Saturday, March 15, 2014

The mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza is solved - Courtney Brown's Announcement

The announcement has been released, well, not all of it. Courtney Brown discusses part of it within this 40 minute YouTube video below. Courtney Brown mentions that there are two more components of the announcement that will be released within a few days time. Upon the release of the first component of this Announcement, he explained that the second and third component would come out the same day, but later changed his mind because he wants the 'dust to settle'.

[Update 20 March: Courtney has explained in a Facebook status update what the rest of what the announcement components are about. Going by what he said, there are no further announcements. Component two is about spreading the word about remote viewing being real through ideas and programs via the public and the third component is related to using symbolism to use within a unified message in relation to this.]

This video below can also be found embedded at the top of the Farsight Institute webpage here,

The first component is the remote viewing results based upon how the ancient pyramids of Giza were constructed which is said to have involved two alien groups, advanced technology and slave labour. Even though this is a remote viewing based project, the description states that this information is fully documented and proven by scientific evidence. Courtney Brown mentions that it took roughly a year to start and finish this remote viewing project.

Courtney Brown starts off saying that the results from this mystery will allow for fundamental changes in human thinking. Courtney Brown explains that this information also relates to disclosure and how disclosure is not about the Government releasing information, but that the people are the ones who are part of real disclosure based upon the information already existing.

Courtney Brown explains that this announcement marks the beginning of a year long campaign for disclosure and that at the end of this video, instructions will be provided for those that wish to help.

After watching the video I get the impression that this is mainly based upon advertising a longer video, that being a full documentary which requires a purchase to view. This full documentary is said to include two of the world's top remote viewers Dick Allgire and Daz Smith performing remote viewing on the target of the construction of the Pyramid of Giza. The first 18 minutes of the full version of the documentary begin about half way through this video.

Courtney Brown explains that because of the method used by Dick Allgire and Daz Smith within this project, that remote viewing can no longer be ignored or denied and that this is proof enough, solely based upon this documentary/project. I think that this part of the announcement relates to what I expected this announcement may be about in my article here, A hypothesis on Courtney Brown's upcoming announcement.

Most of this information about the construction of the pyramids and also the method of remote viewing being valid and real, is confirming what a lot of us are already aware of or had assumed. But what I find a bit frustrating is that there is no mention of any scientific evidence to back up the claims of what the remote viewers have discovered. Perhaps the full documentary talks about scientific evidence and by scientific evidence, I am referring to tests conducted in a lab based upon possible archaeological finds at the site it self.

"Many will scoff at our results in the beginning. But in time, the release of this project will be seen as the event that changed the direction of thinking on this planet in a major way. Without this change, who knows how our species could thrive in the future? With this change, a change of realism, we have a chance to a great destiny, a destiny in which the entire universe one day looks in our direction and says, "If the humans could awaken on Earth, with all the limitations they have with respect to consciousness, then anyone can do it." We will give hope to beings elsewhere in numbers difficult to imagine." - From Courtney Brown's Farsight Newsletter

This project is not a new accomplishment for the Farsight Institute as they have ran a number of remote viewing projects over the years which can be found on their website. What Courtney Brown puts across that makes this different from the rest, is the fact that the method in use is recorded in a live situation and is more of a theatrical experience in comparison to the old pen and paper methods of remote viewing. 

I support Courtney Brown with his mission of trying to get remote viewing recognised and accepted by the general public, and his disclosure plans, but is he going about all of this in the right way? 

Perhaps he should have released this project to the public as a free documentary, as to a lot of people it looks like all the hype leading up to this has simply been about building an audience and a fan base so that the documentary would get good sales.

Courtney has supplied links to the Project Overview and to detailed information on the targets and written results which can be found here(Project Overview), and also here(Sessions).


Linda said...

Laron, i really like it. If I was him I'd be doing exactly the same thing. If you think about it, who is it that is going to change this world? It's only us, one at a time. We go from a philosophical viewpoint where we can banter all we like, but that doesn't do anything. The only way we ever really know anything is by our own personal experience. The skill of Remote Viewing is one that when we each experience it and cannot deny it ourselves, then we need no outside proof. For the world, the more of us that have this skill, the more widely accepted, and the faster we will all change this world for all of us to enjoy.

Nonlocality, ETs, reclaiming our personal power from the power mongers, it's all tied up in the realization of our innate untapped mastery. If they've got the means to teach it, let's learn it. Everything's easy when doubt is out the way. I'm very happy. I can see the implications. They will be individual as always, as well as collectively. Let's get it on!

Linda said...

I' m assuming that they are going to teach it, or at least intend to down the track.

angelicview said...

I can see both sides - that it is good and bad. Certainly, I feel that he led us to believe that it was going to be a mainstream event (or maybe I was just hoping that because that's what I want. But he certainly wasn't alluding to it NOT being mainstream).

Here is the comment I posted on his FB page: "I thank you, Courtney, from the bottom of my heart for all this wonderful research you and your team have been doing. It's just that you are preaching to the choir here. And there's tons of information on this out already online for free. I hope some people buy (or rent) your documentary. I really do. But unless it goes mainstream - well, I hope the "choir" gets bigger. :) "

Karyn Russell said...

My thoughts to a tee ...... :-) x

Wherami said...

did I not say that this was a sales pitch....

susan said...

theres an announcement monday from astrophysicists
with new information for the world

danilo verticelli said...
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danilo verticelli said...

Old news and even for sale. The same old story of channeling, guru's and this new viral marketing Courtney-style.
Everything for the money. Come on. It should be the time you'd wake up, once and for all.
There isn't even one word of that , we already didn't know from other sources.

John Doe said...

This is true? he is selling AGAIN? what a mor_n, sorry my language,but i can't with more lies from Courtney Clown, , i can't i have enough..

Linda said...

I sometimes wonder how it is that anyone is ever surprised by the external world when to see some of the comments on CBs facebook page. This is only the first of three announcements today, yet so many people seem to sway wildly in emotion. Personally, I'm very grateful for the experience of seeing what they do, and if that small amount offers anything to be learned from, I'm happy - small price to pay to a not for profit organization. But hey, that's where I stand. But I don't get what the big deal is. There's never an external savior, there can't be.
Another 2 to go.

Jordon Rains said...

It was a 40 minute infomercial... very disappointing, and very sleazy.

Laron said...

For the readers of mine who may be interested in my opinion so far... usually I prefer not to provide my opinions with most topics... I like to just state the facts, but I feel strongly about this one. I connect to the position Courtney is in, as I am in a similar position since I am able to reach a lot of people here and therefore I notice certain things and I have a pretty good understanding of how to present information in a... way that is welcoming and reachable to a wide audience.

I just left this comment on Courtney Brown's page, via one of his posts announcing the first component.

"Re: Dolores, I confirm that Mary. I have read most of her books and I am also a QHHT practitioner, as well as being an energy healer. There is no new information that I noticed within this first component, but I feel it is always beneficial to get validation on what we already know, especially from a method that can be trusted if used correctly. I have also had clients get high level information in relation to ET involvement in Earth's development.

I wanted to say that we should wait until the three components have been announced before making judgement on this situation. I have read a lot of peoples comments in relation to the first component and it is very obvious what the general consensus on this is. I don't usually share my personal opinions as I never feel the need to as I am usually an observer. However, on this occasion i will.

In my opinion, I tend to agree with the masses here in relation to this being about a sales pitch. The impression I get from watching that video is that this is really about selling a product, not helping humanity or helping increase awareness and consciousness. I run a blog focused on increasing awareness and consciousness and I have received around ninety thousand views on the articles I have written in relation to this Announcement. I have also spent a lot of time covering and following the news about this for my readers.

I am waiting until the other two components are released before coming to a conclusion around this announcement, but I don't think it was a good idea for Courtney to sell a product on the first component considering the hype built up around this. And there was a lot of hype, I could see from the amount of traffic coming in. The specific things that he has said in relation to what this relates to seems misleading as well, as many have pointed out. Of course, I repeat again, we should wait until the other two components are released... as we are all jumping to conclusions, but it is very difficult to not jump to conclusions considering the situation and the facts.

