Monday, May 26, 2014

An eight year old explains what crystal grids do to clear negative energy

Within this seven minute video, eight year old Adam discusses information based upon a number of crystal based grids which he has designed and created and how they can help to transmute dark energy into positive based energy. Adam goes on to say that he connected into the crystals themselves to understand how to put together these grids, and what the purpose was of doing this.

The video description explains that it took Adam about 10 minutes to build these grids which contain such crystals as Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestial Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz points, Vogels, and several Lemurian Seed Crystals.

I just want to add that I have done two courses on crystals and one of my teachers was  able to connect into the crystals, similar to how Adam explains it. This is not as unusual or unbelievable as it may sound to some and this is exactly the type of thing I expect to occur more frequently in the future, easpecially for young people, as we move more fully into the astrological based age of Aquarius.


Tracey Clem said...


angelicview said...

Love this video! I have seen it before (in fact, I blogged about it when it first came out), but I so enjoyed just watching it again. What a great kid! :)

Deli Rico said...

smart kid, I wish I were not that lazy to work with my gemstones, but well they have been around for eones, they can wait for me for a few months so I move my ass to do what I have to. Thx Laron.

Manoj Maskara said...

It's just wow.. really smart kid! Wonderful Job.