Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animals and Souls

Via Focus Sessions, 30 April 2014

6:48 AM

Q. I recently lost a beautiful, and loyal pet.  My heart is broken right now and deeply sad. I know some psychics say pets (or any kind on animals) can communicate with them.  I'm wondering if Animals have souls? Will we see our beloved pets in Heaven? Thank you and best regards.
A. I first get that all living things on our physical earth  have a soul. [Then my mind went on a strange tangent that all living things have a soul, but not all living things like certain species of ETs can "feel" or experience the emotion, guilt, and empathy, both good or bad that are associated with their soul.- I will save that for a different reading, but I had to get that out so my thoughts could continue to flow...]

Our souls are how we are tethered to the universal consciousness, and that connectedness is how we are able to psychically connect to one another.  We tap into that connectedness like a network of wires connects to a central location. Many times when pets do pass people that have practiced their intuitive abilities are able to connect just as we do with humans. I also get that many times when pets are living and have issues (medical, emotional, etc) psychics are able to connect and give some advice to improve their situation (I have done this a few times myself, and it "feels" like you are connecting to a human).

When a pet passes, I see their soul go back to the universal consciousness (or collective consciousness), just the same as a humans.  Sometimes they return fast to the consciousness, and other times they stay on earth in a spiritual form to look over or be with the owner (just as humans do with their attachments).  When they decide to stay on earth, many times the owner will "feel" them, and if they have opened their intuitive abilities they may even be able to see, smell or hear them.

When you meet again, (when the time comes that you are both passed) I don't see either of you having the same physical image as you did on earth as I see our bodies are more like a vehicle that drives our soul, and when we die our physical body dies too, but it is your soul that keeps on living.  Having said that, I do see some recognition and attraction with regard to the energy- you will see / feel the energy and recognize that energy as being your pet just as they will sense and feel that you were their owner.

As I was typing this I also got that occasionally a pet will incarnate into your life in the form of a new pet or a person.  (Then I got this statement and was told to pose it to you- How many of you have met a person in your life like a friend, co-worker, relative, that has reminded you of a past pet? It was like this question was relevant to explain this..??)

Q. I also ask myself "if" and "how / why" human souls interchange.  How does that work?
A. I get that when you chose to incarnate, you have certain life purposes to learn to enrich your knowledge / experiences. There are different things to learn in each life.   You can have a dog with an old soul (highly intelligent, appears to have been here on earth before, has feels "wise").  This dog could have even been human in a previous life.  There is no "rule" that you have to be a pet first, then a human.  It really depends on what lesson or experience you chose to have during this life.

I then get a message that most pets that incarnate need an experience that is absent of self- confidence issues or judgement in a sense.  Then I hear that you won't find a dog or cat that cares if they are tall, short, fat, skinny, pretty, etc.  They don't judge themselves by society norms or standards.  They don't worry  judgments on religion or sexual preference.  It is a totally different set of lessons. (Then I get you "might" have a pet that is concerned with "image"? but that doesn't happen very often..)

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 7:24 AM.


A Man Called Da-da said...

That which is loved never dies.

Fantastic Fox said...

That's interesting, though I don't believe that humans will return to animal form after you soul has evolved through that stage. At least not here on Earth... But I think that some really loved pets like dogs could eventually transform into human souls. Michael Newton has also told some interesting facts about pets in the afterlife, nothing is ever truly lost.

Laron said...

There are some concepts and details from time to time that Focus Sessions states, which leaves out important information and which I don't always fully agree with.

For example, she says we return directly to the universal consciousness. I know this to not true. I also don't believe animals return directly there. But the general theme around the information is usually pretty solid.

I don't believe that as well FF, I believe there is a progression for the purpose of the souls growth. Past life regressions shows this to be true and supports this. We need a level of progression in a certain direction for us to function as we do now and this also connects into karma and conditions that we may have with us in each life. Even though the theory goes, that everything happens simultaneously. But, I would not rule out that we can choose to come back as an animal, after we have... graduated being an animal and having experiences as a human. This just goes to show that an answer is not always as it seems and the concept of the question can be looked in upon from many facets and it may not be limited to one answer, but multiple.

And this of course would mean that animals have the chance/opportunity to have an experience in a human body.

My intuition has strongly told me that my last two pets, my cats, one of which is still with me, are learning a lot from me personally based upon my interactions with them. I have a strong feeling that one of them may have progressed to the end stage of their experience as a cat and would be moving on from there. But, that cat also was here for a reason based upon the impact it had on me on a personal level, so it may have been a returning human based soul, or simply an advanced cat. In the spirit world, a cat would not be a cat, it would be a consciousness and energy that can communicate just like any other energy and consciousness, but it would likely be part of a greater consciousness and energy, but when I say greater, that doesn't mean the 'collective consciousness' or in other words, 'source'.

Fantastic Fox said...

I agree. I don't want to rule out anything and I think that at least in theory anything is possible. I think that our animal companions can learn much from us, but also they can act as our guides and we can learn from them. My dog has helped me a lot on this journey.

It's been some years since I last read Michael Newton's The Destiny of Souls so I don't remember what he exactly said, but he said that in the spirit world there are souls who can create places and bring back our beloved uniqe animal companions. Even though the animal soul energy has passed on or moved forward, the unique animal you once knew can be recreated if you know how to do it. Some souls apparently do have that skill so we can meet with our pets there again if we want.

DBlog said...

My current cat Willow is an exceptional being of love and light. She came to me in October of 2012 at 4 months of age the day after my second chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma. She lay across my chest while I slept that day and every day afterward throughout my treatment. She and I have a deep bond that is different than any cat who has come to me except Cuddles who was my cat in early childhood and helped me survive my fear and loneliness. I often think Willow is Cuddles again. She seems advanced for a cat.

Laron said...

I had a cat called Willow when I was a child.

I think that animals, like cats, can also help us stay in the moment. Help us step out of our busy days and remember that there is a life form there with us, and they are just as important as any other life form that may be in our lives. They have feelings. They think and dream. They can feel pain and pleasure. They have souls.