Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The first dive to the Baltic Sea Anomaly in 2012

Dennis Asberg has just released this 15 minute video below which shows the first time the Ocean X Team dived down to film the Baltic Sea Anomaly back in 2012. Such footage as this has been withheld because of the rights being owned by a production company for a documentary that was made about the discovery, but it seems that The Ocean X Team are now allowed to release this video.

Dennis goes on to say during the video.

"Believe me, it's a strange thing we have found. The shapes, the holes, the walls, the angles. Lots of strange things are down there. What is it? I really don't know what we have found, but we do our best to find out. Here is the film."

While the water is murky and various parts of the video are hard to see, it is real, it is raw footage, it is the first time, and this is a special experience considering what the Baltic Sea Anomaly might be. You can switch to 1080p HD if you use the external link here and then click on the settings of the video.

After about ten minutes in, the video includes additional information from other dives after the first dive, including radar imaging, and also an animated reenactment of one of the dives showing more clearly what the site and the anomaly actually looks like. I haven't seen the documentary that was made, but I assume(and guess) that this animation was created specifically for that documentary.

Please see my in depth article here from March the 1st, if you haven't already, to get more of a complete understanding of the current information surrounding the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

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