I just don't believe that this situation that Courtney created, warranted the sale of a product. In my opinion, it was much bigger than that... much more important than that. Again, I have to remind myself to be patient and wait for those other two components to complete the picture!"

John Doe said...

Sorry, but C.B ONLY wants money, he doesnt' care about the awakening of the people, he only wants sells his books and DVD's and of course some payed talks.

The first announcement it's a shit and the next two will be a shit too.

Too negative comments? well you know C.B failed at 100%, remember June 1st from two years ago, and now we have this infocomercial...this is not good, he lost ALL the credibility (again).

This is stupid, the greates announcement in the history and it's a infocomercial to sell DVD's about pyramids..this guy it's idiot.

Next announcement will be about bandanas.."Buy a new set onf bandanas and you can see my new scam" wth...

Connie said...

If this was simply a PR ploy, it leaves many disappointed readers who were caught up in the revelation of life-changing information, information that didn’t require a financial expense. It is like purchasing an expensive item from a reputable store and discovering it is a knock-off.
Hopefully this life-changing information, in the next few installments, proves valuable to everyone.

podsmagi said...

Hallo. Introdciing me. Pod. Found Laron's blog whilst chasing Courtney Brown's great announcement. So far transients seems to be the better deal.

Unknown said...

I wonder about the delay in February. Did Courtney purposefully hold back on the original date of mid February to build a larger audience for this announcement? I have him on my Skype contact list because I interviewed him last year for a TV show I was doing at the time, so I'm going to ask him.

If so, that would be pretty cheesy.

Mule said...

wow... an infomercial containing info most of us already believed to be true. Why didn't he have a huge "announcement" for his remote viewing DVD re: Atlantis?? Maybe the Atlantis DVD didn't sell very well, so he came up with a new marketing strategy for his Pyramid viewings' DVD. It's all VERY DISAPPOINTING

Wren Omatic said...

"I just don't believe that this situation that Courtney created, warranted the sale of a product. In my opinion, it was much bigger than that... much more important than that."

I haven't gone through it all at Farsight, yet, but it looks like there is a lot of free information there. The making of the comprehensive video no doubt had a big cost to it and in this day and age, videos have become the norm for dispensing coherent information so people don't have to interrupt their busy day to investigate for themselves or for others to use to spread the word. Farsight is non-profit so attempting to recoup some of the expense is a rather normal thing. I agree, what CB is doing is important work, not like some fuzzy head tapping into a trend and writing a book in order to profit from the rest of the fuzzy heads. The video is a reasonable $15.00. "The Walking Dead" videos are $25.00. Just sayin'...

Jeremy said...

The most disappointing thing is that he led everyone to believe it was going to be conclusive proof but he's offered nothing more than a video of men drawing pictures and talking about well-known theories. That's not proof by anyone's standards.

sapphiresky said...

I just want to thank you Laron from my whole heart for all that you do to raise consciousness for everyone around the globe. You are a brightly shining example of someone who truly understands that great effort is necessary in order to awaken and enlighten the shaded areas of the Knowingness that lay dormant within us all. I so deeply appreciate all that you share here.

John Doe said...

New comic strip from Farsight..put in your website

Wren Omatic said...

I second that!!

sm said... does not make sense, that he want us to buy one of the implications he warns about spending Money on something u are not sure of...( well this is....) and if so hes acting like a Perfect ELITE Controller himself, and actually do not understand what he wants us to understand, and in my toughts..a Hustler.. who has lead the masses on wrong terms...hope the purchase might be a test

Dorothy Kunz said...

If you don't have any expectations, you don't have any disappointments, they say. What I found out when reading all the announcements, was that my mind was opening up to new possibilities. Instead of accepting the status quo, I began to think of all the improvements we could have on mother earth. I began to see possibilities, I switched from negative thinking to positive thinking. After a long and cold winter this whole waking up process, thinking new thoughts, woke up my thinking, so that was a gift from me to me, via Courtney Brown. (Someone buy the tape and review it on You Tube, please.)

Wren Omatic said...

Holy, it's already March 16 where you live....

Thank you for writing that. I was/am going through the same kind of experience. I found that CB was putting my thoughts into words for review. To add to that, I'm quite certain he knew/knows exactly what he is doing and exactly how people would respond - are responding - and his points/posts are being proven.

Rev. Cathryn Platine said...

I bought the video and just finished it. It is not definitive proof in my book but still worth watching. Being a long time fan of the world of woo woo, there was nothing that I had not run across before but still will be showing the video to friends as a worthwhile introduction to RV. Interestingly enough I did not draw the same conclusions that Courtney did from the session material.

Rev. Cathryn Platine said...

FWIW, Courtney publishes a LOT of material for free at farsight and unlike Ed Dames' Killshot video is a hellva lot more informative and entertaining.

sbdcc said...

The bald weasel Courtney had disabled comments on his Youtube video... guess things got too hot for him to handle eh?

If you want to publish and announce new information, that's perfectly fine. Asking for money, and framing the preview as a sales pitch, is not.

And just like the Nigerian email scammers, it only takes a few twits who send money over and the scam is considered a successful one. Those of you who really paid money to Courtney Brown have taken the bait. In 2015 and 2016, Courtney will tease you with 'imminent shocking revelations' and the entire cycle repeats.

My words will fall on deaf ears to those who have fallen for CB's narrative: I'm a seeder, a denier, a contributor of post-announcement noise. I'm just a RV denier who hasn't watched the full video (coughed up the money).

See how it works?

sbdcc said...

The people are waking up to Courtney Brown's scam.

Here's a snapshot of some comments on his Facebook page (before they were deleted).

Courtney Brown is a scumbag. An open rebuke here is better than feigned civility, Calling him out for who he really is - a money-grubbing charlatan.

Kiwi25 said...

Yes disappointing. And my issue is also with "crying wolf" . Not only does it destroy his credibility.. but it makes it harder for anyone else to get info out.
As it stands.. this will have little effect.

Laron said...

Here is part of a message that Courtney posted an hour ago. It looks like we will not get any more answers today.

"I have decided to wait some days before posting the next part of the announcement to give some time for the dust to settle."

From this action, I assume that there are no other organisations involved with the release of information and that the announcement is purely based upon the release of information coming from solely him. (note the mention of assumption, as I could be wrong)

Perhaps he is going to sell to the public a few more products... and felt it wasn't a good idea to to it on the same day? And I am being serious... not vindictive, and I ask the question, why delay this again? I should not say again, as I am not aware of what delayed the announcement in the first place... I find myself jumping to conclusions throughout this saga.

Honestly, from what he has said, it was pretty clear that there were others involved with the release of the information around the announcement, so again I see confirmation of a sorts which is showing him misleading the public. But I should not jump to conclusions... however, I have decided I will.

He first delayed this, saying that material in transit on a boat was corrupted (did his boxes of DVD's get wet??) and that the country involved had political issues and he said he had to call many people from different countries around the world in relation to this. In turn, making it seem like there was actually something important occurring, such as finding actual scientific evidence in an archaeological site, as an example.

Now he has decided again to delay the announcement.

Perhaps he is doing this on purpose? Perhaps there is a method to this situation that he has created which is impacting so many people and not in a high vibrational, positive or loving way, from what I have seen and felt so far.

In relation to what he has released up until now, those that had never heard of the announcement may one day stumble upon his documentary and purchase it, those that do not already know the information about the Pyramids which is already available out there, or have a belief in remote viewing, which I think requires more than just two people to validate correctly, this may benefit them.

The issue is not about him making a profit for his non-profit organisation and paying for expenses incurred for the making of the documentary, and for Daz and Dick's RV services, I am fine with that, people need to get paid and survive. Farsight also needs funding to do the amazing research that it does. The issue is the way he has gone about it, setting this up the way he did, generating hype, misleading, etc.

Once Courtney has fully finished releasing the information and components around the announcement, we may come to a different conclusion, but right now, the situation doesn't look good and it does't feel good.

Jairo Manso said...

