Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April becomes a record breaking Month for large Earthquakes

You may have remembered a few earthquakes last month, some of them rather large. But you may not have realised that the month of April, 2014, became one of the most active months on record for the number of quakes that occurred above a magnitude of 6.4.

On average, the Earth usually only sees one or two earthquakes above 6.4 magnitude, a month. The month of April, 2014, produced 13. Five of those thirteen were above 7.8 Richters. Each of those five earthquakes above 7.8 produced tsunami warnings.

A time-lapse of earthquakes for the Month of April - PTWC

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is quoted as saying that April was, 'easily a record for this institution'. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is also quoted as mentioning that it was very unusual that the sheer number of other earthquakes weren't part of the cluster around the 8.2 that struck Northern Chile or the 7.6 that struck the Solomon Islands during April. There were isolated larger-than-normal quakes all over the globe such as in Nicaragua, Tonga, Mexico, New Caledonia, Canada and the South Atlantic in an unusual spot.

The PTWC did not provide an explanation as to what may have caused all this activity. Below you can watch a time-lapse video of all the quakes from the 1st of January 2014 up until the end of April 2014.


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