Monday, May 26, 2014

An Energy Boom Indeed!!

By guest writer 'The Happy Wonderer'

We have all heard by now, of the numerous world-wide reports of mystery booms.  Loud, even building-shaking, booms from a clear sky, with no apparent explanation - no military aircraft breaking sound barriers, no mining, or quarrying, no earthquake, no thunderstorms, no military or police exercises…....

A friend in Florida recently mentioned hearing / experiencing one that “shook her whole house”, and it seemed to be accompanied by a “crackle of small-arms fire”.

That ‘small-arms fire’ put me in mind of a high-tension electric arc, for no particular reason.  From that a sort of ‘construct’ evolved - just an idea, take note!  Nothing ‘channelled’ or dreamed, and definitely nothing scientific!

OK - as an introduction, lets start with electric arcs.

We’ve all seen welders at work.  What is happening?  The welding machine is carrying a very, very high current - over 80 amperes and up to 12,000 amperes. As the welding rod approaches the surface to be welded (joined) an electric arc leaps across, completing the circuit - it is very hot, and melts the welding rod to form a permanent ‘glue’ between the surfaces to be joined, indistinguishable from the original material except in appearance.

There is often a loud ‘crack’ as the arc leaps the gap.  A bit like a small calibre pistol firing…..

Another arc phenomenon is a very common one indeed - thunderstorms.  What is lightning?  An energetic arc leaping between two dis-similar electrical potentials, perhaps in the atmosphere, perhaps from clouds to the Earth below..  A form of energy-balancing.  That, too, creates a noise …. we call it thunder.

Now make a leap backwards to so-called ‘primitive’ tribesmen.  How did they explain thunderstorms? The sky gods getting angry, throwing thunderbolts at the Earth or having a war …. Or some such explanation…..  Gee, what silly ignorance!  EVERYONE knows it’s differing electrical potentials evening out.  Ignorant savages, eh?  They didn’t even know about the great god Science …...

Soooo …..  Here comes the ‘what if’…….

WHAT IF there is some unseen and unknown phenomenon that is trying to balance  out a difference in energetic potential between itself and Earth? Not necessarily electrical….

Now, be careful - I have to use terms that do NOT apply directly in our dictionaries!  For want of a better word, I’m going to use ‘dimension’ as a catch-all term.  NOT to be taken too literally.

Let’s call our dimension ‘X-D’ and my imaginary dimension ‘Y-D’ .  What if, at a slightly different frequency to ours, there is another ‘dimension’ - Y-D - that somehow we are ‘meeting’, ‘bumping into’, ‘moving through’ or similar?

Right now, we (X-D) are just brushing the edge of contact with Y-D.  Imagine the tenuous outer limits of a planet’s atmosphere being just brushed by that of another planet.

The vibrational frequency of X-D and Y-D are different - which is why each is invisible to the other, just as we cannot visually see the massive differences in voltages in a thunderstorm.  Until the lightning……...

We slowly get closer, and energetic potential builds between X-D and Y-D …. And when a certain height of potential difference is reached….. Something ‘gives’, and the energy is re-balanced locally.  Suddenly the entire event (at a local level)  manifests PHYSICALLY as an ‘explosion’ - a ‘boom’, so loud that it causes actual physical vibrations sufficient for the shock-wave to shake houses….. and most definitely sufficient to vibrate our eardrums!

But we still have no idea that the CAUSE of this mystery-boom is the approach of Y-D.  Any more than the ‘primitive tribesman’ knew of the potential voltage difference in a lightning storm…..  Because Y-D is invisible to us, since it is at a different frequency / wavelength / vibrational rate.

Could that, in any way, explain the mystery booms?  I don’t know, but it IS a potential explanation.  (Pardon the pun!)

Now taking things a small step beyond …..

Remember my analogy of planetary atmospheres ‘brushing’ each other?

What if the two ‘planets’ (dimensions) - X-D and Y-D - actually pass THROUGH each other?  Boy, would there be a few booms to be heard then!!!!

And what if the frequency - the base vibrational rate - were to coincide between X-D and Y-D in some places at some times….. Would the inhabitants of either of the dimensions be able to ‘run’, or increase their frequency, fast enough (or slow enough) to leap on board in passing, and change dimensions?

Could there be circumstances where they are yanked across anyway, as the energy tries to balance between the two dimensions?

OK - that’s all my own non-scientific speculation, and not by any means a claim to a solution regarding the ‘mystery booms’.  If it leads you on any thought-expeditions ….. enjoy the trail.  Maybe we’ll meet there, wherever ‘there’ happens to be!

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