Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cosmic Journey of Lai: Part 3 - Implication Post #1

I will be writing up an article this week based upon information gained through a third QHHT session I conducted with Lai at the end of last week. The original two sessions which I titled, 'The Cosmic Journey of Lai - A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session', can be found here(1), and here(2).

I will release a few of these implication posts before I post the article, once it is written, to explain the general topics around what information is covered within the session. Lai is actually in the process of writing down additional notes based upon information he remembered, which I did not ask specifically about, during the actual session. He is also recording down additional information from a 'download' of a sorts, which he had received after the actual session. If you are familiar with the first two sessions, you may understand more about what I mean when I say download and where the information comes from in relation to Lai. I will be including this additional information from Lai in the article as well.


angelicview said...

Ha! Well, at least your Implications Postings contain REAL information regarding the article! I'll be anxiously awaiting this one.

By the way, I have been so busy ever since you wrote the one on time being manipulated (and forgive me but, that article is so long - it's like a little book!) that I haven't finished it yet! It's a really good article, too. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your hard work.

Laron said...

Oh yeah, they will all be real info based with no fooling around. I'm transparent with everything I do and I have no desire or motivation to lead anyone on! But at the same time, I have been wondering what material to keep to my self as I do have plans to write a few books one day, if that is possible.

I have been kinda busy and need to catch up on your articles. =)

The time one is an important one that is going to fit more into the 3rd Lai session. I was very pleased with the results and quite surprised as well. But I felt a big time constraint and had to move the experiences along and leave certain lines of questioning behind as I knew I had to cover other parts of the session to complete it properly. I am pleased that Lai has managed to remember and record additional info. He also plans to draw some images around his experiences.

I believe that information is coming out this year, that people are now ready to hear based upon the goings on vibrationally and consciously, and that some of the info in these sessions with Lai directly relate to that.

And thanks for your message.

the_mesmerizer said...

This sounds very interesting to me.

Shamini G said...

The suspense....the thrill...the excitement in Laron's implication postings. =)

AV is right. At least your IPs contain real info. Eagerly awaiting for Part 3 to be released. I may have to read Part 1 & 2 again, just to refresh my memory.

susan said...

looking forward to reading these articles
enjoyed the one on time and the imminent shift