Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pets in the Afterlife

Via AngelicView, 8 April 2014

AngelicView: This is a 3min and 51sec video which contains quotes from various people who have submitted their NDE to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) and who have mentioned seeing their pets there.

I currently have no sound on my computer, but lucky for me it was all written there in the video. I imagine
there is probably a musical accompaniment – someone comment and let me know, k? :)

Video Description: Most of us have had pets throughout our lives. They
were our friends, companions who we cherished in
life. They gave us joy and happiness and asked
nothing in return but to be loved..

Do animals have spirits and do they go
on after death?

Some claim they do and have been reunited with
them after having a Near Death Experience.

The following are excerpts from these
personal accounts:

Morgan A -…
Mary R -…
Ray K -…
Jonathan G -…
Sandra E -…
Charmaine M -…


dorothi said...

love knows no boundaries, my recently deceased felines have made themselves known to me after passing. no doubt of the strength of love.

Laron said...

Here is my article based upon the visit of my cat that passed on in 2012,