Monday, April 7, 2014

Signs of Changes - March into April

YouTube channel HawkkeyDavisChannel presents another Signs of Change video based upon the various weather and earth change based events over the Month of March and into April. You can find the Signs of Change for February here, and January here.

Note that there is a lot of the webbot's Global Coastal Event language being fulfilled/ticked off/confirmed within the events shown in this video.

Video Description: "The world has been overwhelmed with disasters in recent weeks. A series of fireballs and earthquakes has rocked and shook this planet to it's core. Meanwhile, the one in 100 year events continues to strike.

Notice the change in the title, this one is labeled 'The Past Month Or So' because I've been struggling to post within a week to two week time frame."

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Wherami said...

i love these compilations. they really bring it into focus.