The purported announcement has been made for many people during many years, and without all this suspense. I thought it was going to be a global announcement, perhaps a live transmission originated from the Giza pyramid, but it is just a video, recorded probably days ago and with a nice production, nothing made in the heat of the moment. I'm really disappointed, nothing new, the same things that we already know and that we spread among our friends. The world needs, unfortunately "see to believe" and when I say "see" I don't mean a video.

John Doe said...

Forget more announcements, this moron is deleting comments from youtube channel and Facebook, this situation is absurd, i remember the June 1rst 2012 and the project Climate change, was a fail, then he release a DVD about Atlantis -a fairytale-,he released too a DVD about Jesuchrist, and now this..

This guy it's insane, it's acting like a stupid kid, what he expected? sell a lot of DVD's today? but if the contents of the DVD's are a shit anyway.

And now, ANOTHER DELAY, look C.Brown, your are pathetic, you are not serious, your are a stupid egomaniac and you have serious mental problems, and think people is idiot

I don't expect anything from this egomaniac.

Thank Laron for all the information, you deserve make some BIG announcement not an PSYOP from CIA who is mentally sick and it's a liar.

Well today was a "forced" Wake up for a lot of people :P


I agree.

Linda said...

Given the vibe generally, I think it makes sense to let emotions simmer down and expectations relax, as people tend to want to stay in a vibe and justify their feelings which casts negativity upon what comes next.

Laron, I particularly enjoyed this sentence of yours "But I should not jump to conclusions... however, I have decided I will." Lol. :)

Rae said...

Several times throughout this entire marketing of this announcement, I posted comments on Courtney Brown's facebook page questioning what was really going on. I started out an open skeptical because who doesn't want to believe in some major shift in how the world operates? But I found the whole thing began to smell like a marketing scheme and that sense just got stronger and stronger as it went along. Once I found out that today that the announcement was actually a video and then another video that you had to purchase, I posted an "I told you so" comment on his facebook page. I have now been blocked from his facebook page. That just seals the deal as far as I'm concerned!

Linda said...

"Universal peace will never come through governments or through religions, it's going to come through the hearts and the minds of the people".

The most important thing at this time is that everyone hold high and level their frequency. What will be experienced in these times will also personally relate to the frequency we are all resonating at. I had the most strongest sensations of upliftment for so long last night. Big things ARE happening, and this world is changing.

If there are to be more Earth shifts - and it seems likely to be so, then you will not hear the voice, the intuition if you are in fear or are in anger, or blame. It just doesn't happen. There is no reason to be upset, you have the power in you, and the world will morph as we all align with that truth. Please everyone, don't allow yourselves to be angry for long if at all. Know that this is a process with the greatest outcome individually and collectively when we are at peace, and in the space of love.

You might like the above video from James Gillilland. For the past month lions have been a feature in my life.

Laron said...

Jeff sent in this comment in relation to this article. (he prefers not to have a profile for commenting)

"I just watched Courtney's first announcement. My impression is that he is way off base although he may mean well. The idea about remote viewing being valid is very sketchy. First of all, the assumption is that "anyone can do it" and if you just meditate while also standing on your head, you will know the secrets of the universe.

I really like your site and believe that what YOU are doing has real value. See, there is another aspect to our ability to evolve. It is called "purity". (to have the abilities of a saint, you must have the qualities of a saint)

I believe no one graduates from this world with the same level of awareness that you came in with. Something has to change and this doesn't have anything to do with how many facts you acquire, how much money you have, how many toys you have, etc. Love is at the root of it all, which is why spirituality is so important. Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, Yogananda, Saint Francis, Muhammad, Moses, Abraham and many more have a lot in common, and also displayed tremendous powers.

People like Blavatsky is a good example of powers attained through the occult, that people followed for a time. Some of these people went mentally insane or were possessed. No purity - not based on love.

How can anything that Courtney is saying change the world "for the better"? I think that that is what we all were waiting for ( at least I was). If I had to stand on my head while meditating to stop greed, wars, killing, starvation, lying or any of that, I would never leave the house because I would be doing it all the time.

I am so thankful for Paramahansa Yogananda's book "Journey to Self Realization" that I have read 6 times. He teaches about how to realize God for yourself. All he cares about is showing you how to do it so that you can experience it within yourself. The Bible is a great book and there are many others. Edgar Cayce said that the secrets of consciousness are not all in one place but spread out across many religions and countries. I am very fortunate to have found many of them and as I "grow my life" I will learn more." - Jeff

LS Mel said...

not even good theatrics either

Rachelle said...

I don't have a problem with him charging for his video in that we still live in this 3D paradigm and must have money to survive. But, I feel that he did use master marketing techniques in creating a huge, international audience that was hanging on his every post. While it is good to start this dialogue, the way he presented this stuff created a huge expectation and, therefore, created the opportunity for disappointment. With that being said, this is a good opportunity for those people who felt disappointment, frustration, even anger, to look inside themselves to see why this is so. Truly enlightened people are not disappointed because they view these sorts of things as observers and do not allow external events to bring them out of balance. I do understand these feelings but it is important to acknowledge the feelings and then let it go. As far as his personal motives go, I don't think he is a bad person but he is completely caught up in his own "reality" and is consumed by it. I believe he probably can't understand why everyone doesn't feel as "excited" about his announcement as he does. Or, maybe he does and is just trying to make a buck. Either way, it doesn't matter. What matters is how each person chooses to allow his announcement and the hype leading up to it to affect them. This is a perfect opportunity for growth!!! Perhaps we need to look at the bigger picture. He did infer that the way the announcement was made was as important as the announcement itself...well, look at the number of people that have visited the sites (including yours, Laron) posting this's huge!!! The fact that so many people are talking about things that are usually considered "fringe" topics is truly amazing. This is what will change the world!!! So, in effect, he has done a wonderful thing.

Jack said...

Too true, Jeff! I also believe what Laron is doing is of such value. Blessings to you and Laron - and why not, blessings to all following this site. : )

Linda said...

Excellent comment! I echo those sentiments exactly. It also seemed obvious to me that the lead up was about teaching some great truths with the intention (I believe) of instigating conversation and seeding some ideas which would be new to many, or at least not quite as well formulated or acknowledged in mind. Most of the implications were about overcoming a limited mindset. I think there was much more good intent behind the drawn out process (which was also delayed by events so he stated). But back to your comment, Rachelle, I think it's great!

Wren Omatic said...

I wish I could put my thoughts into words like you do....

sbdcc said...

You would think that if the two later parts of Courtney Brown's announcements were as ground-breaking, irrefutable and unambiguous as he had claimed them to be, he would have wasted no time in releasing them to vindicate himself and his claims.

It seems to me now he's being a petulant child who refuses to play anymore and is stamping his feet and bringing his toys home.

The number of followers on his Facebook page has fallen steadily since the announcement. Now it has dropped below 3000. Certainly, truth is not a popularity contest, but I think we can make an exception for this case.

And for those of you with a New Age bent who thinks I'm too harsh on a 'fellow conscious co-creator in this 3D world' or that I'm disappointed because I had 'framed unrealistic expectations for myself'... well, let's just say you folks are precisely the reason why hucksters such as Courtney Brown have a field day. He will not be the last of his kind.

Good day and good luck.

P.S: Thank you for the Transients blog, Laron.

bodhi mom said...

Because of C.B.'s consciousness, I don't think we should trust him. Keep in mind, someone can say the right or truthful thing 98% of the time, but it's the 2% that can steer the people way off. So save your money for more trust-worthy sources.

Karearea said...

