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The Baltic Sea Anomaly - Connecting the dots of Courtney Brown's March Announcement

Dennis Asberg, co-founder of the Swedish-based diving Ocean X Team which discovered the Baltic Sea Anomaly back on June the 19th 2011, just said something very interesting within a YouTube video update, based on the Baltic Sea Anomaly on the 27th of February, 2014, a few days back.

After discussing the status of the Baltic Sea Anomaly project / investigation, including the trouble they are having getting enough money from sponsors and investors to continue the research, Dennis Asberg then said this,

"What's happened more? Lot's of things happened, but I can not go into that because that is little secret. But you are going to get surprised. It's not like a solution for this (journey?), it's more an opportunity for us. 
But now we are talking about the Baltic Sea, we are talking about of course the wrecks and the object in the Baltic Sea. But we are not there yet, we are not 100% sure. And believe me, I want to be 100% sure before I go out with the information about that. 
But I hope that is going to be a big surprise for you. And I really hope we can manage to do that... I don't say anything now. Little secret."

Could Dennis Asberg and the Ocean X Team be waiting on more results of additional scientific tests from the Baltic Sea Anomaly, also called the Baltic Sea UFO by some? Are they testing parts of the actual anomaly it self or have they found something else inside it which they have not discussed yet with the public?

Based upon granite laying on top of the Baltic Sea Anomaly, it's estimated it's been sitting there for 15,000-140,000 years.

depiction of the Baltic Sea Anomaly by Hauke Vagt

Artist Hauke Vagt released this illustration above of the Baltic Anomaly back in October, 2012. Hauke has previously drawn many of the illustrations that have been used officially by the team. His illustrations are based on exclusive data and communication with the the team and therefore represents the most accurate depictions of the Baltic Anomaly. In this version there is a particular focus on the ridge that the anomaly lies on and it is more clear that the object is separated from it and the pedestal below it.

The Announcement

On the 22nd of January, 2014, the Farsight Institutes Courtney Brown announced an upcoming announcement and followed up with regular implication postings which are still ongoing. He said that the upcoming announcement would come out in February, but which has now been moved to mid March. He has specifically stated that the announcement will be very important, that the world will change once this announcement is made and that a mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer and from that answer a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise.

His implication postings seem to have a human origins theme to them based around extraterrestrial involvement in one way or another, throughout Earth's history. There are a number of guesses by many people on what this is going to turn out to be.

Possible Answers

American biologist and entrepreneur Dr. J. Craig Venter, who was one of the first to sequence the human genome and also the first person to create the first cell with a synthetic genome, just announced that he has his own announcement coming up. A recent tweet from him confirms that March the 4th is when his announcement is coming which is 3 days from now.

The Starchild project is also another possibility. The Starchild Skull is a 900-year-old human-like bone skull with distinctly non-human characteristics that was unearthed in a mine tunnel near Mexico’s Copper Canyon around 1930. The Starchild Project is an informal research group that has coordinated numerous scientific investigations since its founding in February of 1999.

Lloyd Pye, author and paranormal researcher demonstrating a normal human skull beside the Starchild skull

An email response received directly from the Starchild team four days ago, reports that they have completed less that 1% of the genome testing and that so far about half of the DNA is unlike any species ever previously sequenced. This is a preliminary result and further DNA testing is required, they report. They also said that shortly, they will begin protein analysis to complement the DNA testing. The Starchild team continue to have issues with funding so that they can continue on with the DNA tests and this seems to be what is slowing down their progress over the years.

An artists rendering of what the Starchild's physical form may look like -

I recently spoke to a friend of mine that was part of the Starchild team. He explained to me that his role was to update the Wikipedia entry online for the Starchild Skull. He said that he provided scientific evidence through the results of various DNA tests from the Starchild team within the articles he wrote, yet all his articles were declined and deleted by the Wikipedia administrators. And still to this day, if you check out the starchild wiki entry there is no mention of the evidence the Starchild project has accumulated.

It just goes to show how such information as this can be so easily suppressed and withheld from the public.

