....what a pain for an english L1)." - Clif High, halfpasthuman.com

Note that I have studied the video in great detail and what I see is an object coming across the screen from the right to left and it never stops, it keeps on going. But, the angle of the object does seem to change, like it was aiming to be close to the rocket and it then changes its trajectory as it passes by the rocket.

You can also find a video by DAHB0077 going over this event here. Below is an article by Joe over at Collective Evolution in relation to this event.

By Joe Martino via Collective Evolution,  19 May 2014

A Russian Proton-M rocket with a very advanced satellite on board crashed not far from Kazakhstan’s territory on Friday. It was only in the air for about nine minutes before it crashed out -or was it taken down? If it made to its final destination, the Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite to date.

Why did the rocket crash? This is currently unknown but already many theories are popping up. So far the head of the Russian national space agency Roscosmos has said:

“The exact cause is hard to establish immediately, we will be studying the telemetry. Preliminary information points to an emergency pressure drop in a steering engine of the third stage of the rocket.”

What I find interesting is that whether we watch the video below or the one posted on the RT link below, there is clearly an object that is racing towards the direction of the rocket and in some way either makes contact or interferes right before the rocket goes off course and crashes. You can see this object come in on the right side of your screen.

Is this a UFO? Is it a missile? It’s tough to know at this point. Given there wasn’t a big explosion, it’s tough to say whether a missile was involved. I just find it off that this isn’t being spoken about or mentioned more given it’s very clear and present. Interestingly UFO’s have been known to deactivate nuclear missiles in the past. While this isn’t a missile, it shows the possibility of UFO involvement.

What are your thoughts on what it might be? Do you think we are getting the full story from the Russians in their claims on engine failure? No need to create conspiracies at this point but its certainly interesting to question.


Posted with permission from Collective Evolution


ruffletheteacher.com said...

Remember the Malaysian plane had some developers of advanced tech on-board. Possible intervention on our behalf... This seems too coincidental to be two different acts. Is this the same group of... um, beings... helping humanity? What was that sat capable of? Was this an attempt to restart the old (time) machine?

Wherami said...

The Cabal also have their own UFO's and special space projects so likely it was them just taking the Russians down.