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How can someone improve intuition and / or psychic ability?

Via Focus Sessions, 31 March 2014

I get this question a lot, so I thought I would do an entry...
Tapping into intuition or psychic ability is unique to everyone, but I will share some of the things I see / get.

I first want to say that everyone has a certain amount of ability, it just comes easier for some people to tune into it.  The example I was given as I started to learn was everyone can sign, but some are natural opera singers while others really have to work at it.  Some people are also better at certain things than others, for example, I have never resonated with channeling (I am fine with mediumship, but channeling feels too intense and I shut down), but for some people they may be so gifted in that area that they gravitate to it.  You really have to play around (in a responsible manner) with it to see what resonates with you.  The first and most important thing to do is take psychic abilities seriously (this comes through so loudly that I feel I need to underline it., and also listen to your gut- if it doesn't feel right or your sense something is negative, don't do it. Start small, educate yourself along the way and be very responsible.

The best way to enhance your intuitive ability and become one with yourself is to meditate.  The main goal is to quiet your mind and just allow thoughts to flow.  Set an intention of something you may want to know (like relationship issues or job questions), and then blank out your mind and let your higher self do the work. You can meditate  "officially" by positioning yourself and going into that place in your mind, or you can do this is a relaxed fashion (such as laying in bed, or driving a car without the radio while focused on the sound of the road).  I see newer people meditating while lying in bed at night when you don't have the daily distractions running through your mind.  I also get a humming noise, as if white noise of some kind to focus on can allow a focal point for your mind so your don't find yourself mentally wandering.

So, your intention is set and you let it go, then you blank yourself out (ie begin meditating) and focus on an image in your mind- it may be the sky, water or a color, and see what happens.  Sometimes you will get an image and just go with it. Other times you may not get anything other than to relax, but rest assured that your subconscious is working on your intent.  You may not even get an answer just then, but then later you will have that "ah, ha" moment. I hear hear some kind of sigh, as if you may get discouraged and give up, but don't. It will come with practice.

When you start, you may only be able to last a few minutes before you start thinking of other things, but it is like any other exercise and you can build it up with practice.Once you practice, you will notice that you can go in and out of that mental focus / relaxation much quicker.  You will feel so much more connected to your higher self as well.  You may even get to where you can see your chakras or see if one is blocked.. Certain colors will mean something to you.  It does require effort and focus, but is a beautiful thing too.

I have just described what I see and experiences I have had that are pulling forward.  Another thing to do is read on other perspectives.  There were two books that really made a difference to me in my development, and I still revisit them when I need a re-connection.

One is called So You Want to Be a Medium by Rose Vanden Eynden (2006).  It talks about different types of mediumships and allows you to understand it better. Lots of information.

The second is called How Psychic Are You? by Julie Soskin (2002).  This was my favorite.  There are many different techniques and exercises.  You can skip the things that don't settle right with you (for example you may not be into reading cards). It really touches on a lot of different aspects of psychic ability.

And that is all I have for now.  It is 5:47 PM.

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