Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming unstuck

Within my article, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', I discussed a number of elements which brought forward and supported the theory that time had been manipulated in a greater sense, from around early 2013 up until now.

While it certainly seems feasible that this has been an ongoing situation for a number of years, not just in relation to the shift in consciousness, it did seem like the events of last year may have had a greater impact on them based upon the actual manipulation and that key events were stopped, which in turn delayed the shift in consciousness / the event / the GCE / the gathering, and so on. You can of course find more detail on this situation in the second half of my third QHHT session with Lai, here..

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Based upon recent information that came to me, which is going to take some time to get a proper confirmation on, I believe that time and events are no longer able to be manipulated like they have been in the past. The info which I was made aware of, that I won't get into detail on now, said that the device / machine / craft in question, which was responsible for the actual manipulation, has been disabled. This may stretch the belief system and sound a bit crazy, and that is perfectly fine as I find it hard to accept and believe as well, and hence my reluctance to get into it in great detail.

But, because of current confirmations that I have ran into supporting this info, I can't ignore it and I feel a responsibility to mention it in part.

What are the ramifications of this? For this article, I am focusing on the ramifications to us at a personal level. While I am expecting an increase in all areas in the World, in relation to events in general, specifically ones relating to the shift, I feel that this is also going to impact individuals.

We may have felt stuck in a sense over the last year, we may have felt that we were going around in circles and not getting anywhere. I think that now, the energy and opportunities in front of us is changing, and that we will now be able to react, and act in certain ways which may have been held up for us previously.

The information out there is showing that our life paths are likely connected to the events going on in the world at this time. What this means is that we have likely planned to make certain decisions, and act out certain situations in our lives between such major events, leading up ahead in our future, that surround these changing times.

What could this relate to? Anything. One example may involve our work and career situation. You may suddenly find a door opening, an opportunity coming up, which just was not there before. And because of that, you may have a few major changes occur in relation to the work that you do.

It could be related to relationships, long term ones having issues or even finding and ending up in new relationships.

We may move location sometime up ahead this year, for a reason we may not have been expecting. Or, we may have had plans and will have the opportunity at last to put those plans into place.

In conclusion, I am not looking at this manipulation of time just being connected to the major events in the world, events that impact the many, but also at an individual level. This is something to think about and be aware of. We are likely now able to step through a few doors that were being held closed to us previously.


Wren Omatic said...

I think you are right. So far this year, particularly during the last month or so, we've been able not only to open a few doors and do things that needed to be done last year, but also close a few doors. We're seeing things more clearly, like we don't have a blanket over our heads anymore. The bricks on our shoulders are slowly, one by one, dropping off and some are also being replaced with lighter ones. There are a few more to go, but we'll get there. :-)

Steve said...

I am not sure, but I hope you right ... In order to get different results you would have to do it differently. But, as I stated early in one of the comments, we never know if this true or created reality around us will remain same.

Laron said...

(in reply to both of you)
I think it will take some time to see if all this rings true. In the past 7 days I have noticed a lot, a lot of events happening on an individual level as well as things ramping up in the world with events. But its early days... we will see.

One example I was made aware of today(I wrote the above article yesterday, had it scheduled), in relation to 'events' and not so much individuals, was that the usual 'rigging' of the markets seemed to be gone on tuesday in the US, and this has been ongoing for years. As discussed in this article on zero hedge.

I think that is a good analogy, like a blanket was our head, which we can see through but not very clearly.

I think my point is that from May, a lot of those bricks have been taken off. Oh, there may be a few still there, but in comparison to earlier in the year, there are a lot less.

Wherami said...

Things are certainly unstuck now. Now to see how the cabal reacts

Fantastic Fox said...

I think that I and many of us have been for some time in the "no man's land", metaphorically speaking. Things have seemed to be arduous most of the time and it seems that we have been prepared for something. Personally speaking, things have started to to make sense again slowly, but surely. I guess that there is still much work to be done.

Unknown said...

(reply to Wherami) How else would they react? They're trying to get a war started. They really are quite predictable. Lada Ray has some interesting commentary on this topic:

"USA’s global historic and karmic role is to agitate and foster change – oftentimes by aggression, wars and other negative actions.

This is in fact the historic role of the West as a whole – to be expansive, aggressive, and to export problems. This wakes up the yin nations, helps them in understanding and recognizing their identity and potential. When the yin nations push back to reclaim their freedom and identity, progress and expansion of human consciousness occurs.

In the 3D world of the yin-yang duality, the male, yang, ego-driven side will always bring destruction and devastation if it’s not kept in check and if it’s in imbalance.

This will continue as the US is extremely imbalanced. The USA was allowed to play with fire since the USSR collapsed. It was allowed to believe that it was the only superpower left standing and therefore it’s infallible. The god complex that developed in an underdeveloped 5-year-old with nukes, world’s biggest war toys, and – you guessed it… busy exerting its dominance over the burning house, called planet Earth.

It was a delusion for the US to think that they could ever be allowed to remain the only superpower. This situation is extremely imbalanced and cannot continue for long. That’s why the US empire, which was allowed to go unchecked for over 20 years has to crumble and diminish. How severely crumble and diminish will depend on the karmic balance at the time of the collapse."

see the rest at

Grace said...

Thank you for this piece of information, Laron (you did post it after all!). You sound extremely sane and stable to me :)

The mysticism that is the way of higher consciousness is far beyond what the human mind can easily comprehend, but with the increasingly elevated energetic frequencies that are currently pouring into our beautiful planet and transmuting Life itself, we are gradually easing into this flow of spiritual evolution and higher consciousness ourselves.

