Friday, March 14, 2014

Triangle shaped UFO seen over Russia, March 10, 2014

I suggest you click on the external links, set video's resolution to HD and enlarge on the videos below to get a better look.

Via UFO Sightings Daily, 13 March 2014

Date of sighting: March 10, 2014
Location of sighting: Kolomna, Russia

This looks like the guy was taking a late night walk with his wife or girlfriend when he noticed some glowing lights in the distance. If you speak Russian, please let us know in comments below about what they are saying. This person who posted this video took two separate videos of this event and only has two videos on Youtube. SCW

In the comments (translated) below the original Youtube videos I see there are a lot of comets in Russian saying things like, "I saw this yesterday in Kolomna," and another person stating, "I and my whole family were eyewitnesses to this triangle UFO." There are many other comments saying they also saw this UFO that night. SCW


Olena Babyliss said...

They are saying that they are impressed. And their excitement (in my point of view) is very trustworthy because they are more focused on the passing cars/drivers which are missing all the show and they wish those people in the cars could stop, watch and share the excitement. It's definitely not a fake IMHO.

Laron said...

I felt (and thought) it was most likely a real sighting. Thanks for the translation Olena.

João said...

Looks like a TR3B.

MujedihiDEEN said...

Peace be upon all.
Just wanted to say I saw this black triangle ufo very clearly in my dream along with a another dream showing complete and utter destruction in 2008. Since then I have always thought of these craft as onset of w.w.111 and global destruction. There is also a lot of evidence these crafts can cloak. I also feel that these are man made anti gravity propelled. Thanks for sharing.
Love to all.

Linda said...

I have also thought these particular ones may be man made, Akram. Although the intent of their use if they are, I can't say. One day we'll know. Many more out there other than these types though.