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Ascension and The New Earth - New QHHT based information

Vickie Acklin from Arkansas in the USA, who is a Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner, has sent in this information below from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session that she conducted on the 16th of May, 2014 (last week). Parts of this session validates the information I received through Lai, in his third QHHT session here, specificity in relation to the timing of the ascension / shift to the new earth.

I thank Vickie for sharing this information with me and making it available to all of you as well. You can find Vickie's website here,

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By guest writer Vickie Acklin, 21 May 2014

QHHT Session May 16, 2014 Ruby: I'm certified as a QHHT Practitioner. I facilitated the following partial session with a woman that wanted to be called Ruby. Ruby is a very creative and artistic person. She has a beautiful open mind and was really excited about having her session. She has agreed to share the portions of her session that were not personal. After doing a few hypnosis convincers to help Ruby feel hypnosis. She slipped right down into a deep trance state and we began. What follows is a partial session of what Ruby saw and felt after she was induced into a deep trance state called somnambulism.

V: What do you see as you look down around you?

Ruby: Sand. It's everywhere. Just sand.

V: Do you have feet?

Ruby: My feet are bare. They are women's feet but not very pretty.

V: What are you wearing?

Ruby: A natural thin leather is wrapped around me. It's very warm.

V: If you turn around you will see an important place. Can you tell me what you see?

Ruby: It's a pyramid. It's made of stone. There's an entranceway and then you come to a door. It's kind of dark inside and there are hallways with torches. I feel like it's in Egypt. One of the pyramids there.

V: Is this where you live?

Ruby: It's where I go. I want to go there. It's energizing. The energy comes from within just from walking on it. When I look up there are drawings and a lot of gold. I don't live there but it feels kind of like home.

V: During the time you spend inside the pyramid do you just absorb energy or do you have a task?

Ruby: There's a lot of energy. I feel like it has something to do with working with the energy. I make it stronger.

V: What is the energy used for?

Ruby: For everything. To be able to do things with your mind. You use it to manipulate things. It's an important energy. I work with the energy.

V: When I asked Ruby to move forward to an important day in the woman's life she moved herself right into the death scene.

Ruby: She's very old now. She's ready to go now. She wants to move on. Her death is more a ceremony. Everyone has on elongated masks. It's very fancy but it's not about sadness. The ceremony is about saying goodbye and this woman is ready now to let herself move to a new reality. A new life.

V: I am asking the Oversoul (OS) why was Ruby shown this life? Ruby's voice gets a little louder as she allows the OS to speak.

OS: She's good with energy. She can heal using her hands. If she lays her hands on somebody she would begin to heal them. If she really believed it. It's her purpose in this life to use her healing abilities. She would be happier.

V: Does the OS have another message for Ruby?

OS: Soon you will know everything you want to know. You'll have the answers you've been seeking. Those that are ready will Ascend.

V: What does Ascension mean?

OS: Your soul goes into another dimension.

V: Will Ascension be happening soon? OS:Yes. Will Ruby Ascend? OS:Yes.

V: After Ascension will we go off the Earth to live on another planet or would we still live on this Earth? OS: It's not really the Earth. It's a new layer but it's different. Everything's different.

V: How is life in the future? Is it a good life we will be living after ascension? OS: It's anything you want it to be. You just manifest your life as you want it to be. V: How do you manifest it? OS: You just think it and it pretty much happens instantly. You direct your energy. V: So can you just have whatever you want on this new Earth? OS: Yes, you just sort of build your own reality. We can do that here now we just don't know it. It's slower here right now.

OS: The New Earth is a very wonderful place. It's warm and comforting. V: Do you have a job to do on the New Earth. OS: Well, it's your job to continue learning. It's different there. There's no pettiness or violence. Everyone is connected there. We will build together. There's creativity and art and design.

V: Is Ascension something we will be experiencing soon? OS: Yes, very soon. V: Can you give a timeframe?. OS: It will happen within a year but it's hard to grasp. There's still leaves on the trees.

V: What can you tell us about the process? OS: It's not frightening. Not if you ascend. There's some disaster on the Earth but it was chosen by a lot of people to experience. People just don't understand and they fear.