The Starchild project team recently setup this website here,, to explore the possible alien connection. To them and to me, it seems they have some good evidence pointing towards it not being human or any species of human. There is some logical information on their new site that is worth checking out.

DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skulls, as shown above, was recently discussed in the media. The results are that the skulls are not human, primate, or animal. The skulls were discovered in 1928 by Julio Tello within the tombs of a graveyard in Paracas, Pisco, which is on the southern coast of Peru.

Whatever the sample labeled 3A has came from – it had mtDNA with mutations unknown in any human, primate or animal known so far. The data are very sketchy though and a LOT of sequencing still needs to be done to recover the complete mtDNA sequence. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample 3A indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans. I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree. The question is if they were so different, they could not interbreed with humans. Breeding within their small population. they may have degenerated due to inbreeding. That would explain buried children – they were either low or not viable” - Paracas Museum assistant director, researcher and author Brien Foerster

The Paracas elongated skulls are around 3000 years old and the results show they are a new species. But a new species of what? That is the question.

While there are many other theories around what Courtney Brown's announcement could be, lets take a closer look at the current status of the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Baltic Sea Anomaly is the name given to a 60 metre (200 feet) circular like object that was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea by Peter Lindberg, Dennis ├ůsberg and their Swedish-based diving team, "Ocean X Team" on June 19, 2011. Since 2011, the Ocean X team have performed four dives down to the site. The surface the anomaly sits on is about 80 meters (262 feet) down from the sea level.

"It is not an object which is man made in modern time. What ever it is it’s either from during the ice age or pre-ice age.” – Peter Lindberg, February 24, 2013 

In 2011, The Ocean X team brought in remote viewers to remote view the Baltic Sea Anomaly before the Ocean X Team went down for a second dive. The remote viewers described many similarities with the actual artefact/anomaly that the Ocean X Team confirmed from their first dive.

The anomaly as a 3D multibeam sonar image. South is towards the top of the image. The Green coloured areas are areas of higher elevation and in terms of scale, areas of less than 8 metres will not be accurately defined.

One of these remote viewers is quoted as saying,

"... the moon to the Millennium Falcon hid inside from the Empire Strikes Back." (meaning it looks like this situation)

Another of the remote viewers described the object as metallic, which is interesting, as back in June 2013, test lab results conducted by Archaeological Science at the Weizmann Institute, in Rehovot, Israel were announced. Two pieces of the anomaly recovered by divers was found to be made up of Limonite and Goethite.

An approximate location of the Baltic Sea Anomaly

Weizmann Institute’s opinion is that it is strange to find these materials in a structure like this. The opinion is that these materials would most likely be found in a modern construction, such as on a ship wreck. Obviously this is not a sea ship wreck going by the shape of the object.

Limonite and Goethite are usually found in Iron Ore, which is what steel is made out of.

On top of 5-10 meters of deep layered clay, which lies on top of Scandinavian rock is the anomaly. On top of the anomaly sits small stones of different kinds. When asked if the anomaly was metal, Peter Lindberg answered, “Nothing like any metal I know any way.” ( June 8, 2012)

(image above) "On one side of circle (front), the object is extending approximately 4-6 meters off from pillar. The object does not appear to be connected to the pillar. There is a wedge formed gap between the upper part (the circle) and the lower part (pillar foundation). Looks like granite, surface of anomaly is made of different material than pillar."...“During the last expedition it was confirmed that there is a wedge formed gap between the upper part (the circle) and the lower part (foundation/pillar). However, if the two parts are completely separated or if the upper part and the lower part are the same object has not been clarified“.- Peter Lindberg 

In relation to the seabed track below, Dennis Asberg said “It looks like if a plough has been used, as if a plough has been pushed through snow, as if something has slithered across the sea floor, creating like a sand bank on one side, whereas there are lots of debris on the left side.” He offered an alternative explanation, “In my world it looks as if an object has slithered along the sea floor, having an… yes, it was spinning quite simply and throw out sediment on one side. And then it slowed down and stopped. It’s laying on an edge that is about 20 meters high.” Dennis also offered an alternative explanation to the term “ridge”, by stating “You can also look at it like the ridge is not a skid mark, it might be remains from the impact residues… It is just an other way of looking at the mystery.