Most of the previous comments strike me as two-faced since everyone is quite happy to read channelled or unsubstantiated drooling outside the context of a structured experiment, yet y'all start whining when CB selects a symbolic date for his release then wants a mere 12 bucks for the full vid - probably less than you'd pay for some hollywood goo with a more insidious agenda. The implications postings seem even more reasonable to me in light of the announcement. You people just dont get it: we are not temporally bound and merely meatsacks with material limitations. Even if RV isn't perfected, we now have a means of testing the veracity of every official announcement ,policy, law, official history, or any other form of official lie. You will all, with premeditated cowardice, pay taxes which support legions of do- nothings, war machines, petty nonsense, poisoners of people and the environment, and tollgating at every step of your lives, and will cheer when your same grasping infantile envy is imposed on someone more productive or generous than yourselves[and no i'm not referring to billionaires here]. Claiming to be enlightened beings, you are the very folk who will turn in your neighbors because you fear your own annihilation,despite claiming to know otherwise. The egregious lack of objectivity by most commenters, and their gross impatience and miserableness only underscores the truth of th implications postings. Instead of dissing CB, do your own experiments and test what has been claimed before jumping on the keys, losers.

Shamini G said...

Funny that Courtney Brown has disabled comments on YouTube. "Most important announcement anyone has ever made" and "that will allow fundamental changes in human thinking", and he's not open to true feedback. Now he's waiting for the "dust to settle" before announcing the rest.

Instead of paying to get the video from Courtney Brown, I'd rather invest that $15 on Transients instead!

Laron has invested hundreds of hours into research and analysis for Transients. So much care, love and effort to increase awareness and consciousness for his readers to sincerely change everything for the better....and has not asked for anything in return. All of that for free!

THAT is unmatched value!

Laron said...

This is the first and only warning Karearea, there will be no name calling or personal attacks by anyone here.

You seem to have a few facts wrong.

I don't speak for everyone, but I think most people already believe in remote viewing and have accepted it for quite a while as a valid tool, depending on how it's conducted and who is involved. There is nothing special about this project that was conducted as similar projects have been conducted many times before. In fact, people see this as invalidating remote viewing because only two people were used when there should have been a larger number to validate the results. I honestly don't see a difference between someone writing on a white board, or writing on a piece of paper, so I am not sure what Courtney Brown's point was with this.

It's the Governments and the policy makers that need to accept it, not the people, just like with disclosure.

As for the sales pitch issue, that speaks for it self... no point in getting into that again. This is just not how you go about life, tricking people into buying a product. It is pretty obvious here that he has made a mistake with how he has handled this.

As for channellings, I have a pretty good idea of the general consensus of my readers, they are very wary of channellings which is how I think everyone should be because of method it self.

The New Zealand Falcon is a great handle, but your making it look bad... and your making my country look bad =)

Please take more care next time and try not to abuse people.

Laron said...

That should have read "It's the Governments and the policy makers that need to accept it, not so mcuh the people, just like with disclosure. "

angelicview said...

That is a great comment, Jeff, and mirrors my thoughts exactly!

Looks like you have your hands full over here Laron! I'll leave you to it my friend :)

Laron said...

John, there are three points I will bring up about the Farsight Climate Change project which you speak of as a failure.

Firstly the results show that certain aspects of it were accurate, but a pretty low percentage people would say based upon what did not happen. Something that I tend to lean towards as being a possiblity, which Courtney discussed in a summary, is that DA14 was shot down in space using Alien technology.

Courtney explained that because of the information released on the internet about the fact that objects were shown the remote viewing hitting the oceans, that people in high places were possibly made aware of it and stopped it from happening.

There is video proof showing that something shot down the meteor fragment over Russia, which in my eyes seems very authentic.

So the fact that the technology exists, whether it us owned by a Government on Earth, or an eT species. It could have been either party involved with taking out DA14. And not all asteroids are reported, so if this is the case simply with one, others could have been disabled/blown up.

On top of that, there was a number of forecasts made by what I consider accurate intuitives which explained that it would be shot down.

But, when saying all that, the climate change project is not clear if what caused the mass of water movement that inundated many coast lines came from a meteor. The data was not conclusive and the timing of DA14 was not in line with the timing of what was seen as it was March when DA14 came, yet they were remote viewing a June 1st time period. I think therefore think that asteroids were not the cause of what they saw.

Secondly, I have come across multiple sources now talking about time manipulation, including the webbot. I will be writing up an article about that in the coming week. One of my sources has specifically connected in for answers around this question, which has not been made public yet. What this means is that certain events were put off from occuring last year, in relation to not just the webbot's Global Coastal Event, but it would also relate to anything else predicted during early 2013 up until the end of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It is said that time has been restored now... so things will start to occur, such as this situation with the Ukraine and the possible collapse of the American dollar.

Thirdly, the method in use within the Faright climate change project was a bit unusual for remote viewing. They focused on two targets and timelines based upon certain facts, one was that it was at time line where the scientific leadership denied remote viewing and the other was a time line where they accepted remote viewing. In the one where it was accepted, there was less disaster going showing. So it was also a time line based RV project. Because of this experiment they conducted, there may have been a lesser chance of success compared to not focusing on timelines.

In conclusion, I wouldn't use the farsight climate change remote viewing study as an example to refer to when saying remote viewing is not accurate.

podsmagi said...

It is really quite bizarre, because with the smorgasbord of what is available and happening on this planet NOW, Courtney's banal revelations are simply yawn material.

There is the Baltic Sea Phenomenon, the "second race of aliens" theory, the disappearance of Malaysia flight, and has anyone else noticed that.......

Everything is speeding up, time is different, perceptions are different, there is magic around. That has it's own rhythm and nothing is going to stop that.

Can anyone comment on the actual "info" that Courtney if the pyramids were simply built to give prisoners something to do, why are they so carefully aligned to the Earth, why are the measurements so exact, why are they aligned to Orion's belt? Thanks.

I did not need Courtney Brown's earth shattering announcement to know that something wonderful is happening, but I liked the idea of validation.

Laron said...

I really should have proof read that!
When I said end of winter in the northern hemisphere I am referring to this month in 2014.

Laron said...

Thanks for acknowledging me in that way sapphiresky and Wren. =)

Laron said...

Thank you for sharing that Dorothy, it was very insightful. It sounds like it has been a very positive experience for you and this is really great! =)

Just like how not everyone appreciates the art work of naked females on their news feeds(For those that don't understand, Courtney was posting his art on his page on a regular basis), I do think that there are a number of different audiences that Courtney is presenting his information to and each audience has it's own level of consciousness and spiritual development.

He can not cater for everyone and is aiming at a specific audience with what he is doing, and I think that may be something that people need to come to understand in relation to his decisions and actions with how he has conducted himself, the information being released and the announcement in general.

Laron said...

Cathryn, I am sure people can quote other sources that verify what the RV project found as many people are saying this is not new information, but I know of only two currently off the top of my head. The first is that Dolores Cannon has mentioned similar information in her second Convoluted Universe Book, back in 2001, with the information gained through her past life regression clients.

The other source I know of just came through to me by a transients reader who follows 'Krsanna ', I quote,

"Construction of the Great Pyramid and its real purpose on Prison Planet Earth are the subject of the Farsight Announcement. The remote viewers confirmed several points I have repeatedly made. 1) The Great Pyramid is part of a communication system with radio frequency potentials. 2) After it was constructed and used to maintain this prison planet by a resident human elite, a group of ETs arrived and dismantled the pyramid-communication psychotronic system and introduced new information. I written on numerous occasions that dismantling the pyramid system so the elite Controllers could not use it saved humankind. Now, Farsight remote viewers confirm this. Awesome psychotronics were used with painful physical trauma for MK Ultra-style mind control before the pyramid system was dismantled and the power stones taken off-planet. Best regards, Krsanna"

I have never actually heard of Krsanna but that is interesting.

Linda said...

I wish people would simply stop being unkind, period. Karearea's response, although attacking out of anger, is probably from frustration and out of respect for Courtney who is probably doing his very best in following his path and offering what he feels is where it's at, and so she/he feels defensive amidst the attacks against his nature.

Given that no-one here foretold this event, then I take it that there's no-one here able to remote view his personal whiteboard agenda, so I suggest that unkind words simply stop, period.

