Thursday, March 27, 2014

Webbot Clif High Wujo: E75 - March 26, no march ALTA webbot report, gold & silver, moving, fight

Clif High just posted a 31 minute Wujo so that he could clarify the reasons behind why he could not release the March ALTA webbot report, which was said to have a focus on terra based issues. You can download it here over on Half Past Human or listen to it below.

Here are my notes below on the Wujo. Note my summary at the end around data gaps.

He explains that so many events are occurring all within a small period of time, that the actual report that takes a while to put together needs to be modified because its reporting on events which have already occurred.

So what Clif is trying to explain here is that by the time has has collated the data, gone through what the webbot application has picked up and then prepared the data into something understandable and readable, some of those forecasts have already occurred over the time it took for him to prepare the report.

Clif High explains this is not something new so they are used to it.

He is not sure if he will be able to produce another report because of the extent of the width of the data, and the situation is obscuring the longer and shorter term data.

The last time time this occurred, his approach was to ignore the short term data, because of this situation, and just look at the longer term data.

Clif High then explains that the operating costs of running the webbot is breaking even, and because of his age, he is not in a position to keep going in this fashion if the cost of running it goes into the negative based upon the income. So from the sounds of it, it's quite expensive for Clif High to to maintain the servers, communication links and equipment in general for running the webbot.

He then gets into details of how he had completed 18-20 pages over the past few weeks, but every time he did 8-10 pages, he had to throw out five or six siply because those events had already occurred. He says that after about five times of this occurring in a row, he then decided to look at the actual data processing and realised that this is going to keep on going throughout the month.

By the time he gets to describe the ball rolling, the ball is already rolling he mentions.

Clif High mentions that they need to move and that would take a couple of months.

Clif High gets into details around Igor, his partner who is basically the person that looks after the hardware. He says the hardware it self takes up the space of a small truck. He says Igor also needs to relocate very soon because of concerns of fracking issues.

Clif explains that Igor is going to start taking the webbot equipment offline sometime in May for his move. He says that the combined move may take 6-8 months to complete.

Clif High then gets into what he plans to do in the future with his ability around future forecasting.

He explains that now is a good time to buy silver and gold.

He names April as the time period when the economic world shifts.

He says that there probably won't be a shooting war with the Ukraine (USA).

Clif High mentions he is looking at getting a YouTube channel setup.

He finishes off talking about a recent fight he had and an injury he sustained in a small enclosed space. He goes on to say that he won, and that the Dog went in the bath  in the end....

So, in conclusion, based upon a series of IDIR predicted events that were meant to occur last year, that have picked up again from January onwards, and the information I have ran into relating to time manipulation, I believe that Clif's long term webbot forecast around data gaps, which did start up last year in the time period expected, may relate to what he has mentioned in this Wujo. Because of financial reasons and the physical relocation of Clif and Igor, the webbot will come to an end for a period of time and I think this may be what was picked up in past forecasts around the webbot going dead.

What this means is that earth changes may never have been the reason behind why the webbot stopped running, as originally thought by many out there.


Shallena said...

As soon as he said they had to move the servers and take them off line I thought THAT is the reason for the webbot going dark that he talked about last year!! It is so crazy how fast things are moving now... its like... we had that "pause" in the timeline and now things are super sped up and things keep coming at us left and right... faster than normal... trying to catch up maybe... weird...

angelicview said...

Awesome! Thanks for all that information, Laron. I loved the story about the dog.

I think I remember that he said that after the Webbot goes dark, he thought it might be several years before it comes back - if ever. Hmmm.... interesting! said...

You don't think he's that dense, do you? I mean... he has to see how it lines up with forecasts from last year. Or is he so isolated that he cannot see the forest because of the trees? I am hesitant. It seems a bit self-servant. IDK. Hmmm.... now that I think about it, its not like he's manipulating events transpiring now to line up with his reports from a year+ ago!
I shot off an email to HPH and suggested that the answer to his money issues lies in re-evaluating the the numeric values attached to the language (as he said he did before the January 2014 report) to raise the level of accuracy. If they were to release a spot-on April report that forecasted ALL of the events coming, it would spread word-of-mouth and everyone would come running with wallets open. Why he doesn't milk this cash cow as much as possible is beyond me. His product is great, he deserves to be rewarded! And we all need to have information that is as accurate as possible.

Laron said...

AV, I was getting to the end of the Wujo and kept thinking he was going to forget... and finally he told the story! And I thought it was a human fight! He totally got me.

If the reason is that they stop doing the webbot because of costs, it may be a long time for them to start it up again so that would make sense.

Laron said...


I believe that he may not see a purpose in mentioning the events from the IDIR's coming true now. I know he would not want to once again tell the public that big earth changes are coming unless he was very, very certain as he did have to put up with a lot of... negative feedback after some of the GCE language did not manifest last year.

His focus is also on many different areas, he's a busy guy. But when saying all this, he gets a lot of email communication from long term botters and I'm sure they have likely pointed it out to him by now. (but going by his intelligence level, he would have figured it out a while back) So he is choosing not to mention it I would say. (as if he did, people might get the idea that the bad GCE stuff may occur and he may not want people to think that)

One thing I am sure of is that he is not going to move location or end the webbot on purpose to self fulfil his own data gap/end of webbot prediction... his morals are too high and I find him to be quite a spiritually advanced soul as well.

Wherami said...

The March IDIR are still manifesting quite properly so I look forward to having the April IDIR to validate as well and the May Wujo's. So far we are moving exactly along the timeline as it was supposed to manifest it would appear. I got the feeling that he was told to not bring things up by TPTB as he took a lot of time to explain that he "was crazy" and saying many times that he got calls and letters from Authorities about what he was saying. So I think they know that he is reaching people and they want him to stop. This I believe is finally the end.

Wherami said...

yup. keep watching the IDIR's they were highly prescient.

Laron said...

Yes, I had forgotten about that aspect. This may be the real reason behind the possible end of it.

Mule said...

I've followed Cliff's stuff for years - some hits, but more misses IMHO. He's been talking about Gold & Silver going to the moon every quarter for that last few years and they have gone down, down, down, & stagnant... while the stock market has been "going ballistic".

Wherami said...

Power to the People of the Planet.

Fuck the banksters in their money-hole.

#banksterfuck buy gold, buy silver

#money-hole sell goldmansachs short

#spew jpmorgan shares sell