Scans of the sea floor. Note 60 feet is meant to read 60 meters on the left

There is an obvious seabed track on one side of the object, as can be seen from the above image and many other images taken of the sight.

One of the remote viewers said they could sense heat generating up from it. The remote viewer said there is this heat source, but its underneath this mesh on top. "This is below this thing, and there is heat coming out of it." He mentions that its only in a certain smaller area of the whole round object, as shown on a diagram he draws below. He actually says that it 'feels like a UFO or alien'. This person seemed very spot on with what he said and even mentions that the object feels old, but new. He says, 'newly discovered, but old'. Note that he was unaware of any information about what he was viewing.

Radiation has been measured at the site and it's been said by Peter Lindberg that radiation levels are three times the norm (0.3 millisieverts)  for that type of underwater location.

Over the course of their dives down to the Baltic Sea Anomaly, the crew is reported to have experienced lethargy, mental confusion, slurred speech, nose bleeds, unusually warm water, and equipment failure. The object also seems to be emitting some kind of signal that has impacted the equipment of the Ocean X Team.

Electronic disturbances with equipment started on the water’s surface, but it was on their way down to the anomaly that the problems increased.

The divers said that a “blackish” powder had been attracted to the camera,  I did not see it myself though.  Another thing is that we could not use the satellite phone when we where laying above the circle, but just some tenth of meters off position the phone worked.  I do not know why but it is a fact. Furthermore, the video camera’s lights blow when the diver started them up on the surface when testing them before dive # 2. They decided anyway to bring the video camera with them and try to use their ordinary lights to illuminate for the video.
When they descended the video camera started to showing an “error” message on the small monitor. 
The diver restarted the camera several times and finally it seamed to work.  So he filmed their dive but nothing was on the tape when watching it afterwards. The only problem we had with the ROV was that we constantly had to restart the sonar. Finally it did not work and we continued with just the video camera. When we left the circle we went to a wreck and spent like 35 hour of ROV flying on the wreck and the sonar worked all the time. Magnetic disturbances, well you tell me!”- Peter Lindberg

Some of you may not have realised that there is not just one object sitting on the sea floor in relation to this Baltic Sea Anomaly situation. It's said there are three.

As seen in the picture above, the second object is around 200 meters away from what resembles the round shaped craft. The initial side scan sonar images show something described by the team as shaped like a “gothic church window”.  Similar to the main anomaly this object also has an area leading up to it of disturbed seafloor or what could be a ridge.

It has been suggested by some members of Ocean X Team that this 2nd anomaly/anomalies are pieces that might fit at the 1st anomaly, which would complete the circle.

The third anomaly at the site is 28 meters high and 275 meters is a wide rock outcrop with a crack running through it, lying some 1500 metres south of the circular object, directly on the other end of the “trail" along the ground behind it.

This third anomaly could be the point of impact, or separation of anomaly 1 and 2, if in fact they were joined. at some point. It has also been “rumoured” that there is also a line marking on the side of the object reflecting what could be a “gouge” mark from hitting the mountain.

In addition to the above information on the third anomaly, here is a one and a half minute YouTube video showing a sonar flyby of the site which really shows what they are referring to with the third anomaly location. (16 Aug 2013)

"Maybe I have worked with this too long now, maybe I am crazy. But in my eyes I see a crash site." - Peter Linberg

It has been said by the Ocean X Team that there is the real possibility that the second anomaly may help give clues to the origin and nature of the main object.

The fourth and last expedition (that I am aware of) of the Ocean X Team to the anomaly took place in May 2013. This hour and ten minute video here covers not only the anomaly dive, but also a dive to the wreck Astrid and an undisclosed wreck. The second half of the video relates to the anomaly dive.

You may remember that at the beginning of this article, Denis Asberg provided an update a few days ago. Within the above mentioned video, which was posted back in May 2013, Dennis mentions something familiar near the end. (1:07:18) He says,

"..its a little secret just now and we don't want to say anything until we know more, but umm... two days ago we received information about the samples from the object, and the samples show that its very strange. We don't want to say anything about that now until we have more information about that, until we are home. As you know, you know, what do you think about that then?

