Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's the real reason they put fluoride in our water?

From my research into the negative effects of fluoride, this reading seems spot on. This one was performed about a year ago.

I will never forget my strong intuition telling me, years ago now, to change to non-fluoride tooth paste and to never accept it when visiting the dentists. This was before I had ever read and learnt anything about the negative impacts of it.

Via Focus Sessions, 3rd April 2013

Whats the real reason they put fluoride in our water ? I have heard it hurts our glands & keeps us from being more psychic, as well as inhibits our ability to fight tyranny.
8:18 PM 
The first think I see is a guy and he is rubbing his hands together in a evil looking way.. like he knows a bad secret or he is about to do something bad.. I see this as representative of the whole plan behind putting fluoride our water.  I'm seeing a whole plan play out in my mind.... It starts with message about government biggest fear is to defend itself against its own people.. I'm being told this in  such way with such emphasis that it looks like many governments share in this same feeling.  Its coming to me that many years ago, like 40-50 years ago, governments were realizing and becoming fearful of their own people.

Things were happening and citizens were being forced to support a government that they no longer believed in..On a map I see Russia, China and Europe lighting up, like they are the countries that were really having citizens lack of support and were fearful of a rebellion during times in which certain countries were trying to force its power on the world.. These countries knew they couldn't survive as a strength in the world  if they had issues as fundamental as their own people trying to revolt..The governments did testing.  I'm getting the word 'underground" to discover that fluoride, in small doses wasn't lethal, but made people more lethargic.  The governments tested their military first, and after success, introduced fluoride to their population. It was "sold" to the people that it was in their favor and a health benefit, however, no extensive research was done for health and well-being, the focus was gaining control...

Q.  When was fluoride introduced to the United States and why?

A..  I'm getting images of hippies, Woodstock and signs about the VietNam war.  It appears it was introduced around that time, or at least really focused on as a tool for creating a more peaceful civilization.  I see a lot of civil unrest around that time.. many riots...The government knew they needed to get control..

Q. Does it hurt our glands and keep us from being more psychic?
A.  I get an image of a persons neck.  I see what looks like lymph nodes under the jawline are swollen.. It appears that is where the fluoride is stored if it isn't excreted.. I also feel like I want to salivate a lot.. It's all interconnected to the throat.

I also see a big stone on a persons forehead.  it looks like a circular golf ball.  It looks like it is trying to tell me that your "third eye" is turned to stone.  You can still have phychic ability, but it is severely decreased.

Q.  Is there a way to detox from fluoride?
A.  The first thing I see is oranges, and I am focused on the zest part of the orange.  I see citrus and acid based fruits and foods as being a good source to detox.  You also have to drink a lot of filtered water.  I high fruit based diet.  I see fruits being more necessary than vegetables.   I also see bananas, actually eating the bananas. Now I see lemons..It appears the message I am supposed to get is a lot of acid type fruits. They are raw and organic.

And that is all I see.  Thank you

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Wherami said...

makes sense. they are trying at younger and younger ages to get kids on flouride. the dr tried to tell us that we had to give our 3 yr old flouride because she needed it now. We told the Dr to STFU.