Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast Tuesday 22 April, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Tuesday 22 April 2014 - Today has a record amount of planetary aspects making for a complex day.

The moon is in its last quarter today which is a kind of closure in some areas, marking the last part of something important, while passing through Aquarius which is a sign that rules all of humanity, the environment, companies, groups and friendships and technology- the unusual- the very old and the very new. Generally its ...not an emotional sign so this helps with all that is happening just now but on the other hand Aquarius can bring a need for sudden changes.

Mercury is with Juno so that takes care of the close relationships and family issues as people are being more thoughtful than usual to each other although they could also be a bit more critical than usual too, but generally this is a positive aspect. There are two noville supportive aspects to back this up however with Venus involved so this brings in the love.

A quintile with the Sun and Jupiter should be a positive influence to bring support to any difficult transitions.

The main aspect we need to think about today is Uranus and Pluto in an exact square aspect which is demanding attention to world events that have been ongoing for some time and tomorrow Mars completes a circuit or in this case a cross or square to trigger the whole scenario that has been forming for a while. How this all pans out for the world is in the hands of the Gods ... It could be explosive.

These few days, as mortals walking this transforming planet, we could have unexpected meetings with people from our past, including past lives in dreams or reality, enabling major breakthroughs and understanding of self and resolving long term dilemmas or karma.

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