V: If we go into another dimension what exactly does that mean? I mean, if I were looking at someone just as they were ascending what would that look like? OS: You don't really see it. It's something we each experience. Everything goes blue for a minute. Then it's just time and space. It's hard to say how long.

V: Will we see any signs right before ascension? Like within a few days of it? OS: We will see a lot of turmoil. In the media on the news. It's hard to say because it's happening already so much now. A Lot of financial problems. A lot of people, the people that chose not to ascend will only be paying attention to that. The others have already made their decision and will ascend to the New Earth.

V: I now called in the OS for healing and questions. The OS did some various healing to areas of Ruby's body and there were pauses when an area was being healed. The OS would let us know the issue was healed. Then the OS said Ruby's body was in now in harmony and balance. I begin asking a few questions that Ruby had on her list.

V: Ruby has had memories of going aboard spaceships and wanted to know more about that. The OS said that she has had a few instances where she was taken aboard for scanning and sometimes testing but mostly only when she was younger. There were many details given to Ruby about what happens aboard the ship but it was given to her as personal information. She was told that these were her people.

Ruby said that she had volunteered to be here to experience Ascension and allow her people to examine and monitor her body to see how Earth effected her. She was just to experience life here then experience Ascension.

After various other questions I asked the OS what Ruby needed to be doing right away in her life. The OS said she needed to use her hands for healing. She needed to trust that she can heal and allow the energy to be directed through her hands. She is familiar with how it feels to direct energy since her last life on Earth was spent in Egypt directing energy in a pyramid. She spent her life using her ability to direct energy. She was shown that life so she could see how easy it is to manipulate energy. In her current life she needs to trust her healing ability and begin using her hands immediately.

V: I asked the OS for any final messages. OS: We all need to live in the moment. Let go and stop planning everything. Just let life flow now and stop taking things so seriously. Enjoy this last part before it changes. You'll love what's coming so enjoy what you have now.

This session is copyrighted © information. The full session can be shared as long as this copyright section and the author's link remain in place.

QHHT session given by Vickie Acklin on May 16, 2014.


angelicview said...

Wow! I love that message! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Laron said...

My pleasure AV!

peterpan said...

"within a year.... leaves still on the trees" . do you take that to mean that ascension will take place this year before the trees (in the northern hemisphere) loose their leaves? This whole brief synopsis of ascension goes right along with how Drunvalo describes it as well, especially the part about manifesting our desires quite instantaneously. I think a lot of us are going to be much happier campers! Nice QHHT session. i want to get one. Thanks Laron

Fantastic Fox said...

I've been waiting for this ascension event for some time now, it actually seems too good to be true.

Steve said...

Completely agree.

Maunagarjana said...

A year from now they'll be saying, "We were expecting it last year, but there have been some delays. It really did look like it would happen. But surely, it will happen soooon!" (though not soon enough) ;)

Rachelle said...

The energy coming in right now is exquisite. This message is so right...go with the flow, don't take things so seriously. Find the joy!!
Thanks, Laron. Fabulous article. said...

...oh, yeah. And Planet X. It's just below the Horrizon. If you look just before sunrise, look to the south, then cock your head to the north... It's just a jump to the left, then a step to the right.

It is so hard to not be negative. Breaks my heart to contemplate what's next if it is all just smoke and mirrors. Conversations with people who've done this before... Back in the 1980s. (sigh)

The inescapable fact that makes this moment in time different is the coalescence of Sgr A* and G2. All the other BS is repetitive and manipulative with a bit of P.T. Barnum sprinkled in. With that said, the 'energy' and 'enlightenment' coming soon will happen this year, or within the next 300 years.
"And our survey says.....?"

Shamini G said...

Whoa!. Just last night, I told myself to stop planning everything and just live in the moment & enjoy life for a bit. I've been trying so hard the past year, planned so much and I keep failing at it. It just made me feel so stressed and miserable. Today, Laron posted this. Just gonna let life flow, enjoy it and prepare for the new earth. Thanks Laron, Vickie and Ruby for sharing this with everyone =)

Maunagarjana said...