I also believe that we were caught in a time loop that repeated until we "made it". Which we did :) 21 December 2012 saw us closing the Big Book of History; I see the following two years after that as the acclimation period as we paused to take in all the new parameters. I would also like to believe that we are now at the timeline where we literally become a new human species, which Dr Villoldo aptly calls Homo Luminous.


Manuel Tomaz said...

There is a lot of information being suppressed by the powers that be. (Big brother). An event is taking place right now at the Vatican. Kevin Galilee is in his 20th day of a hunger strike to get pope Francis to come to the people's aid and disclose the depopulation agenda, which is policy world wide. Only a select few in the alternative media are allowed to discuss it. This is the fuse that has been lit in 2012. In needs to go viral so disclosure can be made on everything our governments have been hiding from us. The time is now. Kevin needs our help. They are waiting for us to make some noise. Laron, could you post a link about Kevin on your site? I truly believe he is the catalyst to changes.

Laron said...

Manuel, I will look into that. I had heard of this once before a while back, but I haven't seen any info on it since then.

Tony said...

I've been having some cool experiences lately which may be relevant to this topic. I've been "forgetting" that we cannot manifest things, hah. I realize that this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it would be pretty unsettling when it happens if it weren't so cool. For example, today at work (I work in an auto body shop), at one point I had just moved some really heavy parts, and was feeling tired. Without thinking about it, I imagined a chair behind me, fully expecting it to just manifest so that I could sit down. Then after a moment I realized that it was a totally unrational thought and expectation. Again, I realize that it doesn't sound that profound, but for a brief moment it just felt normal, and I actually expected it to happen until I snapped back to reality. I've had a few of those experiences lately. Either I'm losing my grip on reality, or something is going on. Anyway, I thought the people here might appreciate or relate to this.

Laron said...

Perhaps your having a lot of activity in the astral while you sleep Tony, in relation to manifesting so your waking up with such a strong learning still instilled in you that its filtering into your daily activity. All this in preparation perhaps for your future self after the shift? hmmm

Deli Rico said...

At a personal level, someone who's able to channel (even though i'm kinda esceptic) came close to me and told me things, mostly information of previous lives, I have been around quite a while, many times as a monk (like mr connery in the film in the name of the rose) or as the opposite as a torquemada lunatic. Point is I was told I gotta hurry hup to catch up in spiritual matters, coz I was "fighted against life", and that's a very truth, I`m kid of dissapointed of every known spiritual path, I was told I`ve gotta build my own and by doing so I would help others. Laron is it possible that one can "channel" information with out any training? apparently I did channel some "guys out there" from time to time, and It looked like my mind was playing some tricks. I still do not trust anyone from the spiritual side that tells me there`s a hierarchy and some brotherhood who might know better what's like to be a human. I think this very time is not for mass ascension or "comunial" cumbaya scapism to another earth. Gaia is a wise enough loving creatrix that allows humans to exist even though we behave like dumb fleas. I think we need to be more rooted than ever and stay in touch with our very physical body, There are a lot of "beings out there" who would love to posses a human body, our bodies have such a power and manifestation amenities that we haven't explore. We can manifest on 3d, the hardest densities of all of them and we can doit out of thin air, by imagining and drawing in our minds whatever we want, we are giving more value and experience for the universe to know herself, and that is pretty much achieved while incarnated here. So my opinion is to have fun while it lasts and do not huurry up to ascend or move away, this world ends only when you die. As the wise George Carlin said:

Love Alex V

Wren Omatic said...

I can relate, Tony. I was beginning to think it was from aging but, seriously, not that fast. :-) I've been noticing the 'space out' in other people, too.

Laron said...


Since we have talked offline, this makes sense to me, 'I was told I gotta hurry hup to catch up in spiritual matters, coz I was "fighted against life"'.

Also, 'disappointed of every known spiritual path'. I know that you have had trouble finding what rings true to you, and I think there is nothing wrong with that as it shows that you are searching, and therefore learning so much along the way. But eventually you will have to decide on what is most likely real and not real, or at least what you lean towards more strongly than what you do not. And that decision is based upon what is within.

I have had no training with the method of 'channelling', and I believe I do channel from time to time, mostly without me knowing it.(it happens very fast) And this is known to occur with some people. I believe we don't have to have training. It of course helps a lot to get some guidance around what you actually need to do, to try it out or to see if it comes naturally.

I don't believe in possession and is not a concern or worry I have at all. I have a good understanding around what I suspect may occur instead, when people think someone may be possessed.

You should listen to your intuition and your inner voice, definitely, as long as you are confident its actually you, and that your connecting into your guides and / or higher self.

I think that what the person may have meant, when you said 'I gotta hurry hup to catch up in spiritual matters'. may simply be about you coming to more of a conclusion around what your beliefs actually are, instead of perhaps sitting on the fence about them? As you know a lot already so its not really about catching up, its about you deciding what truly resonates with you.

I think that these techniques I have written about in this article here, if done on a regular basis,
'Clearing your Energy and Energetic Shield Visualisations' -, would help you a lot with making sure your finding your true intuition and guidance and what rings true to you.

I just received a short dejavu experience as I read through this before posting it. (its been a couple of months since I had my last one I think)

Blessings, Alex

Deli Rico said...

Thanks, Laron, We all are walking different paths, at the end we're looking for some kind of meaning in life. Good sign is to have a deja vu (for me it's like an "pay attention") sign. Thanks for the words and the clearing techniques, the visualization of a clearing energy fields and the use of crystals work fine to me, About the crossroads to decide what things are the real deal, for me aswers are in different forms of art, creativity is the ultimate healer. I'm now paying attention to the dreams and looking into the dreamworlds as much as I can, My intuition (BS meter) tells me to take with a grain of salt every channeled info, even thought the info can be useful or the person performing it have very nice intentions. once again thank you for your time to write your words. Have a nice one m8.

Alex V