Saturday, May 10, 2014

Climate Change

By a Anonymous guest writer

“Climate:  noun.  The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general, or over a long period of time; a region with a particular climate.”

It is the misinterpretation of the word 'climate' that has caused ALL the arguments, although most people are unaware of that.  Climate - as per the above definition - is always in a state of change, to some degree or another.  What we are seeing currently is not a ‘change’;  it is a breakdown of what we consider to be climate norms.

Hurricane Isabel (2003) as seen from ISS - Wikipedia

We are getting very close to the point where we simply do not have any climates any longer.  As above, a climate is a stable, long term and predictable pattern of weather.  The pattern can be local (A Mediterranean climate) or global (A tropical, or arctic, or temperate climate).  New Zealand has (the remnants of) a "Mid-latitude Maritime Climate" just like Britain and Ireland.

Climate is entirely dependent upon atmospheric conditions. Change the atmosphere by even a small amount and you change everything.  Temperature OR humidity will do that.

The atmosphere has changed, and it is continuing to do so.

The weather is - and will become more - violent, random, chaotic, and unpredictable.  Get used to it - it's here to stay.  Probably for centuries.

What has caused the change in the atmosphere?  The front runner is warming.  Caused by?  CO2 (yawn) is the favourite.  MAYBE.  Then the corollary - de-forestation, which has removed a lot of the CO2 absorbers - trees, plants etc.  Desertification is also playing a major role.  Human-created carbon dioxide is merely a contributor - a dwarf, promoted for propaganda (and taxation) purposes to gigantism.

Unexpected warming has taken place in the deep oceans - probably from Earths’ core activity.  (Caused by?) That warm water circulates - and if you change the sea water surface temperature, the effect is near instantaneous on the atmosphere, relatively speaking.  (For instance, ONE degree up or down of sea surface temperature can create or kill a cyclone. The key temperature is +/- 27ÂșC)

Then we have cosmic input - changed conditions in our 'local' area.  Every planet in the Solar System is warming; and I'm certain that my car is not melting the Martian ice caps! So what is causing that?  A changed cosmic environment?  The Sun? If anyone knows, they're not saying!  The overall complex of complex systems interweaving with each other is probably beyond measurement, and hence beyond analysis.

The reason that CO2 is flavour of the month with TPTB is that essentially it is TAXABLE; but also, it saves assorted scientists and politicians having to invent other, less plausible excuses, or (horror!) coming out and admitting their helplessness.  NOTHING can be “done about it” - any mention of that is placatory pap for the masses.  Might as well take a vote in parliament to turn the Sun off.

So in normal day-to-day terms, what we are really talking about here is rapid WEATHER CHANGE, with slight seasonal modifications.  Climate, per se, is all but history for the foreseeable future.  And the bad news is - the weathers’ chaos, violence and randomness will be increasing.

Is this an ‘extinction event’?  Taking all factors into consideration in a long-term sense, that seems a likely possibility.  Another ice age would seem to be a logical expectation…..

When one considers the Seed Vaults and the ‘Deep Underground Military Bases’ that have been constructed all over the world, costing mega-billions of dollars ….. could it be that someone is not being quite open and honest with us?

But - would we even want them to be?


Linda Swanson said...

Excellent as always. I enjoy your spot on evaluations of current and future issues/events. Thanks so much. said...

Beyond just taxation, the idea that YOU are the cause is a psychological tactic. How dare you?!! You should have done more, and now just look at what you have done! You should be ashamed! But... We would be willing to forgive you... Someday... if you just put down your guns, liberty, right to vote, and come into this conveniently built underground shelter where you will be 'saved' from your horrible crimes against nature.
Isn't that every elected official's hottest wet dream? A mass of people dependent on you for life itself trapped in a cave and no elections in the foreseeable future?
The multiple tangents that lead off this pack of lies is staggering, and they all end in re-enslavement of humanity.

Steve g said...

You forgot METHANE being released in massive amounts in the Artic ; much more effective at climate change than co2.

Wherami said...

Methane is the key not Co2. Thats a red herring.

You are dead on correct too Ruffle :) its all psychological and controlling

Sunny Jauhal said...

Wow. That last sentence..

gritzle75 said...

Apparently methane is the key. However, Co2 makes for a more plausible cover. Would we believe them if they told us that it was due to human flatulence caused by overpopulation?

Simon Atkins said...

As an atmospheric scientist, Laron says the Truth: Global Warming is a fraudulent hoax, and is perpetrating our lives all because of an Establishment Agenda, rather than telling us the REAL truth that energies way beyond the earth are shifting our microcosm. Thanks for shedding the light.

Laron said...

The article was written by an anonymous follower and former anonymous contributor of the site (as stated at the beginning of it).

Thanks for your opinion Simon, as this is your area after all!