Saturday, April 19, 2014

Update to Cloud G2 and its possible parent star arrival to the Galactic Core

Dr. Paul LaViolette recently provided this update below, within his article, 'Miraculous materialization of fragrant oil on icon in St. Nicholas church in Milano' over on It relates to Cloud G2's parent star arrival, if tidal stripping occurs, and if Cloud G2 actually contains a star.

"Calculations performed some days ago have revised the date when a companion star could potentially impact impact the galactic core and trigger a superwave. These indicate that from the time that the companion is tidally stripped off the parent star when the G2 cloud reaches pericenter (~April 1st ± 3 weeks) it will take about 4 to 5 months for the star to loop around and fall onto the core; see diagram below.
Previous estimate of 2 to 3 weeks did not take account of the fact that the primary star is traveling at over 6000 km/s and hence some time is required for the core’s gravitational field to counter this momentum and redirect the star’s path inward.
So the new impact/superwave date is moved up to mid August. Note that this matches with Padre Avondios’ prediction that astronomers would see something this July to August that would provide validation for the superwave discussion being posted here. But, given that a core impact is one of several possible outcomes for a separated companion star or planet, I still stick to my previous prediction that there is no more than an 8 percent chance that some kind of core impact will occur."

 Separation of a binary star in the G2 cloud at pericenter showing the trajectories of the companion and parent star. Image credit:

For additional information on the significance of this event, please see my article 'Cloud G2 summary and a possible stellar explosion to hit our solar system around April, 2014'. 


angelicview said...

So he is only saying an 8% chance? I must have completely misunderstood. I thought he was pretty sure it was going to happen, just that the severity of the impact would be more or less. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding on my part.

Laron said...

It looks like his percentage has gone down from around 50% to 8%, yeah. But we must also understand that the cloud it self is quite long and this is being dragged into the galactic core I believe, and in turn it's likely having its own impact on sending out energies. This started a while back now I think.

angelicview said...

Okay, yes. And, of course, I have the instinctual feeling that everything is happening just as is should be, as there is nothing but great order in the Universe. :)

Laron said...

In my opinion, I think that if there was a star in the cloud, that it could get pulled in at any time during that time frame mentioned. I think the science behind this is not as solid as it may sound.

But honestly, I'm not really focusing on the specifics like these little details as I know there is so much more going on in the greater scheme of things and this isn't really that important. I think as humans we just love to have something scientifically meaningful behind all the forecasts and theories.

angelicview said...

Yup! I couldn't agree more :)