Monday, March 10, 2014

Practically ALL of the Los Angeles area was shaking on Friday night

The EQ alert guy is predicting a 6.5+ magnitude quake to strike California in the coming days.

Via The EQ Alert Guy, 8 March 2014

There have now been too many earthquakes striking to report all of and so I will have to just stay with the most important ones as we wait for possibly the next big California Earthquake to strike in the coming hours and days, maybe. Why don't we listen to this weeks EQ PodCast first right here and then I will give all those reports: CLICK Arrow:

There were a lot of tweets going on Twitter since the 3.2 struck right at the exact moment I was on there posting this weeks EQ Podcast and so as a result of actually having been on there myself right at that moment I was able to read every single Twitter message that all of my Twitter friends were posting immediatly as they were feeling the shaking!!! A great benefit that goes along with Twitter!!! You might wish to stop by and check out my EQ Twitter Page for folks who did not get here from there in the first place it's at:

It quickly became very clear to me that pretty much everybody must have felt it, but I managed to copy and keep updating the following felt report anyways and it would probably still need much more updating by the time it takes me to post it here so I will update it again sometime Saturday. For now here is the Link to the Felt Report from 3.2 Near Downtown Los Angeles actually at Marina del Rey: HERE is the Felt Report from early morning 3.4 Near Monterrey:

Lots going on in case you did not listen to my EQ Podcast, I have to repeat to keep watching California because we will be watching for about a 6.5 with the possible epicenter of Parkfield, Coalinga, or Lone Pine and the name Tulare came up on a close check of the area, too.

Whether or not Sundays Los Angeles Marathon will have any effect at all on the "Precision Plate Tectonics" or not is tough to say, but is always a great event that I always enjoyed stopping by and checking out every year for folks in the area!!! Here's the map and it looks like a Great Route this year, too!!! @

So be watching for the L.A. Marathon to be running down Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Strip, Doheny, Rodeo Drive, and all the way out to Ocean Ave in Beautiful Downtown Santa Monica on Sunday. . . . . and of course keep watching for earthquakes and be prepared!!! EQ Guy


Linda said...

I'd hope that people keep their pets close and observe any signs of stress. Then act on it, and make sure you take them with you.

Laron said...

The EQ Alert guy was spot on, a 7.2 (GeoscienceAustralia) just struck off the North Coast of California. See transients on Facebook for more info.

Wherami said...

wow eq alert guy was correct? maybe he has finally figured out the system.

if that eq had been just a little closer in land it would have been quite destructive.

Wren Omatic said...

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