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MT Keshe releases free energy and other technologies to the world after fears for his life

Back on February the 4th I posted about a technology that the Keshe Foundation had developed which could help clean up the radiation which was presented by MT Keshe. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian Nuclear Engineer known for his research on plasma reactors and his research into free energy technologies.

It has been rumoured that he was the person who pioneered specific space technology which helped Iran catch, subdue and capture a US drone in December, 2011 near the Iran-Afghanistan border.

MT Keshe is the founder of the Keshe Foundation. The research conducted at the foundation by him and his team of research scientists claim to have potentially discovered controls for climate change, disease, space travel and mass transport employing Magnetic and Gravitational interacting fields. The Keshe Foundation has also been said to have formulated technologies around free energy. Some of these technologies are plasma based which have been developed directly by MT Keshe.

MT Keshe has released three books so far, "The Universal Order of Creation of MATTERS", “The Structure of the Light” and “The Origin of the Universe”.

I just finished listening to a live interview on Project Camelot where Kerry Cassidy was interviewing MT Keshe and I confirm that what I am about to explain in relation to the following emails, was validated during that interview.

On March the 13th, 2014, MT Keshe sent this email below to Sterling Allan who is founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress, and founder of the New Energy Systems Trust (NEST).

Sterling Allan has also posted this email on a company website of his here.

From: keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan ; *** ; ***
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: back-up website
Dear [Sterling] Allan,
Thank you.
We have become aware of [an] assignation plot by US government through security services.
They are going to stop the server first and then do the job quietly.
Please contact *** and he will provide you with everything.
You can contact our webmaster that he can give you a copy of the pages too.
This group in Taiwan have been given the USB stick which we gave to their government. They say we have asked them to release the content of the USB to the world. If you can contact them and ask for a copy too. The name is *** in Taiwan.
Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

Sterling Allan has reported on his site that on the afternoon of the 11th of March, the website was down. Allan Sterling asked MT Keshe about this over email and got the following response,

From: Keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 11:04 PM [Mountain]
Subject: Re: Keshe website suspended?
Dear Sterling Allan
We have been bridged and now we are working on it.
This should be up today.
Yours faithfully
MT Keshe

On March the 13th, Allan sterling received this email from MT Keshe,

Dear Rick and others,
Please ask any one you know to download all pages of the website and uploaded it anywhere on the net.
The website of the foundation is to be blocked soon by governments.
Yours faithfully,
M T Keshe

As a follow up to the situation with the assasination plot, on the 15th of March, MT Keshe sent this email to a number of people including Allan Sterling and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

From: keshe Foundation
To: Weng Fernando
Cc: jc20031212; Rick Crammond ; Deva Priya ; Vince Roncalio ; Sterling Allan ; Kerry Cassidy
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2014 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: Keshe Foundation: Questions from Taiwan
Dear all,
Please release these documents across the web and do not keep it to yourselves, on all kf channels, youtube, twitter and so forth, under the title of the USB stick given to government is released to public or something like this.
Ask all members to do so too.
Now everyone has all the knowledge for food, health, motion, material power and so forth.
We have finally broken the shackles of the control of science.
I thank you all.
My life is in serious danger and these could be the last correspondence we will exchange.
But stay correct and share correct the knowledge.
They have planed a long solidity imprison or assassination.
This will be the will of god.
I have shared all knowledge and will do as long as I am free and alive.
Thank you for your all cooperation and work.
We will go live with the lab work that while we can and record the process and show all.
Yours faithfully,
M T Keshe 

Going by the evidence, MT Keshe believed his life was in danger and he has gone to the stage of releasing his research to the public because of this situation. If you would like to take download the information on the technologies from the Keshe Foundation then here is a link to a torrent version of it. Note that the size of the file is around 1GB.

Project Camelot also has the file has a direct archive download here,
Note that the download at Project Camelot is not working as of the publication of this article

Released very recently, this six minute Keshe Foundation based YouTube video discusses the release of the above information which accompanies the official announcement from the Keshe Foundation as quoted below this video.

Direct link
Announcement: "We have been informed by the Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group, according to our request, that they have today released the full contents of the USB stick given to governments of the world in 2012, which has been given to them by their government.
The content of the USB stick was released to selected people around the world as per our wish today first that it could not be blocked by others.
From today the knowledge for production of free food, health systems, materials, energy and motion is fully given and delivered to human race, unconditionally and as gift from us to humanity.
We hope now this stops all the wars and conflicts as now you have enough to create enough food, energy, motion, all materials and keep the man healthy through the health patents released anywhere in the universe, which has never been disclosed before.
Now we are not the only group or organisation, which through simple systems can save the life of the man from any illness on this planet and beyond.
Now you can help yourselves with all your medical, food, materials, motion and energy which you might need through development of these simple systems.
Our mission is complete.
Through our workshops we will teach you all the methods of the production and use of all systems.
Now the health program of the Foundation through the patents which have not been disclosed before, through the release of the USB stick content by Taiwanese government to public, NOW they have become the world population intellectual right property.
We thank the government of Taiwan and the honesty of the Keshe Foundation team in this country for sharing their gained information with the rest of humanity.
This link has been provided by Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group for all the content of the USB stick.
NEW LINK provided by Taiwanese Keshe Foundation to replace the old one!143&authkey=!AGRPC-Y6xyui0YI&ithint=folder%2c.rar (This Link requires an account and is the same data I provided links to above - Laron)
The data can be open by WinRAR or Win ZIP.
We advise you to spread this documents as fast as you can to as many people and groups that the human-race starts the new cycle of developments all together on equal opportunity.
I thank all our supporters around the world and hope you find peace and prosperity with this disclosure.
Please do not forget that these documents carries the world peace treaty paper, Sign yourself to it, that you never use this new knowledge to harm no one and use the information and technologies within these patents and blue prints and what to be gained from them, for peace and prosperous society for human-race and those beyond the boundaries of this planet."

