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Ukraine, Russia, China and America - Focus Sessions

Via Focus Sessions, 18 March 2014

2:18 PM 
Q. We are now watching yet another fabricated drama, this time, the Ukraine. What could the cabal possibly want with the Ukraine? Are they looking for a diversion from the upcoming financial event?
A. The first I get looks like an image of a lot kids fighting over the same thing.  No one really wants it, they just don't want each other to have it (meaning the land).  I see that Russia has gone through some very trying times in building up their government, and during that time they watched America thrive (at least from their perspective).  They saw us go into other countries, get access to resources, use our strength (and smarts) to bully ourselves into places and get our feet into other countries.  I get a sense of anger- they (meaning Russia) has watched us tell other countries that we are coming to their aid or helping their government, when in reality they see us thrive off that situation by gaining or controlling access to resources such as oil.  It is like Russia can see our bigger plan better than most of our own people.

I also get that Crimea (or the southern part of the Ukraine) was semi-American... I see they weren't completely submerged in our way of government, but they were headed that way or thinking of adopting those types of ideals (I get a lot of influence trying to happen).  What was once highly "Russian" was on the verge of change, and when that glimpse even was seen by Russia, they stepped in.  Russia's stance was there is no way that America is taking or settling in so close to home.  Russia decided to take it over before America did.  

I get that Russia wants (in response to the question) an American buffer, and in the process gain some useful land (I see in image of fishing, which leads me to think there is an ability to either fish or grow food).  

I also see this as a beginning to a much bigger picture.  I get that Russia and China have been waiting and calculating a way to take down the US (going back to my original thought of kids fighting, not really wanting the land, but rather to instigate something).  Once things escalate, sanctions, etc... I see China coming to Russia's aid.  What ever the US and other countries do to deter Russia from trying to take over part of the Ukraine, China tries to help.  I see China and Russia together being very powerful [in my mind's eye it looks like kids that are best friends].

Once China gets involved, that is when our dollar gets in trouble. I see China with a lot of gold (the image I see when I focus on them are dump trucks full of gold).  It looks like they literally have a mountain of it.  I see China getting to where they don't want our dollar, and they want paid with gold- and we owe them a lot.  I see that once they take Russia's side, if we don't remove whatever punishments we are giving them, China will want full payment on what we owe- and they won't take our dollar, giving them a huge amount of the worlds gold [or at least an expectation of it]. They won't take payments and/or interest as they are doing now.- That will be the punishment they give us.

When all of that happens, I see a world currency begin to go into effect, and China wants to be ruler that.  I get that the UN will be involved, but since China will have the gold to back it, they give the control to China, the UN is just the checks and balances... I also see this new world currency being directly backed by gold and silver in order for it to keep a true value- the UN somehow keeps an audit on this.

Overall, when I tune into this situation, I see this as completely planned out, and  I can hear Putin saying "Phase 1 complete." I get China and Russia have been planning something for a while, and it is now starting to unfold.

Thank you.  It is 2:40.Link to Audio

I have had quite a bit of comments come in on this thread so I also wanted to update this on the blog post:  Updated 3/19/14 at 6::12 AM

@ 4:12: I see that the selection in the stores is limited, and the cost of goods will be much higher. You will be able to buy food, but you are limited in your options (you may go in to buy apples, and find that there are no apples, but you can get oranges..).

@ 4:54: I see they try to force us to give them land when we cannot pay. I also see that they have soldiers on the ground now- it just isn't put in the media. I see Russian soldiers already positioned here to, but claim to be here on a different agenda...

@ 6:41: You ask when... I see this starting NOW and escalating by the beginning of 2015. This doesn't feel like a "short" disagreement... If feels kind of long and drawn out..

@ 3:05: I do see it breaking out. It looks like half of Europe gets pulled in too. The southwestern most countries of Europe look to be the most neutral. I also see places like Australia remaining the "safe haven" from all this..

@ 5:58: I don't see this being averted. China and Russia feel very deep in their belief system and what they want to accomplish. So much anger and emotion is tied to them

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Joe said...

This theater has been going on for thousands of years. When will humanity break free from this insanity?

"Robbery, rape, and slaughter they falsely call empire; and where they create a desert, they call it peace."

Tacitus, Calgacus' Speech from Agricola