Monday, May 5, 2014

Showing your appreciation through donations

This entry is about you showing your appreciation as a reader of my work through a possible donation if you happen to feel compelled to do so. Note that this is the first time I have made a post dedicated to such a thing.

I really enjoy what I do here and over time it has got to the stage where what I do with relation to the site, takes up a lot of my time on a daily basis and I don't get paid or supported for that time of course, with the exception of any donations that may come in. Up until the beginning of April last month, I had only received four donations since I had placed the donation option on the site after around mid 2013.

Since about the end of 2012, I had calculated that the site it self has probably taken over two thousand hours of my time. From the beginning of 2013 up until April this year, the site had around one and a half million page views and was getting just about two hundred thousand page views a month at that stage.

The river of life 

With one of my articles in April, for the first time I included the text at the end of it, with much reluctance, of suggesting that people could donate to support what I do. A few people did, which was great. I think there were about eight or so donations at that time as a result. That article has received just about eight thousand views so far.

I don't run ads for a reason, as I despise advertising in general and the way the internet is set up to support the monetary scheme behind ads. I am able to do what I do here, with relation to how much time and effort I put in, because I no longer have a full time job and I am no longer influenced by the energies of a corporate workplace which used to really keep me suppressed in a number of different ways, including my intuition / connection to spirit. I left that world last year in April.

I am spending about two to four hours a day now, of my time on average, in relation not only to managing the website and Facebook page for the site, but I also spend a lot of time responding to emails where I do assist and help a lot of people who ask for advice on certain subjects, for free. Subjects such as spiritual development, healing, advice around situations ongoing in the world, esoteric matters in general and more.

I have had people offer to pay me just so they could write articles and post on this site and include referral links so that they would make money. I have so far refused to do that as I didn't want to compromise the integrity of what I do present here. Additionally, the topics they wanted to write about didn't fit into the topics I cover. The energy around that situation didn't feel right at all.

In my opinion, the information I share on this website, and on transients Facebook Page is, from time to time, very crucial and consciousness impacting and which I believe will raise your personal vibration and therefore assist with spiritual growth as a soul and human being. So not only is the information I provide and present educational based, and can be very interesting and sometimes unique by looking at subjects from different angles, I truly believe it can really help you in a number of different ways including your health.

The free weekly group distant healing sessions that I have been running every week since the 3rd of August 2013, also should be mentioned as anyone can join in if they choose to.

With relation to the information I do present, you do need to be at a stage and state to be open to it as I am not exactly main stream with my focus. We are not all ready for certain information and what I do present on this site will not always resonate with everyone, that is perfectly normal and that is part of being human while living our life in this earth school.

While I do repost information from elsewhere, to give you something to read and sometimes watch, and which I usually consider to be important and also connected into my own interests and the topics of this site, I do write my own material from time to time. It takes me time to source and filter through that material which I do repost, and it also takes me time to write my own material of course.

If I look back on some of the articles I have written, the missing MH370 flight took me about six hours, the time manipulation article about 25 hours, the recent Cardinal Grand Cross article about 3 hours, my article/guide on increasing and developing your spiritual vibration and frequency about 5 hours and a lifetime of research and my meditation techniques article perhaps three hours (and again, a lot of experience over my past went towards this). The third QHHT session I transcribed with Lai, took around 18 hours. Note that I did not charge Lai for that session, it was conducted for free.

These are just some of the many articles I have written over the last couple of years. You can find the more important ones through the 'Articles' link in the menu.

I have had people say that I should be including certain information in books to be sold, but I choose to present it here for free as I am not doing this to make money, but, my time is valuable, just like everyone's time is, and I do need to survive in our society, as I am sure you would understand.

For those who have made a contribution through a donation so far, thank you so much! Most of you who have donated have been very generous.

For those who want to show their support, you can make a contribution towards what I do through a donation by following this link, which is just a link to the 'Contributions' section of the menu above. I do look at this also as a form of an energy exchange, which can be a similar concept to what Reiki teaches, not so much as an exchange of money. My energy goes into what I do here, and therefore out to all of you on a regular basis.

Within a couple of months I will be starting to offer distant healing sessions for anyone, anywhere in the World through a different site. Another option for you, if you are interested is to arrange a distant healing session with a donation, so just contact me if this sounds appropriate for you. You can find out more about my background as a healer here (note this is an old article from 2012 and some information is outdated), and you can contact me via this link. If you want to learn more about how distant healing works, feel free to contact me or you could run a search online. I will be writing up a number of articles in the future based around the many aspects and methods of healing as I begin to setup my personal website to advertise my services.

Its perfectly fine if you have no interest in showing your appreciation for what I do here through a donation or if you simply can not afford to do so. Your continued presence visiting the site shows that you are benefiting, and this is very important to me. Your ongoing support and feedback through comments is always appreciated as well.