Cai (Captain) - "That's the biggest news so far. It's going to be headlines all over the world if they can translate this information... if they can take this information that we have in now, that if that information is correct its the biggest news so far, because ahh... I can't say, but it's really, really amazing big news. So that's the most positive thing we have had so far when we were out there in this expedition. This information (incomprehensible..something future) is the greatest news ever. I know you love to share that information." ... "Double check the information and then... CNN, BBC...

During the above transcript I took of them talking at the end of this video, Dennis Asberg then mentions the story around when his nose started to bleed as they were investigating the anomaly and they also finish off discussing strange occurrences with the radar and also the fog at night.

Up until now you may get the impression that this is a craft that has crashed. The official report of that team that did the remote viewing earlier said the following,

"TRANSCEPTION's preliminary analysis of the seven sessions specifically tasked against the Baltic Sea USO target (plus another one based on directly related tasking), suggests that the site is a complex of structures–a mining/production/resupply facility–among other things, centered around a special type of "lock" (described by the viewers as being “like” a “dam”, “barrier”, “missile silo”, and even Han Solo's “moon tube”), mechanically operated and comprising, at least in part, a cluster of densely packed, hydraulic levers that arc energetically back and forth, controlling the flow of a liquid (most likely water) used in the production of a much needed viscous, energetic, oil-like substance, dark in color and possibly toxic, with constituent and extremely valuable elements/materials mined locally.
Situated immediately below the predominate structure is a gargantuan chamber and network of tubes and/or connecting shafts, all underground. The beings responsible for its existence wear a special face mask to protect them from the environment extant at the time of construction. For the lock to work, it requires a special "key", which is missing. 90% of the site is underground. There is most likely a "Mayan"/ET connection. One of the viewers insists vehemently that humanity is not ready for knowledge constituting the “key”, much less the technology constituting the site. The Ocean Explorer team should exercise caution when approaching the, much less anchor immediately over it, in that several viewers mentioned that they felt a sense of danger at the site, in that a major perception at the site is that of intense energetics present at the site at one time or another. Multiple sites like this one are extant."

There is always the possiblity that both angles looking into this could be true. There may have been a crash by a craft on a very ancient extraterrestrial based mining site many thousands of years ago.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of interesting announcments coming up by multiple sources out there.

We are living in a very interesting and exciting time period on Earth right now.


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Positively fascinating article, Laron! And so well done...bravo! I'm hooked, on the edge of my seat...wanting more! But it's 2:30 AM in my time zone so I better get some shut-eye and circle back on this tomorrow. But these are exciting times indeed. Two more weeks and we'll actually "know" something that's been teased, harassed, speculated and smeared for decades. Bring it on!

Laron said...

Thanks LP. It was actually rather enjoyable to write up as I was learning a few new things as I went along.

This month should bring a number of events to the world.

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Totally fascinating! Perhaps the adverse physical effects and signal interference and heat etc. could possibly also be due to the emitting of a wave current being captured by equipment or materials on board -high frequency rays, cosmic rays - gamma rays? Does any of that make sense Laron? "...energetic, oil like substance", might be a fuel for a medium that attracts and transmits? It appears to be docked with tunnels going by the RV?! Very exciting time indeed!

Laron said...

Going by one of the pictures that a remote viewer was drawing, and also the way the circular thing is designed with those large steps (that may be natural), and various holes/fireplaces and domes, it may not actually be a craft but a stationary structure sitting on top of a large mining type complex.

The 2nd Anomaly may be another stationary structure, but its just worn away. The picture I mention showed multiple structures spread out over the area. But it doesn't matter so much if its not a craft, as the structure it self is most likely going to be proven to be made of a certain element(s) which either has never been heard of, or is known about, which confirms it's man made and dated to be very, very old I think. That will be the most likely scenario with any upcoming announcement.