I guess there is always the possibility that all the false expectations previously were just preparing the way for the real deal which will happen eventually. But yes, I just keep imagining myself in five years, living in a world that is not too different from the one we're in now, and thinking back to this given timeframe and just shaking my head.

So yeah, this year.....or 300 just reminded me of a part of the Ra Material where Ra says that the transition to fourth density will be fully complete somewhere around 100 to 700 years, depending on events. That's a pretty large margin for error there, eh? But I guess for beings who exist outside of time, everything is always soon. said...

That margin is the time frame given by some of the most brilliant and intellectually advanced astrophysicists on this rock! My ol' lady is so frustrated. I tell her early 2013.... no, mid 2013..... well, late 2013/early 2014..... Um, no later than 2015, tops!
She gets mad that we are in debt and treading water while I'm stretching out and still prepping. It's not me who's looking thought the massive radio telescope. It's not my x-ray telescope thats not able to get adequate resolution. The best PhD's can't seem to calculate what where or when. Only hunches. Really?!!
I'm back to where I started on all this- a lone voice screaming against the conforming masses. So, by summers end. Conclusions must be drawn. Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.


Thank You Laron for superb article.I was wondering if you have read a book titled Through The Curtain by Viola Pettit Neal.In the book, Viola explains how she had sessions or “night classes” as she called them .. imo somewhat like Edgar Cayce but she was conscious at these “classes”. The book was not written until after her death at her request. Most of these “classes’ occurred in the 1960′s. She speaks of an etheric cloud which comes in and changes everything according to one’s vibrational frequency. Susan Rennison posted a few chapters of the book in her website dealing mostly with the current earth changes. Check these links;

podsmagi said...

There is no doubt in my mind that something very important is afoot on this planet. Ellie at Crystalinks has for many years written about the end of the programme on Earth, souls returning to Source from whence they came. I am not sure that she is correct in her analysis, but she talks of it coming "out of the blue" Is Ascension the gentleway of putting it?

On all levels, I feel I have been turned inside out in the last three years, culminating in a new vibrational reality of nowness and an absence of polarity.

All started with a vivid wake up dream whereby I was ejected from a collapsing building, hurled off my feet and spinning to the sound of a high pitched female voice singing "At the end you will understand everything"

Anyone else wept for two two years?


jopipe said...

I enjoyed this shared information. It is nice of your clients to allow some sharing of their session with you. I have felt differently since the beginning of the year. Comet Liner will be paying us a visit this weekend with it's debris trailing. It's not timing but events like this weekend that could trigger something bigger and bring us closer to the main event...Thanks for the post...

Laron said...

I haven't heard of that book Rannvijay. Thanks for the links.

Laron said...

PP, timing is discussed in a more detailed manner in the third QHHT session I conducted with Lai. That info should help give perspective on timing and the situation around what is causing the delays with the shift.




My Pleasure.You can check below link for more detail ;


Michael Maas said...

Meer inspiratie en leuke quotes:

< voel je vrij om te delen >

Rainbow Warrior said...
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Rainbow Warrior said...

I am curious if you or any of your readers know what will become of those that do not ascend to the new earth reality? I have been following this notion for quite some time and as someone else mentioned, it almost sounds too good to be true! I feel like I am more "awake" than most of the people around me but I am certainly not perfect and have made mistakes along the way - some I am not necessarily proud of. So, what it sounds like to me is those who are righteous will ascend and those who are not will suffer eternal hell on 3D earth. I've never particularly subscribed to organized religion and this sounds an awful lot like the Rapture that Christians are waiting for. From my studies of the human afterlife, it is my understanding that we undergo a "life review" process so that we can learn from each of our experiences of that life. The life review process, as I understand it, is done in a neutral, nonjudgmental way. It is not done to punish us but is done so that we can learn and evolve. Michael Newton says that his understanding is that if we were the "bad guy" in one life, we may opt to be "the victim" in the next life. I have definitely been a victim but i also feel like I have been bad - not THAT bad, just not perfect. But isn't "right and wrong" all relative, anyway? I guess what this is all leading to is - How do we know if we are worthy of ascension and if we are not, what happens to us? Perhaps I am misunderstanding the entire thing? I am just very confused. Thanks for any additional information you can provide.