From time to time I may post a short reminder about the option to contribute via a donation. In the future I may consider ads to support my time and effort here, depending on many factors, but really, I can't stand them and seeing them on my own site would annoy me!

Blessings to all,


angelicview said...

I'm tellin' ya, Laron - I feel where you're coming from! I was just talking to some friends about the "Rat Race" they have us running. I am very lucky that I can make it on a part time job. So lucky! But it's tight. I have enough to pay my bills and get gas and groceries and nothing left over. My daughter and I buy used clothes from a donation store.

Now, if I wanted to I could work more hours and make a lot more money. We could have brand new things and take vacations and anything we wanted. But I find that then my contribution to the world would greatly suffer.

In fact, I'd like to go as far as to say that in my Life's Blueprint (that Plan I made before I incarnated here), I planned it just this way. It's very important to me to be following my heart in this life. (Besides, I don't want to mess anything up so as not to have to come back here! Lol! Unless things change on Earth, anyway - then I might come back!) :)

Laron said...

This may seem a bit contradictory to this post, but I have made a donation to you through your site AV,, as I appreciate what your doing with your information and the impact this has on others. As I mentioned in the notes, I would give more if I could! =)

I honestly believe I have made more of a difference in the lives of a few folks out there, based upon the fact that I had the capacity to do what I did, since leaving my job last year. Like you say, you know what I mean.

Each of us are in a situation in our life where we have limitations, and only so many options. Most of us do have to support others and this is probably one of our larger limits, based on how society functions in this time. There are not many options for us. I was fortunate to be in a situation where I could escape that rat race. I will be doing my best to stay out of it so that I can continue to make a difference.

When I say fortunate, most likely it has nothing to do with fortune though and that my soul contract/life path at that time was on a track to putting me in exactly the situation I was in, where I would have a few forks in the road to choose from, but I think now that the decision I made was the decision that my life and guidance pushed me in the direction of. The decision I was meant to make in other words, so that I could do what I did in that future of mine. Which is of course now as well.

We are all doing our best to follow our hearts in the end.

angelicview said...

Uh, contradictory? Yeah! Laron, we are great friends, and friends share. I am happy to share my articles or ideas with you and your readers. Sincerely, tears filled my eyes when I saw that you had made a donation. My heart is full beyond measure with the thought of giving to others (as so many do) when you have so little. I'd be blessed just to take the intention and the thoughts behind it and re-gift it right back to you <3

Maunagarjana said...

I gave both of you guys some funds, seeing as I look at both your blogs every day, and I happen to just be in a position to spare some money on my very lean budget this month. Imagine if everyone who regularly visited your blog gave just a small donation a month, even if it was just a dollar a month. I don't know your numbers, but it would add up. Many people are turned off by subscription fees, even ones that are less than what it costs to buy a lunch. So I wouldn't feel bad about being vocal about asking for donations. Sometimes all people need is a reminder.

angelicview said...

That was so sweet of you, Maunagarjana! Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Antony Papadopoulos said...

Laron was so helpful when I asked his advice, dedicated a lot of time and energy and was very quick to respond. I encourage everybody that finds himself benefiting from this website to contribute with a donation; we spend money on so many stupid things on a daily basis that have nothing to offer.

Keep up the good work!

Laron said...

Thank you Maunagarjana.

Maunagarjana said...

Both are you are very welcome. :)

Fantastic Fox said...

I'll start to donate regularly even though I barely make ends meet, but this blog is very is important to me. Just like Angelicview is. We're all in this together.

Laron said...

FF, it is totally your choice and only if your sure, but I wouldn't want anyone in a situation like that where they feel any pressure to contribute. Every contribution will make a difference of course, but please don't make that sacrifice if things are tight with surviving on your current income. Just your comment by it self is enough to show your support and that you get something worthwhile from this place.

Laron said...

Years ago I used to spend money on stupid things Antony, I know what you mean. Thanks for your feedback.

Fantastic Fox said...

I certainly don't feel pressured. It is my way of thanking you because I really appreciate what you do here and I want to suppor that when ever I can. Sharing is caring and I know that by giving I'm also helping myself too. “No one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank

vickie2289 said...

Laron, I don't post much on your site but I read it almost everyday. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for all the wonderful articles and opinions. I love the site! I've made a donation and will give more as I can afford to.

Marina Jachel said...

Hi Laron and alls!

some weeks ago I arrived this site (sorry, I only try with English language) . I found this very interesting and can appreciate the effort and time you spend in this.
I value your input , and want support you , but I only can through western union or money gram.
let me know your full name in my e-mail and I send something. it is fair.
sabila.servicios @

Laron said...

Thanks Vickie.