Monday, April 21, 2014

Grand Cardinal Cross - Daily Astrology Forecast Monday 21 April, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Monday 21 April 2014 - The grand cardinal cross is in full force today, tomorrow and Wednesday...If you feel a need to touch base with people you have not spoken to for a while then this is why.

By the same token, meetings that take place with new people in this time frame hold a promise of having lasting meaning as its a time of many different factions coming together for a common cause.

Even though a fated aspect for some - others will exercise more free will, so its very interesting in that sense as this cross allows for the individual to express their own unique ideas even if revolutionary, but the outcome of that is also decided by the grand cross as it holds tension and and almost aggressive energy also - certainly assertive, so in that sense its explosive both personally and in a global sense.

No one has the answers for this rare formation of planets but what astrologers do know is that if the degrees of the planets involved hit on the degree of a country or person then things happen. Also we know that eclipses are extreme triggers for existing aspects which takes the time frame into early May. Its interesting that this cross is happening between eclipses.

Eclipses even partial or annular bring the unexpected.

This grand cross affects Aries, Librans, Capricorns and Cancerians the most, and the planets involved are Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars - (Mars being the last to join the cross in 2 days time). Pluto and Jupiter being part of it brings in an influence for Scorpios and Sagittarians too. But it depends on what degrees in your own birth chart resonate to the Grand cross structure as to how it will influence your own life. You may hardly notice it in fact personally but you will certainly notice its effect on other people or the world.

The world is full of ongoing dramas and these increase at times like this as they have over the eclipse period, but this cross should bring something global that is unusual or different and the Ukraine situation comes to mind which is still not totally solved. If the situation is solved as it should be by much negotiation and compromise then this is a sign that the collective consciousness of people has evolved to a degree where this is possible without war coming into it. As world powers have been involved, this makes it a global event to be aware of.

The cross and the eclipses have brought a cyclone and large earthquakes so far -many more than usual, most of them centred in the eclipse path of the Solomon islands but some in South American, also smaller jolts in NZ and other parts of the world. There could be more as the coming Taurean eclipse does rule the things of the earth.

Today Jupiter opposes Pluto which is suggesting a political or economical factor coming into crisis as it involves the masses.
Mercury is with the south node suggesting crisis talks taking place of a fated nature.
Mercury also trines Pallas so there are some fine minds out there ready to fight for just causes today and in the days ahead.

Venus is with Chiron in Pisces  which is the place of the great healer so if you are Pisces you are going to feel this big time!!

It also shows there are powerful healing entities "up there" in the wings...  This is the stuff of angels standing by.

This week is the time  for the healing of personal and collective karma...

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