Monday, April 28, 2014

Annular Solar Eclipse - Daily Astrology Forecast Monday 28 April, 2014

via Neptune's Magic, Monday 28 April 2014 - I have been putting off writing about the annular solar eclipse in Taurus tomorrow as it feels personal to me even though I am not a Taurus and have no planets there. At this eclipse Venus in Pisces will be on my IC (home sector) so this should be good for my security zones. Something is in the air and the eclipse is a real breakthrough time for myself and many people I know, and is shaping up to be lifechanging in fact in view of the grand cross that is effecting some of us very personally either through illness or other life crises.

An eclipse is a cosmic reboot basically as this one will be especially for Taurus and Scorpio types of people or for those who have Taurus in a main part of their chart or important planets there.

Its all about security zones.

Globally, Taurus is about the things of the earth and can be explosive- remember the Boston bombings- remember the men trapped in mines a few years back in Australia. Already there have been some bombs going off in the world in the last week- some people think its more about the grand cross but there is nothing too major as yet.

There may be more volcanos erupting as well due to the nature of this eclipse.

But wherever it falls in your chart - thats where you need to reboot and make some needed breakthroughs.
Venus will make contact with Pluto so if there is a need to focus your emotional attention in new ways then this is why, and this could go very deep.

Mercurys contact with Mars helps us understand with clarity something thats been hanging around for a while so at least we can act on it.

And the moon with Juno, well this is a crunch time- there's no where to go with this but into the thick of it all to process the best way we can and we must remember that everyone has it within themselves to heal their own problems or health, even if we need a good push and shove in the right direction to do that.

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