I doubt anything else would have survived unless there was a chamber that they had access to inside a structure at anomaly, 1, 2 or 3. The may have went inside and found something else. But what would survive that long? I doubt anything important would be stored in such a place anyway.

Another possibility is that there is another location they have not revealed, a second site. But they are very transparent so I doubt they would hide something like that. From watching a number of videos now with Dennis Asberg, I can sense and see he is very genuine and that he has a lot of passion around this.

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I remember being fascinated with this when the news first broke and followed the news until it disappeared...then completely forgot about it until now. Thanks you for bringing it back to life, Laron.

As a side note, the mining aspect could relate to Sitchin's notes on ancient aliens mining for gold re: one of the implications, and the many findings in the oceans and seas of past civilization all over the place that are routinely referred to as possibly being 'Atlantis', I figure there was an entire civilization (Alien settlements) on Earth that was wiped out at one point except for a few, which includes aliens, humans and cloned humans, perhaps even GM humans re: ape to human. So what do I descend from?? *L*

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Laron said...

So we have the star wars implication covered(Imp. #7). We have the sitchen reference/connection covered(Imp.#2) . I think we have the remote viewing in general aspect covered.

You all may be interested to know that Dennis Asberg created a Facebook based UFO group in February 2013. He seems to be very passionate about the subject. In one of his YouTube video's he says hes seen them and that they are real.

Maybe Dennis Asberg's little secret is a big secret.

Jon Shirley said...

The scientist in me needs proof. Interesting article, forgive my faithlessness. There is an overabundance of fake info on the web, but this presentation seems real and I must confess you have my sincere attention. I want it to be true that its proof of alien life coming here. I know in my gut there has always been more to the big puzzle, and I hope you keep going and uncover that piece of that truth.

Laron said...

I did my best to make sure the information in the article came directly from the actual Ocean X Team. I don't think there would be any info in the article which would be made up. So it then comes down to the integrity of the people in the team and of the results of the science behind the tests.

I also do have a belief in remote viewing, especially when multiple people are involved and the sessions are conducted with a scientific approach. That is why I made that such a big part of the article. The fact that each of them saw a similar object sitting down there is important, so additional information around that is also most likely very valid and possibly real.

This is just one small event to look at though, as there is a lot of good proof out there about alien life. (and I don't mean internet based info)

We still definitely need to hear the results of any additional tests they may be waiting on. But the picture has been painted and we can clearly see what the situation is. Just like with anything though, unless each of us has the experience our selves, its always going to be hard to accept such a thing as this, based upon our own belief systems, conditioning, personality, etc.

Linda said...

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susan said...

This is the first time Ive heard of this .............

Laron said...

I mentioned above in my article that J. Craig Venter had an upcoming announcement. Here it is on the New York Times.

I will quote a few paragraphs from the beginning of the story,

"J. Craig Venter is the latest wealthy entrepreneur to think he can cheat aging and death. And he hopes to do so by resorting to his first love: sequencing genomes.

On Tuesday, Dr. Venter announced that he was starting a new company, Human Longevity, which will focus on figuring out how people can live longer and healthier lives.

To do that, the company will build what Dr. Venter says will be the largest human DNA sequencing operation in the world, capable of processing 40,000 human genomes a year."

projectmel said...
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projectmel said...

Venter was just on CBS news this morning talking about his project.

Malcolm and Val Light said...

On the latest high resolution 3D view of the Baltic Anomaly a whole series of parallel ice scratch marks can be seen indicating that the anomaly is a roche moutonne (resistant rock formation) that has been dragged and ground down by the ice when it was at its thickest 18 000 years ago. At that time the ice was more than 3 km thick and the load pressure must have been enormous. Subsequently the ice began to recede and the sea level rose which then eroded part of the ice sculpted slopes away producing the present isolated anomaly. It's possible that the whole rock formation may have been locked into the ice cap originally and dragged along the sub - ice sea floor when the ice was the thickest 18 000 years ago, producing long furrows from a channel through a nearby ridge from which the Baltic Anomaly appears to have been plucked by the massive moving ice cap. Grounded icebergs make similar trails on the seafloor offshore Canada. Malcolm Light - Geologist

Ziggy Mondus said...

