Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diving into the abyss

Guillaume Nery, a world class free diver, stands there before making the dive into Dean’s Blue Hole.

Sinking in at 663 feet, Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is known as the deepest sinkhole in the world.

While attending a free diving competition there, Guillaume Nery decided to free dive into this singhole and make a short film in the process. The film shows his ability to keep calm, as he free falls down into the abyss, aka a sinkhole underwater. He has no equipment or air supply with him. See the four minute video below to watch this amazing experience.


angelicview said...

Whoa! That was really cool! What an amazing experience that would be. Forgive me if they answered this - because my computer is without sound at the moment - but does he go all the way to the bottom? It looked like he did. And how in the world does he hold his breath that long?!?

Laron said...

Yeah he does go to the bottom, in the video he is touching the bottom with his feet and stays there a while. Over four minutes is a long time!