Monday, May 12, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast for Monday the 12th of May, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Monday 12 May 2014 - We are entering an interesting week as the intense and passionate full moon approaches on Thursday the 15th in Aust and NZ. As Mars is the old ruler of Scorpio, the full moon this week will bring a lot to a head as Mars will change direction on the 20th to direct.

In Mundane astrology the moon has often been in Scorpio when major world events kick off or major matters occur in relation to any political upheavals including financial crises within Gov. One thing the grand cross has caused is a great discontent in certain countries towards Government powers especially in areas of finances- budgets etc...

We are seeing it in Australia and I believe there is also a similar situation in USA. Then there is the Ukraine situation still to unfold. The full moon and Mars moving on is going to unplug restraints on that situation also for sure and get things moving to a resolution one way or another.

For the individual this week the Scorpio energies will be strongest for those with Sun or moon in Scorpio or Taurus, Scorpio ascending sign or Midheaven, or IC or Pluto strong in your life pattern.( 1st house or conjunct sun) Its also going to be strong for people who have been feeling the power of the grand cross within their lives in a personal crisis situation.

There will be a very interesting aspect the day after the full moon this week as Venus conjuncts Uranus and I think this aspect will be triggered by the actual full moon the day before so it may come early for many people this week. This is something unusual and sudden to shock the senses emotionally. It happens in Aries so the signs that will feel this big shift in energy the most are going to be all of the above as well as Aquarians and Arians, Taureans and Librans.

I think the earth will move for all of these signs or that "type" of person and that could be physically and/or emotionally.

For some it will be a sudden love interest, a complete turn around emotionally, for others it could be a sudden realisation that its time to change direction totally...

Others will just get quite a bit surprise- its one of those unpredictable energies that could turn an ordinary full moon into something like an eclipse energy.

It will affect everyone depending on what area of your life pattern this aspect happens in.

Earlier this week, Mercury is really busy bringing some muddled thinking for some or a little confusion at least today ( Monday Aust and NZ) so its best to turn to spirit if you are uncertain about something -follow your intuition - this is strongest for Pisces, Geminis and Virgos.

Tomorrow the mind will be clearer again as Mercury trines Mars but make sure you listen well to others and dont rush into something without careful thought...

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