Let's support one another? No one has to agree, but just be without unkindness, judgement, condemnation and blame. It's like a layer of slime, and I certainly didn't feel that way prior to reading all these comments. If anyone truly believed Courtney had ulterior motives because of something in the past, then they would not follow again. Just be in balance. Things happen that bump us, so why not go with it, enjoy the ride and stop judging. Just get the lesson in things - it is your reality. I don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks of me, but I do care about the power of intent and words. Everyone has feelings, and everyone is dealing with life and doing their best. No need to ever endeavor to belittle anyone, ever. It only ever speaks of what's in you, the accuser, if you are one. I'm done. ;)

Laron said...

Actually Shamini, I would be reaching close to two thousand hours put into this site. I have had only 4 people donate and the site it self has had over one and a half million hits since it began and is getting 177,000 hits a month currently.

Out of choice, I haven't had a job since April last year or any income. My savings are running out and I have never asked people to contribute or donate as I have not felt comfortable doing that.

Part of the reason I have never asked for contributions or donations is because I don't want to loose anyone and come off looking like I am doing this for money, because I am not doing this for money, I do this purely to help people.

So when I see Courtney taking advantage of people to make some money... it has an impact on me.

Shamini G said...

Quoting on Jeff, "what you are doing has real value". Your true intention is to help people and you do it with a pure heart and you have never asked for any payment.

Transients has been discussing CB's implications heading to the great reveal for the past 2 months now. And because of Transients' popularity and wide coverage of readers, CB was actually benefitting from Transients' readers promoting & discussing about his great reveal and in the end.... CB is charging for it and he's making money from it! I recall you mentioning that for a single article, you get up to 7000 hits in a single day! That's super impressive Laron.

Imagine how many readers would have purchased CB's video for $15, because of Transient's wide outreach. That's totally unfair.

I'm pretty surprised Transients has had only 4 donations!?!?!?!

I'm making a donation to Transients.

BIG THANK YOU Laron for all your hardwork in educating, advancing, enhancing and raising the consciousness and spiritual vibrations to all Transientnites (did i just made that word up?).

anthony said...

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sapphiresky said...

I'm happy to show my gratitude for this wonderful site with a donation to you Laron. Just sent it through Paypal. Warm hugs for all that you do :)

lesleehare said...

Hi, Linda, you can find the course materials for free on the Farsight website. There is also a series of videos on YouTube, which are best to listen to while doing other things - they are mainly audio, with a continuous still image.
I've read most of the manual, tried to watch a couple of the videos, and have done a few sessions.
My take on it is that Remote Viewing (according to the "standard" methods) is a skill that takes a considerable amount of practice and dedicaation to develop.
:) Leslee

sm said...

he cant..he just dont know..and if he can Remote viewing, he should have seen the reaction of the puplic, and not made the announcement /implications like he did...somewhere along the line to the announcement he should have felt that this might make the puplic angry(that is actually a part of Remote viewing, to be able to feel what Your actions will cause)

Kiwi25 said...

Go Laron! I am grateful to be allowed here.. and respect your right to moderate your blog. Keep it civil...especially from bloody NZers. :-).

I agree with your comments, they describe me...I read everything, but treat it all with a grain of salt. I just got my ist Delores Cannon bk... Nostradamus 3,.. and am reading it with interest. There is so much to learn/know.. none of us will grasp it all.
I would be interested for someone to report a summary of the content of Courtney's video. Anyone with a brain looking into the Pyramids ( and the South American sites) would know that they were built by an advanced culture with advanced engineering skill and technology. As has been widely reported.

Linda said...

Thanks lesleehare :). I will do that. I have had some success with it but you're absolutely right - it's takes practice and dedication, like everything. I've learned that the main ingredient to anything is belief that we can, so not to doubt it, and the accuracy is astounding sometimes. That's good to know though about the audios though, I would love to learn specific techniques that might make it easier - with practice. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Much love.

Mule said...

ditto. Thank you Laron for all your contributions, work, and love.

the_mesmerizer said...

I don't like to doubt people but I will. Since no other organisation or governments, scientific community were involved in Courtney Brown's announcement, why did he make it on the Ides of March citing delays in shipping as Laron mentioned above.
Is it to distract and overshadow M.T. Keshe's release of free energy technology documents to the people of the world?

Linda said...

This was posted by Courtney on his facebook page and shows great wisdom. I hope everyone appreciates these words, and if they don't, whatever, move on. I thought it's important for people to see, and I am very grateful he posted it, and I hope by now everyone's sentiments have already been posted or echoed in someone else's so we can move on.

"It is always difficult to do anything in a public way these says, especially on the Internet. Most of the people following this Facebook page (about 8,000) are doing so for the positive benefit the information contains on it may provide. The negative posts that are appearing here by people who seem disappointed about the recent announcement are repetitive, and they can destroy a page's positive benefit. It is OK to disagree with something, but to destroy something is different. Unfortunately, destruction is all too common today. Anger is an intense emotion.

Remember that all of life is a creation. We are all artists, and we create our lives like an artist who paints on canvas, but we do it with the energy of life as the medium. All that I do, with and without Farsight, is a work of art, and I value each creation, just as I value the creation of others. If someone does not like a creation, it is OK to leave. There is no one holding you here. But you want to respect the venue where the creation resides so that others who do appreciate the creation can absorb what they wish. If you are someone who is upset with the announcement, however important I may feel it to be, simply "Unfriend/Unfollow" and move on. I will still respect you and your creation regardless of whether you respect mine.

To restructure this page, I will begin in a few days to more carefully limit the posts that appear here. I do not wish to censor. But this is my house."

Linda said...

I don't think that's at all likely given the fact that Mehran Keshe and his work is too little known of - this has to change. Also highly unlikely by my thinking given that Courtney's implications are about people stepping out of victim mode and into creative mind. There are also plenty of distractions of much more widely publicized events such as the Malaysian airplane, and strife elsewhere. More answers may come.

sbdcc said...

8,000 people following his Facebook page? As of now less than 2,900 are following him.

Sorry, I don't appreciate liars and frauds. Anger is an intense emotion but is not something that is 'bad' or 'negative' which must be shunned at all costs. It should be reserved for charlatans such as Courtney Brown. He doesn't deserve respect at all.

Maunagarjana said...

There seems to be an unwritten rule in a lot of people's minds that you're not allowed to do anything that might help humanity unless it's free and non-profit. That causes anyone who wants to to help humanity as a whole to not only be doing charity work, but do so at their own great expense. This is one of many ways that we shoot ourselves in the foot.

We wait for someone, anyone, to do amazing feats for us, and then as soon as they mention that we might have to pay something for it, lots of people freak out and feel like they are getting scammed. Really, get your priorities straight, people. Think how much money you spend on frivolous things that do not enhance life on this planet one iota. Think how much you spend on a meal on average, for instance. Seriously, you people ripping on Courtney, I want to know how much money you spent the last time you ate out.

God, what a hypocritical and ungrateful bunch we've got on this planet. Self defeating every step of the way. No wonder most people don't bother, because people expect you to be a charity worker. Get a grip, folks. Courtney Brown isn't getting rich off this stuff, or even really making much money. There's far better ways to make money for someone like him anyway.

Laron said...

Again I do not speak for everyone, but I expect this to be true for most who have issues with what he has done. Its not the fact that he is expecting money for a documentary that cost his organisation to make, which includes paying the two remote viewers involved and funding future projects for Farsight, its the shady way he went about doing it.

Karearea said...

@Laron. No personal attacks made. General comments yes, and i stand by them, and if you ,like most PC nz'rs,] don't Like that, well i guess you can use your 'power' and ban me or something . Woow. My handle, btw, is actually my name. Long story. You can't moderate that.

@Linda thanks for recognising the frustration.

Not here for an extended battle, no one is worth it. Good luck.

Maunagarjana said...

Really, if people think that's shady, they've never seen real shadiness. All he did was ensure that it would get as much attention as possible. As usual, people let their ridiculous expectations screw things up.

Laron said...

Karearea, you called people losers, two faced and cowards,

My apologies for mistaking your name for an internet handle. I love your name by the way.

