Thursday, May 1, 2014

Children and their past lives

Are more and more children recalling memories of their past lives, or are we just noticing an existing situation because people are waking up more during these shifting times? Historians, Psychologists and researchers have become increasingly more open to this possibility because of the large amount of verifiable evidence showing up. Parents can become confused, and also concerned about their children because of the things they report.

Within this ten and a half minute video above, a young boy has memories of a past life in which he was his own grandfather. Additionally, Dr. Jim Tucker discusses his and his former colleague Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research on children in eastern countries who have had spontaneous past life memories. In their research they find a lot of evidence suggestive of reincarnation, like detailed and accurate memories and physical characteristics carried over from the previous life to the current one (birth marks, deformities, injuries).

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