Friday, April 11, 2014

The Photographer who is bringing the people of New York together one picture at a time

By Mark DeNicola via Collective Evolution, April 9 2014

We’ve all heard the expression that a picture speaks a thousand words. Photographer Brandon Stanton has taken that expression to a whole other level. After moving to New York in 2010 with nothing but two pieces of luggage and a camera in his hands, Brandon set out to take the picture of 10,000 different New Yorkers. What began as an already awesome idea quickly grew into an online community, a New York Times best selling book and most importantly an inspiring and connective project that is bringing together an entire city.

Brandon’s facebook page ‘Humans of New York‘ now has over 4.3 million likes (29 of which, I was pleasantly surprised are my existing facebook friends) and is still updated pretty well daily with some of the most incredible pictures, quotes and stories. What I enjoy the most about Brandon’s project is that it shatters the unnecessary boundaries that we as a human race tend to put between ourselves and strangers. Every picture gives us a glimpse into the life of someone that we would have never known else wise, and gives us the opportunity to relate, smile or find strength in their life story.

As someone who loves to get to know and connect with new people, I personally find Brandon’s project incredibly inspiring. I also truly appreciate how he seems to come across in a manner that radiates equality. There isn’t a single person that he values more than another and he openly gives them not only the time to connect with him but the respect that their story deserves. I truly believe that the less we let our minds judge or fear others, the more interconnected we can all become, and ultimately the more capable we are as a human race to create change and the world that we wish to see.

Be sure to check out Brandon’s facebook page for more information and to see if it inspires you to start at creative project in your own home town. Whether you live in a city as large as New York, New York or one as small as Snowball, Ontario we all have the ability to come together and do something awesome.

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