My answer to what 'The Baltic Sea anomaly' really is:

A Verne Shot, presently a hypothesis, provides that if enough pressure is exerted from beneath a massive and solid rock base, a catastrophic failure would result in the whole base, as an intact solid object, being 'shot' high into the air and falling back to the earth.

In falling back to Earth, if big enough, it could emulate the impact of an asteroid and provide a double-whammy as the catastrophic release of the volcanic pressure creates a huge volcanic event in it's own right.

The site of the Baltic Sea Anomaly provides the first evidence that this has, in fact, already happened, albeit on a much reduced scale.

To clarify, consider the anomaly as resting upon the nearby crater, prior to it's final resting place, during the last ice-age. A volcanic presence of gases permeates through rocks from deep below the ground, and may be responsible for the deposition and subsequent composition of the eventual 'anomalous' rock material itself.

A long period under the ice allows the ice to do what it does best, slide in straight lines, cutting the 'corridors' and straight lines into the surface of the rock. 'Bends' are where the rock splinters off along surface fracture lines.

The continued pressure of the ice over millennia keeps the lid on and the gas and rock cool. When the ice retreats, the pressure is off, but the rock remains stuck in place.
The circular 'doorway' atop the rock is a fumarole where the last free gases are released, keeping the pressure and heat from building too fast. Under these conditions, where the rock would be raised for some time in the air, before the sea became a sea, the rock would slowly heat up from below, perhaps getting hot enough to scorch any vegetation that had time to grow and live for a while on it's warming surface.

As time goes on the fumarole becomes sealed. The water rises and the Baltic Sea fills up. By this time the pressure-releasing fissure/doorway has sealed and pressure is building beneath the massive rock.

At some catastrophic moment around a hundred and forty thousand years ago the pressure becomes enough to crack the rock base, but does it in such a way as to run around the entire subsurface of the rock faster than the rock has time to disintegrate and 'pops the lid' off the pressure cooker.

Now we see how it can end up as a UFO. The gas pressure releases fastest at the point of first rupture and even as the 'lid' is lifted upwards by the giant gas bubble, the sea pressure pushes against the last point of rupture. From this the lid is shot high into the water above and, after it reaches it's peak height, it falls back down almost edge on, colliding with the walls of the crater from which it has been ejected and creating the apparent 'alien crash' scenario with the crater walls. The collapse of the wall being greatest at one side of the crater than the other, the disc is given a rotation and it begins to simultaneously roll to that side and falls down at a relatively slow speed due to falling in water, rather than air.

As the top of the disc falls towards the sea bed the pressure of the water rises beneath it's whole until the disc begins to aqua-plane along the muddy bottom and slides for some distance along the sea floor, creating the apparent landing site.

The science of this scenario, given the speed and area of the rock and the amount of water it, and the expanding gas in combination, would move, a significant tsunami would be likely to ensue and may have been of sufficient magnitude to leave tell-tale damage along the edges of the sea surface of that period.

Also, although it is so long ago that this event occurred, given the amount of time that the Earth can continue with a process, gases may still be escaping from the crater that remains where the disc was ejected from.

Copyright (2014) Neil Doherty, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire, UK

On YouTube site:

creativethinkings said...

Kudos to you for a well researched piece of journalism! You've obviously been following the discovery closely.

For those readers who are interested, here are some important links to follow concerning the object in the Baltic Sea:
- Current Facts -
- Original Images -
- The Ocean X Discussion Group -
- Official Ocean X team Facebook page:
- Ocean X related links collection:

anorthunbloke said...

Has anything happened since? No 'announcements' were made during March and we're nearly through June.

Laron Fereira said...

The announcement was the remote viewing project at giza in March,

Andrew Keir said...

Well, I'm none the wiser!

flow said...

i was just reading through to see who else noticed that.

yesim toomey said...

Any new updates yet ?

Laron said...

I have posted a few articles in relation to the Baltic Sea Anomaly since this one. You can run a search on the left hand menu to find them if you wish.

R.O said...

they are searching for something there