Sunday, April 20, 2014

Someone screwed up and Liberty got loose

A day ago Clif High posted a short article based upon liberty and how its really occurring strongly right now globally.

He went to show, with three YouTube based videos, that the whole planet is busting out all over with people expressing various forms of social freedom.

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As we can see in the image above, the Cardinal Grand Cross is upon us in a few days time, fully activated. One of the stronger aspects of this astrological event is that there will be major shifts in societal freedom, an increase in revolutions and an awakening in visions and conscious desires. 

Lets take a look at this one act below, of an unarmed woman stopping a convey of tanks in the Ukraine, which is a great depiction of someone making a stand.

We then have more people within the below video, stopping another tank in the Ukraine. 

And here is some footage by Infowars, covering the stand-off between the Cliven Bundy supporters and the BML. You can find my write-up of the conclusion of the Bundy dispute here.

Credit to Clif High for the title I used for this article

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angelicview said...

Great news! So glad to see people standing up in peaceful protest. :)