Monday, April 14, 2014

We are going through 'The Event' right now - The Event Part 4

Suzanne Spooner released part 4 of 'The Event' back on March the 22nd. The information coming through via Ron Head within this 18 minute YouTube video below, explains that we are now going through the shift. We are in the process of deciding whether to stay with the Earth during this period of time, or if we should move on to the other Earth. This general theory is of course discussed by Dolores Cannon throughout her books, and specifically her book 'The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth', and also through other QHHT practitioners and other sources out there based upon similar theories.

Ron's higher self also discusses information around how we will have situations where certain events will occur relating to issues we need to leave behind during this period of time. In other words, we will be triggered based upon lessons we still strongly react to emotionally, but we will need to acknowledge them and let them go. The information coming through explains that some of us will go, some will stay, and that will depend on certain factors, but in the end, we will all make that transition eventually.

I just want to mention a few things while we are on the topic of QHHT and the shift (my personal label for 'the event'). About a week ago I had a QHHT session conducted on me. One of the experiences within described a scene where I had to make the choice of staying with the Earth, or leaving it. I was shown what my choice was and provided information around where I would be, in a lot of detail, later on after time had passed. So this information from an actual QHHT session is most welcoming on a personal level.

This confirmation through Suzanne and Ron is simply adding to a series of other confirmations towards this time period being a possible window of time for the shift.

Later this week I am going to catch up with Lai again and conduct a few more QHHT sessions with him. You may remember my two articles which were based upon the last two sessions I had with him, where a lot of very detailed and deep information came through. This time we both have agreed to put some focus on the events going on now so we can get some more answers and information to add to what is already out there. I will likely transcribe/write up parts of our upcoming sessions as I believe they will be very insightful. For those who have not seen these sessions, I link to them below. Note that part 1 is more of a lead up to the deeper information in part 2.

Within part one I believe the information helps give some perspective as to why earth changes occur and to a degree, the info also provides an explanation on the involvement of specific types of ET's within Earth's past.

The Cosmic Journey of Lai - A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session (Part 1/2)
The Cosmic Journey of Lai - A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session (Part 2/2)

Here are some other subjects covered within the Cosmic Journey of Lai - Part 2
- The creation of multiple realities based upon our desires and emotions which later influence us energetically
- Additional detailed information on the Grid including the role that the beings on the grid play with catastrophic events on planets
- A future experience on Earth after a disaster and the regrowth of life and consciousness
- Touching on where souls go after a physical life in the Universe
- Karma as explained by the grid consciousness
- And a whole lot more...

Here is Suzanne and Ron's 'The Event Part 4'. You can find the video directly on youtube via this link also.

Ron and Suzanne’s Website:
Suzanne’s QHHT Website:
TAUK Website:
Dolores Cannon’s website: Dolores developed the process of QHHT

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angelicview said...

Awesome! This will be my video for today. :)

axinosp said...

Further signs of Indo-Australian plate break up after buoys response to Solomon Earthquake

Did webbot pridict the break of plate in Pacific and India Ocean ??

Fantastic Fox said...

Very interesting... I just watched this video: "the whole Grand Cross pattern is activating during the next 48 hours."

angelicview said...

Wait a sec! I've heard this video before... either I'm having one heck of a psychic experience or this was not newly released today :)

Laron said...

Based upon Suzanne's blog entry last night, she made it sound like it was a newly released recording. (that was taken two weeks ago but not posted until yesterday) The date on the actual video shows March 22nd. So you must be subscribed to her YouTube channel =)

I also got the info wrong on the 20th mention of the equinox. I will fix that up.

Laron said...

Yes, the GCE language mentions a crack in the pacific plate during the GCE, but at the same time simultaneously, the Indian plate also has an event occur. (this was predicted originally for a time frame of about mid aparil to the end of may last year, but add on another year as per my time manipulation theory....)

It didn't mention specifics about the whole plates breaking up, just that events would occur in relation to activity/cracks in the plate.

axinosp said...

globalpop updates:

Upcoming 'feast (of horror for banksters)' is forecast for April 20, 2014. The data suggests it will be EU centered as there are many, repetitious references to [easter church bells] and descriptors for [late afternoon sun/cafe crowd]. Note that the 'time thingy' is still rippling about the planet...a curious link in data sets goes to the [sidewalk cafe (innocents)] being [swept along in time tsunami] that was within the SpaceGoatFarts entity. Links terminate in the [disappearing men (note plural)]. Point of origin for links is Markets entity cross linked over to [banksters], and begins in GlobalPop [feast of horrors]. Curious supporting set about [men on motorcycles] who will be [part of the image] of the [feast]. A [black easter] for banksters? (4/7/2014)

20 April afternoon all people in Greece we are sitting in small sidewalk cafe expecting the church bells to celebrate the Eastern, in the church of Love !!
I am afraid what will be occur and innocents people being swept along in time tsunami, as predicted in Webbot !!
Maybe i am one off them, i don't know !!
Maybe i upgrade my shelf in 4-5 dimension, and you can't see me at all.!!
Anyway i expect the predictions of Webbot from 20 April to 1 June to be true,
because this is better for all human kind !!
Love and Kisses from Greece.
Dear Laron, thanks for the info you gave to the hall Planet !!

axinosp said...

ALERT! - The whole earth is SHAKING as we speak!!

Laron said...

If one of us happens to be consciously aware of such an event, which may be labelled as a time ripple surrounding us and taking us away as per the webbot, just realise that it is nothing to fear and we will be cared for and looked after by those assisting with this whole process. And be aware that it is likely directly related to the shifting in vibrations and energy as per the many theories out there, such as the new earth theory.

There is a certainly enough evidence now to point to the remaining IDIR webbot forecasts coming true during the upcoming months, including the rest of the GCE language. The degree and intensity of how these changes may occur, if they all occur, is the main unknown. Meaning, events may be less extreme or more extreme than forecast.

I'm doing my best here to hint at what may be coming without blatantly stating it as fact, as I don't know for sure and going by past predictions, sometimes things simply don't occur or are delayed or may never manifest. The best thing we can all do is use our intuition and go with our own feelings within each of us, if we are uncertain.

I have personally felt a lot of peace and serenity over the past few days.

If things get really bad, in the sense of unusual activity in the world in general, that may be perceived as negative or scary, my advice would be not to focus on them too much and to try our best to remain centred and calm, and to have... faith that this is a natural process and cycle and that we will be looked after no matter what, in some form or another.

For most of us, it is not important for us to understand 110% fully what is going on now as that is not our primary role or purpose, we have been acting out our role and purpose throughout this life already. Letting go of our need to control everything may be important soon.

Blessings to you axinosp

Laron said...

Thanks for the links.

Utami Astar said...

As I listened to the Cause & Effect video, I saw the crystalline being within me no longer crystalline in appearance. Rather, it's become colorful like a rainbow and as it ascends in its realm, separate from this dimension, it changes shapes from a human body form into a mere wisp of beautiful colors. Slowly the burden I've been feeling on my chest disappeared, leaving me with so much peace and love. I feel blessed.

angelicview said...

Yes, I may be subscribed to her You Tube channel - and I'm also in her TAUK Group... so between the two, that's probably where I've seen it! (I knew I wasn't THAT psychic!) lol :D

angelicview said...

Perfect! I could not have said it any better myself. I agree with you - 110% :)

Wherami said...

Love it! :)

Rachelle said...

Sound advice, Laron. I think you've hit the nail right on the head:)