I am fine and happy for people to debate and discuss the issue, but I would prefer to see aggression, anger and negative energy in general not flowing through the comments. But in saying that, half the internet is upset at what Courtney has done. Above Top Secret, Project Avalon, Facebook, here, and many other sites have the exact same feedback. Yes, I am exaggerating about half the internet, but everywhere you go, you will see negative comments and people calling him many different names... its something that can't be stopped until people get over it as they seem to have made up their minds about the situation even before the announcement has been fully made.

When people are called names and/or attacked in group form, or personal/individual form, I have to draw the line. Just like Courtney said, this is my house and you don't have to visit or be here.

I would love to be back over in NZ at the moment, so thanks for the reminder of home Karearea. I am not enjoying this situation at all with seeing such a high percentage of people unhappy about the announcement and being such a big part of promoting it...

Laron said...

Judging by the comments everywhere, I am just trying to explain why they most likely think that. I would estimate more than 90% of people think he handled it wrong and mislead them into buying a DVD and not actually fulfilling what he said he was going to. Some of those people may not be as annoyed or as frustrated as others, but they can see exactly what he did.

Here are some comments I collected from people posting on his public page to provide you an example of the general consensus of thoughts.

"Most of us are realists looking through the haze of disinformation to find what feels true to us. Remote viewing was proven many times I have met people who can do it. We were led to believe The Announcement would lift the veil and Change life as we know it forever .......... Instead the same old same old Had it been done in a less dramatic way we may have become faithful followers as it is you have lost many and the few who are left are still hopeful you will redeem yourself"

"You tried to predict your own announcement for goodness sake. Clearly unsuccessfully because you had to change the dates!

I believe you knew exactly what you were doing when you built up the announcement and made vague references to what it could be about, etc. There was absolutely no need for this considering what it turned out to be. You could have said "New DVD coming where I prove RV and give new information on the pyramids. Please support our ongoing research". Personally I believe it should have said "New DVD coming where I TRY to prove RV and give old, regurgitated theories on the pyramids"."

Facts stand on their own. Your countdown and announcement was ALL about the release of your new DVD's. Which you NEVER made clear. It was pure marketing. One big infomercial with a terrible product, also available from many other sources. You know that, we know that. Maybe not the sheeple but most who were on your page would have this info already. A trained monkey could have advised you on this. I personally feel you have done the field of RV a terrible disservice as the declining numbers on your page show."

"Shameless Corporate marketing, absolutely nothing wrong with charging for your work, but make it up front, from the outset, transparency Dr Brown, for shame!!!! Im hugely disappointed, mostly at myself for buying into this crap. All this information is available from an episode of Ancient Aliens, nothing new, or earth-shaking here, just a bunch of information drawn from other souces, thats called research!!!. As far as the clinical trials in relation to the remote viewing are concerned, I wait with baited breath to see the external validations and the peer reviews on these!!! But again, the pubic will have to pay!!! Dr Brown, you have set back the understanding and the acceptance of remote viewing many years through your cheap marketing scam. Its people like yourself that cause the wider public to dismiss the likes of disclosure. Greedy!!!"

"You mean to tell me the big announcement is that REMOTE VIEWING is real? WT? Are you crazy. We all know that and unless you are getting MSM coverage this whole thing has been BS. And you wonder why nobody trust all you new age gurus praying on the hopes of those in need of critical care! Just another snake oil salesman wolf in sheep clothing. ROFLMAO @ how stupid I was to follow you this far in hopes you would be the real deal."

"Courtney, I think you have done yourself more damage doing it this way than you can imagine. In my honest opinion. Just saying. I'm not going to be a back slapper, just telling as I see it from where I sit."

"Your delivery of your 'Announcement' was nothing less than mass manipulation. You have removed your own credibility in your attempt to maximize your profits. If this information is meant to reach and serve humanity it will come without manipulation. That is of the old paradigm."

Laron said...

"CB, what don't you come clean and admit you have made a mess of this exercise, put your vids up for free of this groundbreaking news and have a donate button, you would have made more money that way and would have been respected. There is still time to make amends but only just."

"You should have said honestly we are going to make an announcement but in order to hear that said announcement you will have to pay a fee.. You have made many wrong predictions in the past and I knew you were going to do this crap again. Everyone knows now that Facebook is being used to lure people in to view a site where the owner makes a fortune from ad revenue for every hit. A countdown us clever deceit! I wonder how much you made in the last few days from people going to your non profit haha site waiting for your rubbish?"

"I have spent thousands of hours studying law, I never charge for advice. I choose to study and learn in my own free time. I have come to learn that one of the greatest gifts is to be able to pass on and enlighten people with your findings. The reason we are in such a shit state is because most want to put a price tag on everything. Information helps people, why would I want to charge someone for helping them xx"

"although I feel your information is true I'm extremely disappointed that you are trying to extort money from people. unfortunately your message will not spread this way. Very sad. too many people like Courtney brown are on the Internet taking advantage of people who want change. quite frankly I'm just sick of it. I want truth. I'm tired of all these games. I was looking forward to this information and I refused to pay anybody for it

"With my annoyance at the marketing approach adopted assuaged, I have just watched the documentary on Vimeo. No, the evidence people are looking for is not given, but the data collected by remote viewing is remarkable. I believe that it would be beneficial for anyone considering watching the documentary to first inform themselves of the protocols employed by the Farsight Institute prior to watching. It is with that background knowledge that makes the documentary so remarkable.

Laron said...

"I hate to say it but I think this project may have backfired. Instead of reaching the masses, it simply pissed off the foundation of current supporters - the people who already understood the scientific basis for RV and needed no convincing in that regard. I've said this many times today but there's little doubt anyone would question the value of compensating this work. Those who can pay, will. And those who can't, no matter how it's marketed, won't. The entire intention for enlightening humanity was lost on a very drawn out, hyped and over-sold marketing campaign that lead many or most to a dead end. The naysayers got the "proof" they needed to perpetuate the illegitimacy of RV, and the supporters who battled those naysayers for weeks on end got delivered a shit sandwich and are now forced to eat crow. I value RV, regardless, and those who do will stand through this, but it may be time for "damage control"..."

"There is no announcement except...the DVDS are here and ready to is not the MONEY it is the manner in which he played this out, h should not play with peoples emotions as he has, I am beginning to think that he really does not understand the people he has been able to pull into this, and yes we will all pick up and go on, we are way showers, this is not the way one should conduct himself or herself when working the truther movement, because that is what it is is, WE do becme a bit fired up when we are lied to and mislead...."

"Sorry Courtney you seem like a nice man with good intentions but wouldn't it have been better just announcing your new dvd without all the hype. Think we are all sick and tired of being scammed. With all that is going on in the world today we just want something positive, just a glimmer of hope, real hope for change. From now on all I want to hear is that for real the aliens are landing and taking away all the soulless zombies who have been destroying this planet and all life on it."

"While I don’t condone the marketing strategy employed by Courtney to present his results, I think it would be foolish to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The documentary content is a good display of the power of remote viewing when in the right hands with experienced viewers. I left the following review on the documentary."

"Look Courtney, basically, you have mislead people, ok, this is now pretty well established. So where to go from here, what to do, to get back to where you were a few days ago. Best bet mate, eat some humble pie and start over. Lets start from basics and work from there. Firstly, you should without question apologize for miss leading, because you did mislead, in extreme, no question about it! Secondly, "where we go from there is a choice l leave to you"

podsmagi said...

I went hunting last night, and found a lot of people pissed at Courtney Brown. However, I also found a link to Michael Tellinger on youtube and first listened to a radio show then watched a presentation of his work on Adam's Calendar, slaves, gold etc etc etc. Amazing information. I am not going to post links, people can find it themselves if they want to see it. Maybe you have already, and I am behind

Tellinger states categorically that the world will shift when someone gives technology to the world that allows for free energy. Seriously, that is what he says! Categorically says that it MUST BE FREELY GIVEN.

So this morning (Scottish time) I read on "" that Keshe has released free technology to the world.....Keshe researches free energy.

What am I to make of this? Coincidence? Or was Courtney Brown trying to get in on the act because he "saw" something" in his R.V. sessions, was not sure what caused the shift and decided to create it himself and take credit? It's interesting timing, that's for certain!


reklawrm said...

