Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast Tueday 1 April, 2014 - Neptune's Magic

via Neptune's Magic, Tuesday 1 April 2014 - Ceres touches base with the Moons North node today bringing major revelations of who we are on a soul level, and what our purpose is on this planet. Ceres is the largest asteroid representing the universal matrix of life itself. Its about how we were created and what we can in turn create.

A good part of our lives as humans is centred around how we interact as human beings and what we can do for each other.

The north node is about where we are going on our life path and why we are here - its our destiny and our divine purpose. All of this will become clearer to us in these few days around the new moon in Aries just gone. Our values may be tested but we will come out of it wiser and stronger, no matter what the radical planets are projecting into our worlds to shock us out of lethargy or old patterns.

The sun forms a very cheeky angle with Jupiter today bringing a little craziness into our lives and helping us look on the bright side.

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