Laron said...

RW, your message and questions are very similar to someone who contacted me the other time. Because of how time consuming it is for me to explain in a decent way, I am going to paste some of the reply I sent to that person with some modifications made to suit your message.

There are many places where we can have an experience, Earth is one of... so many others. Our experience here is temporary, very temporary in the greater scheme of things. Most souls have many lives here, hundreds of times, but that number depends on how fast a soul progresses spiritually. Some souls progress faster than others. Michael Newton has explained this very well within his two books, Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. (which you are personally aware of RW)

The ascension that is discussed in the QHHT sessions do not directly relate to the typical ascension based information out there, as this is a different situation going on in relation to the shift in consciousness, its not directly related to the standard cycle of the earth school, where souls grow and develop, graduate and move onto other roles outside of the experience on Earth. The shift is separate to that. So when people compare the regular ascension process on Earth with the QHHT new earth information, it can confuse matters

The life experience here is simple. For those that are not volunteer souls, our immortal soul sits up there right now in the spirit world, where we go between lives, and a part of it is also here. Another part of it may also be leading a parallel life on Earth in another spirit body, as some souls decide to do that to get as much experience out of a certain time frame and period, on Earth.

For most souls up there, they started on Earth a long time back in its history so that the soul could experience what it was like to be in specific time periods(based on the learning outcome of that time period in question), that includes experiences as animals, trees, plants, energy in the atmospheres or in liquid, and so on. Over time the soul moved into human bodies and karma would also be in effect. I look at karma as a system that helps the souls growth spiritually. Its not negative at all. It is just part of a system in place, in relation to reincarnation for the Earth experience. Its the basis of how lessons are learnt. The movie 'Cloud Atlas' was a decent depiction of how karma sometimes works.

In relation to the shift in consciousness / the event / the gathering / the new earth, etc, this is an exception to the general progress and is a very unique time happening now/coming up. Souls that have progressed enough , on a soul level, over their many lives on Earth, which in other words would relate to the rate their frequency vibrates at, will have the choice and opportunity to move on to another experience along with the Earth's consciousness, as that is also progressing up a level.

Ascension, in relation to the average soul having an experience on Earth, to me is not really about suddenly moving into a light body and flying off up into heaven/spirit world, its about getting to a point in the many lives and experiences on Earth, where you no longer need to return. Most likely the spirit down here would finish the life and karma and then instead of coming back to Earth, they would move into another role up there.(this occurring after a life here) That role could be as a guide of a new soul or existing soul on earth, or a teacher of guides (but that would usually only come after being a guide) or one of many other roles in that spiritual center. There are exceptions to this of course.

Laron said...

You have to understand that there are many centers that exist, not just that one center that looks after the experiences on Earth for souls. There are many other experiences we can have either in the 3rd dimensional universe, where we are here, on other planets, in space, and so on, and also in the 5th dimension (what I call the 5th), and above there once we have progressed enough to move on above. But this is not a mandatory rule, as in that we have to start off our higher selfs growth in the 3rd.

What is also important to understand is that our higher self is already powerful, its already existing above those dimensions close to source.. and we are a part of our higher self and the higher self is part of source/god. Meaning all we are really doing has already been done, everything has already happened before. We are just going through it while being consciously aware of it right here and now. We are all very powerful beings, as we are connected to higher aspects of ourselves at all times, but because we are in this experience, we are meant to live out this experience without being aware of that, unless the time is right for us to become aware.

So there are two things going on here, the regular process of souls going through growth via the many lives they have directly in relation to Earth. Souls that exist simultaneously to what we are here, and who are also part of a higher self / over soul. Over time, they ascend, based on a graduation of a sorts from Earth, but I think it would be on rare occasion that a soul just suddenly turns into light and flies off. I think this is a misconception and that the real ascension takes place between experiences, during that life review back in the spirit world.

Then there is the shift going on, where we will experience it in many different ways based upon our perceptions, beliefs, level of spirituality and vibration and so on. Our life path before coming into this life was planned, and we knew this was going to happen during our life here. We had planned around what stage we would be at when it happened. That is why the shift is interconnected so delicately with events in Earth's timeline, events that need to occur in an order before the shift does, so that the souls plans are met in a mass way, during the time of the shift, otherwise there would be a lot of psychological chaos/trauma which would be unnecessary and possibly leaving long term energetic/vibrational damage that would need attention/healling on the other side.