I´m completely agree Laron. But as always, we will continue looking for the truth, and we can learn some interesting things about this issue at the end.

Jairo Manso said...

Hi Laron, due to the expectation and then to the disappointement I've forgotten to say thank you for this space, here, we have been able to express our frustration. This is a great site with lots of valuablr information. Thank you again.

escriba estelar said...

I do not have a facebook page so I am following this via this website and posting my comments here; That the pyramids were build by aliens/alien technology is something in which I believe in since I was a teenager, but so far – unfortunately – there is no proof, there is no “scientific evidence”. I hope that someday someone will prove my beliefs correct, or wrong; or maybe we will have to await for the ETs to land. At least the implication postings were good, not that there was anything new in them but it is always good to be reminded of that, and for the people waking up now it is good information. Best regards from Brasil. Thanks Laron. Ps. Now I can delete Mr.C.B. from my reading list.

escriba estelar said...

So a scientist like Mr. Keshe is releasing FREE ENERGY technology to the world for FREE while others try to SELL dvds, what a difference... Tks podsmagi. Tks Laron. Regards from Brazil.

Kiwi25 said...

These people reflect my feelings exactly.

Kiwi25 said...

These people pretty much reflect my feelings. Given that Courtney ( PhD ) is educated, intelligent and articulate.. we can not be blamed for expecting better from him. However given his past failures ( global coastal event) we should also have been wary. So... another fail... move on.
And as people say .. it was the hype, rather than the information failure ...that was more disappointing.

Maunagarjana said...

What everyone seems to be overlooking is that he provided his overall findings for free. You only have to pay money if you want the extensive details about how those findings were arrived at. In the internet age, everyone wants a freebie. People take it as a personal insult when someone tries to change them money, and they completely take for granted all that is provided free of charge.

Rachelle said...

Yes, absolutely right, Shamini!! Thank you, Laron, for the tireless work and countless hours spent researching, writing, and sharing. You are making a difference in the world and are much appreciated!

Linda said...

I have thought long about whether to post this, yet it hasn't been said anywhere by anyone here, and truly, in this day and age, I think it warrants a mention for consideration.

I understood the source of frustration from Karearea because the moment I am amongst any hurtful intent, I feel it. I don't align with it, but I know it is there, and what it does. Laron, while it is noble to stand ground and not allow name calling of those here, then to be true, the same must apply to Courtney. He has been called too numerous to mention things here, just one is 'moron'. It is only a lack of recognition that people aren't aware that when they belittle another they harm themselves, and everyone. There is no separation between us, and as such I feel the weight of the angst of this perceived illusionary separation which results in judgement and disparagement toward another being who is actually doing a service to humanity, and using his own creative powers. If anyone is waiting for another to act as they would, and so judges them for it, they have lost the plot entirely. All we are ever responsible for is our own actions, that is all we really are right in judging and assessing.

It belongs nowhere in all appropriateness to support this behavior. The fact that majority feel this in no way gives cause to agree or add to it. I felt the response here of seeing all the compiled negative comments that were found on Courtney's Face Book page as words that said "bam bam boof! And he's out for the count". I am surprised they were included here. Like attracts like in our personal spheres and what will stick is what we are aligned with at that time.

What happens when we act out of fear, we have allowed thoughts that are not of truth to carry parts of ourselves away. I suggest they are called back and resolved, owned and forgiven. I quote from a session in Dolores Cannon's 'The Convoluted Universe Book IV', "the Earth is a very negative place. Not always - it doesn't have to be. But it's harder to stay in the positive, especially for the very - I don't want to use the word "powerful" - but for the ones who are sensitive. If there is a place of confusion and they reach up for a stream of energy, since there are so many negative streams that are so powerful, it's easy to become in alignment with that stream of thought. We have to consciously reach for the stream of light, for the one of love because here on Earth, the automatic one is fear."

Escriba estelar, in response to your comment, I think highly unlikely that these actions from an 'enlightened' group of people show any sign that humanity is ready for ET landings. I believe they will come when the majority have claimed themselves out of victim mindset and out of judgement. We will greater deserve their presence when we have risen in consciousness to be in the vicinity of theirs. Currently, and clearly, most are not.

I know there are multitudes who do not think as I do, that's fine. This is my truth which I felt belonged here. I won't be a party to laying any kind of verbal assault to anyone, most especially one i clearly recognize is acting out of joy, and centeredness, and their own powers of creativity. I am not standing in defense of Courtney, he needs none in my view, and I feel quite certain he may be surprised but fairly unmoved by the response of many.
I also wish everyone to know that I deeply love Laron, and support him as an awesome worker for the greater good, and he's a very dear friend. He is a light to this world, and we're all very lucky he does what he does. My views I bring forward from my own sense of what I must do. These are some points heretofore have gone unmentioned.
Blessings everyone, shine on.

Laron said...

Linda, I expected that my moderating actions around not including those folks who who had expressed their disgust, disdain, anger and scorn towards Courtney by the use of personal attacks and name calling may be questioned.

That is why I already answered the situation around this, in part, with my comment reply to Karearea where I mentioned that pretty much everyone is doing just this, wherever you go. I look at this as a collective consciousness that has spoken in relation to judgement that has been laid down and the collective consciousness of these people have chosen to express their opinions with name calling and attacks. Some have expressed there opinions in different ways and perhaps more from consciousness and not ego, but the general opinion is the same.

To block them from doing this, in my opinion would cause more harm than good, as then they would have no way to express their frustrations and it would just build up energetically and be released in other ways and means, and possibly on other websites if not here.

So I look at this situation as it being out of my hands and a place of healing by letting those let out frustrations. Sure, I could make a very small difference and crack down on the goings on here, on this one article, in a small corner of the internet, but I didn't see any benefit in doing that.

When a group of people gather in support of a cause, you could call the situation a protest and eventually that number of people may overwhelm the other side as it moves forward. To get in the way of those people is not advisable as they want change, they want to stand up for their rights and opinions. They have made their choices.

While on Earth in the 3d, there is separation as not everyone is at the same level of development spiritually and the reaction of the collection of souls that have responded in such a negative way is the perfect example showing exactly that separation and disconnection. However, when saying that, in my opinion this situation is not about the degree and length of how far people have gone to express their strong opinions which reached the point of attacks and name calling, as that happens, that is human. This is about Courtney, who has made a mistake with the process of selling a DVD through misleading information and over hyped marketing, while not even delivering what he said he was going to (but he may still deliver, when he releases the rest of the announcement).

As Rachelle mentions in her comment above in relation to the situation, this is a good learning opportunity and that truly enlightened people would not be disappointed because they view these sorts of things as observers and do not allow external events to bring them out of balance.

Laron said...

While I agree with this being the perfect learning opportunity for people to react in a more peaceful and loving way, and to recognise their ego's coming out, and to respond from consciousness, I don't agree with the fact that we are all here to reach enlightenment and be perfect spiritual beings, as that is a long process for those in the incarnation cycle on Earth and it doesn't happen overnight. Also, when we get close to that occurring, we are usually not here any longer as we have reached the goal and have moved on into roles in the spirit world, and no longer need to incarnate. Some of us are also volunteers and while we can act as role models from a spiritual perspective, our purpose is not to be become truly enlightened and climb the spiritual ladder to the top.

As for my posting of the opinions of others, that was simply to point out that there was a pattern formed around a few points I had mentioned previously

-that remote viewing is already recognised to those of the public who are aware of it as a valid psychic tool and this is the audience that Courtney seems to have with the release of the announcement
-that the issue is not the fact that he wants to pay for the creation of the documentary and those involved, and fund future projects at Farsight which can increase consciousness and help many people, but that his marketing tactics were very wrong
-that a large percentage of people agreed on most of this.

Would you prefer I give permission for people to start attacking each other over comments on this article here? I don't think that is a good idea.

I hope that people understand my point of view here in relation to providing a space and allowing those humans, those energy beings out there, to express their frustrations over this situation. If I had allowed those commenting to start attacking each other, then that would have negated the purpose of doing just this and simply fuelled a fire that would have grown out of control.

Normally I would not pick a side and I would just be the observer, but I had to jump in as I don't want people to think that what Courtney did is a good thing and is how people should act. People deserve better than that. I have done my best to keep my opinion out of the actual article above reporting on the event, but I think it is alright for me to comment with my opinion, just like it is alright for all of you to disagree with me and add your opinions. But I see no benefit in hurting each other here taking part in the discussions, with negative words.

Courtney is playing a very important part in the world with his research at Farsight. No one can deny this, if they do then they have not followed his work and are not aware of the proof behind remote viewing as a valid tool. His work does have the ability to raise consciousness, to present remote viewing to those that have not heard of it before and to show that it does work. Remote viewing the future is just like any other method of future predicting, as its based on probabilities and likelihoods. Remote viewing the now and the past is much easier and more accurate.

But Courtney needs to take more care with the way that he does this as in this case, I believe he has had more of a negative impact on consciousness, in the short term, than a positive one. I would go as far as to say that he has taken what he wanted to do and reversed backwards, which is really bad, as I wished so much for this to turn out to be what he was presenting it as.

Karyn Russell said...

Laron, you are the ultimate observer, but moreso your innate sense of seeking and compiling and making available information to allow us all to make the wisest of choices, is what distinguishes you and your information portal "Transients" as above the rest. Your ability to discern information across many topics and genres and substantiate it all is truly a credit to you. It is only natural when maintaining such a site as "Transients"there's going to be times when you have to step in ......... please don't feel you have to justify your actions. It is with loving intent all that you do ....... as with all of us on this journey of life :) ..... Yes we all have choices.... in every aspect of our lives...... and with all information we receive we acknowledge and let go all of that that does not resonate with us ................. Collective Consciousness .... raising our awareness ............. Your efforts are very much appreciated ........ Maintaining Transients is sometimes like "Taming the Beast ".............. but if you focus on one thing ..... it's your original √Źntent .................. and that's what draws us all together ....... Aroha and Blessings

Joe said...

I am still waiting for the entire announcement to be released, then I can evaluate its impact and determine if this whole exercise has merit enough to move humanity in a positive direction.

However, this much I can say:

This reaction shows just how desperate the aware community is for someone, anyone, to come around with some earth-shattering info that will dislodge TPTB. This small group of international bankers that control humanity and are destroying, raping and pillaging Mother Earth for their own greedy purpose. Until we get rid of this scourge we will never be able to achieve our destiny as sentient beings.

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

A "Make work" project for the pyramids? And this *proves* remote viewing ?
Well, firstly, if his goal is to "prove" remote viewing, it's ludicrous. It's been esptablished a long long time ago already, and anyone who has had a near death experience can attest to the existence of a sort of "subspace" where thought travels. Thought clearly has substance to it. And that second remote viewer in the cipo describing the tools used to construct the pyramids, is simply describing the same tools that fella that built the stone house all by himself with those "Ice cream cones" that emitted sound energy.
Furthermore, the first viewer describiung the grat pyramid with it's crystalline covering, that emitted energiy, is describing a machine. Not a "make work" program. If "amake work" is really the big announcement of Courtney's, plus "we don't know what happened to the alien species from the first era" (well other folks sure do) I would say his whol.e presentation is anticlimactic at best, and a snow job at worst.
There's better places to get this anticipated disclosure...

Laron said...

3 hours ago, there was a Facebook status update by Courtney in answer to what the second and third components are of the announcement. Going by what he said (below), the only announcement he had was the Giza Pyramid RV project.

Quoted in full,

"Hi Everyone. I want to share the essence of some of the communications that I have been receiving. In one communication, the person said that the Giza Pyramid Project was interesting, but he was sure I was going to announce something that is more current. In another communication, the person asked when I am going to announce the identities of the Illuminati. Yet another said he was sure I was holding back on when Nibiru would enter crash into Earth. And yet another said that she was certain I was going to say what happened to the missing airliner. And on it goes.

Friends, the Giza Pyramid project is the biggest thing we have ever done. It is huge. There is nothing bigger than that. You may not agree, but that project really is amazing, and I fully believe that in the future people will say that this project was a turning point for our planet.

With this said, let me outline what I hoped would be the second and third parts of the major announcement that occurred last Saturday. The announcement of that project was amazing in my view. It took nearly two decades of word in order to do what we did. But the announcement of the Giza Pyramid results does not tell us what we should do in the future to make this planet a better place. That is, it is nice as a diagnostic, but not much as a prescriptive. Thus, the second part of the announcement was to focus on what happens next. Given the ability to show remote viewing on video in a theatrically interesting manner using stellar viewers, the issue of whether or not remote viewing actually exists can be settled for many, and we can start talking about how to integrate this into our daily lives. So the next part was to be a detailed outline of a campaign to start this. It involved explanations of public petitions, large number appeals to university administrators to encourage classes dealing with these forbidden topics, and even staged events that would be covered by the local news, such as motorcycle rallies and even skywriting over urban areas by participating pilots.

The third part of the major announcement was to explain the matter of symbolism. People need symbols to project a unified message, and we have been developing such a symbol, and we wanted to explain it.

The second and third parts of the major announcement will come in their own time. But for now, too many people seem to be thinking that we are planning to announce some current day revelation that they find in the news. We need to let that settle before going on to the second and third parts of our plan. Things are too important for our message to be lost.

We will find a way soon to move to the next phase of this plan."

podsmagi said...

"such as motorcycle rallies and even skywriting over urban areas by participating pilots"

Are you having me on Courtney? What were the participating pilots going to write "R.V.ers do it with their eyes open"?

I've got a serious case of the giggles...

signalfire said...

First time poster here - I found it intriguing that CB posted that he 'only had $1000 in his Farsight Institute bank account... that's the exact amount I have in mine too. But I don't pretend to know how to remote view, although I'm sure there's some basis in reality to it. What I don't understand is how he or his group can't use RV to remote view next week's newspaper? From that alone, you could conceivably make a large fortune; just next week's lottery ticket numbers being only one example. Next week's stock prices, sporting event results, or heck, go visit Vegas! Surely he makes money giving lectures and training programs, and he's written several books. Maybe RV is only good for the equivalent to parlor tricks, and not the kind of detail that takes it from hmmm to WOW!

Laron said...

SF, RVing is much more accurate and easily done for the present and the past. Any techique that forecasts the future is never going to have a super high accuracy simply because we have free will and the future is never set in stone.

Some people are more accurate than others with their future predicting methods and there are good reasons for why.

Domino, the magician, who I believe is an intuitive/sensitive, he predicted the front page of a newspaper very accurately through one of his tricks. I am not sure what method he used but it was likely either remote viewing or through talking to his guides. I believe he has other abilities which help him with his tricks.

The professional remote viewers have much more important things to do though, for example, Daz Smith on a regular basis helps out law enforcement find missing people.

Lotto numbers is a good question. Firstly, I would think that people who have the ability would not misuse the ability for personal gain. Cif High is a great example of this. I remember him saying once that someone bet that the power would go out in last years super bowl based upon his prediction , and it did. This person won $100k and offerred to share it with Clif, Clif declined because he doesn't use his forecasting software (Webbot) for personal gain like that.. it is wrong.

Not everyone has high morales and standards though, but I suspect that you would have to have a very high skill with whatever technique you chose to use to view the lotto and even then, I think that the randomness of the results, and taking into account the many different timelines/realities that are created every moment, based upon the theory that every decision we make creates branches off into another reality/existence to be lived out, that predicting perfectly a series of numbers would be terribly difficult as you would not be 100% sure what timeline/reality you were seeing or getting information on and by the time the lotto results come out, many things would have changed. There are so many factors in play...

I am currently in discussions with a University Professor who is going to create a lab type situation to prove that remote viewing (and possibly astral projection) is real. He may offer a money prize for people that can successfully complete his test(s). But I have been trying to explain to him the finer details of why the future is not that easy to predict based on many elements.