Laron said...

‘I am curious if you or any of your readers know what will become of those that do not ascend to the new earth reality?’

Only a small percentage of the population are likely to move on, from what I have learnt. So, most people on Earth are going to experience a similar set of events. I expect that some will not understand or notice many aspects which are discussed, in such information as this article above during the main changes, simply because they are not spiritually/vibrationally progressed enough to perceive such things and this would have been known consciously before coming into this experience.

They would then likely experience earth changes and the many more practical events in the world. Some that stay here may see the beings/crafts that might be around at the time of the shift, some may not, based on what I just mentioned in relation to their vibration.

Some people will pass on, through many different ways during this period of time, including a natural death, and after they move on, they may return to the spirit world for life review and/or have the opportunity to move on to the New Earth as well, or continue out their karma on the old Earth, or another location depending on the status of the old Earth.

So, people will live out their lives on the old Earth just like they have over thousands of years in the past throughout their many lives.

‘How do we know if we are worthy of ascension and if we are not, what happens to us? ‘

A number of people have emailed me with that exact question recently as well. The answer to this is long and it depends on what your viewpoint and understand is around what ‘ascension’ means to each individual.

Based on what I have said above, this should help provide a point of view in relation to my answer.

Over the years we live our life, we will naturally get to a point of being selfaware and having an understand of who we are, and where we may be from, based upon our life experiences, the way we act in life to situations, how connected we are to spirit/the other side and our guides/higher self, and the situations we have got into and are in at the time we examine our lives. This can be of great help to work out if we are a volunteer soul, or if we are in the general incarnation cycle on Earth.

The best and most reliable direct method, in my opinion, for seeking that answer is to get a regression session, such as with LBL Therapy (Michael Newton) or QHH Therapy (Dolores Cannon). I wouldn’t recommend seeking answers from a regular psychic or channeler, as I don’t believe these methods are as accurate as a regression session and it can be difficult for some to find an accurate intuitive in the first place. (I know of accurate ones, but, answers from regressions can bring so much more detail and clarity, and seem to me to be more accurate because of the vibrational connection in place)

Otherwise its up to each of us to seek out our own answers and knowledge from all the information out there which is available to us. We need to use our intuition. I could list many aspects of our lives and how they could relate to that question, of how do we know about our own ascension, but it would take me a while.

I will finish off saying that I can usually tell if someone is a volunteer soul or not, based upon many factors if I have got to know them enough and connected into who they are. I can also seem to sense if a person is an advanced soul, in relation to the Earth incarnation cycle or not. While I have had a lot of information come to me, to explain where I am from, I tend to go with my own intuition as more of a basis and how I feel, not what I have been told by others.

I hope all this was helpful.

Laron said...

(the start of this should read *contacted me the other day)

Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the explanation!! What you write makes a lot of sense. I've actually wanted to do a regression for a number of years but until recently, had no idea where to even look for a credible practitioner. I asked these questions on another forum but the response did not, at all, resonate with me. I also use and trust my intuition. It has served me well throughout this life. Something within me feels like I am definitely not an infantile soul but perhaps I am not ready for ascension, either? I feel there is still so much that I do not know or understand about how the universe works. I do know that the current paradigm on Earth has been unsettling to me my entire life. I've never really fit in; I am constantly saddened and outraged by the injustices and hope daily for something better… but what? Sometimes I feel so entrenched, I struggle to image what better possibilities could even exist. I do love this beautiful planet but I don't have it in me to see her destruction. I feel the "old" Earth is just more of the same until it ceases to exit. I don't know… perhaps my "junior" evolutionary status prohibits me from "knowing?" Anyway, thanks again, Laron. I really appreciate your blog!!

Kiranasa . said...

Some say that those who won't ascend, they will leave their bodies here, but they (as souls) will be transferred to another 3D Earth like planet and will get new bodies and will continue their 3D life journey. That's what they want, and that's what they get!!!