As the Keshe Foundation video explains towards the end, various Governments are resisting this information because they feel threatened by the technology that has been developed and freely released. The assumption here is that the Keshe Foundation technology is going to threaten the control that various companies have over people with their out dated technology, so this is really about money and companies loosing money from the very advanced technologies that the Keshe Foundation have developed.

On March the 14th, Mike Harris conducted an interview with MT Keshe which you can listen to on YouTube below. It is said that this show had over three millions listeners. Within this interview, MT Keshe explains a number of the technologies which have been developed and also the situation with the worlds Governments as to why the technologies are being ignored. MT Keshe also mentions that they have plans to build a spacecraft in Italy which can accommodate up to 500 people. The distance the ship can travel can be as far away as Mars. Part of the technology of this craft is based on creating electromagnet gravity fields.

MT Keshe also explains that the Canadian Government arrested him at an airport in 2010 and kept him for 11 days and also threatened to kill him based upon his research and technologies and that information on various technologies he was carrying was taken from him at that time. MT Keshe explains that his technologies have been called the most disruptive technologies ever known to man, so it makes sense that he has ran into so much trouble and opposition around the technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation.

You can find an mp3 download here for this same interview. 

The Keshe Foundation can be found on Facebook here.



Wherami said...

Now that's a proper announcement :) this is great news but a harbinger of events sadly. The collapse must be very close.

Linda said...

Yep, all power to you Mr Keshe, you beautiful brave being. I hope that everyone here sends these videos to everyone they know. Like anything, if everyone knows, then it must come out, it must play itself out that way. So let's all play our parts. I have sent videos to my entire list of contacts a couple of years ago, perhaps it's time to do it again. It's a word of mouth thing, and if this information goes viral, then we will speed up the technology to our own lives and our world.

We need this man, the way to keep his safe is to let everyone know about it.

the_mesmerizer said...

You are the best informer of the world right now Laron. The best one. You do it from your heart, with freedom, neutrality and with the best accuracy.

Fantastic Fox said...

I agree, this blog has been a great source of information for me. I truly hope that this would be true... It could change everything.

Shallena said...

This is the kind of thing I expected to hear Courtney Brown announce!! I am hopeful this is the beginning of the downfall of TPTB....

Steve said...

Can it replicated by general public? If it we can, do we have working models other that Kesh Fondation provided?

Maunagarjana said...

Just a couple minor things.....first, the guy's name is Sterling Allan, not Allan Sterling. Second, I spoke with a psychic/clairvoyant that I know and she told me that her assessment is that Keshe's life is not in danger. Hopefully she's right and he was just overreacting.

Laron said...

Thanks for that, I have updated the article to reflect that.

Have you got the name of the psychic so we can get an understanding of their accuracy based on other predictions?

Now that he has made it so public, I wouldn't expect the US Government to carry out an assassination attempt, so that reading would then make sense.

Maunagarjana said...

She doesn't really make public predictions that I know of, so giving her name I don't think would be much use. She just gives private readings for people. But yes, she may be reading the likelihood after the fact, so he may have actually been in danger but changed the outlook by his actions.

Laron said...

Alright, thanks for the info though. It can be hard to find the truth and every little bit helps.

Shallena said...

I think it would definitely benefit the spreading of the word Laron! You seem to be reaching more and more people... and hopefully you can each people that can make sense of this material and put it to good use helping humanity...

Jairo Manso said...

This is really an announcement! Everybody should download it and make as many copies as possible, spread it and for those who understand, try to buil it and make it run. Knowledge must be free like this man did it and like Laron makes it everyday. (Sorry about my mistakes - not really good at english)

Ken Hagdal said...

I'm sure this claim has nothing to do with him being unable to deliver the generators he owes to the people who paid $$$$ for them years ago. Knowing that noone ever saw a generator, and that their release have routinely been postponed every 3 months for all kinds of reasons since then.

Note Keshe's refusal to address to any of this questions:

"I've been told that you state that you have delivered 50 Powercells.
I'm wondering if you could put me in touch with any of the customers who would be willing to vouch for this.
Alternatively, if I could talk to someone on your production line who either was involved in building these, or shipping them, who could vouch for them having been built and/or shipped."

And if you want an incontrovertible proof Keshe is putting everyone on, read his interview from feb 2013 @

"12:39 - 12:43: "How many countries now have you given your USB stick,
12:43 - 12:47 as you say?" At the moment,
12:47 - 12:51 there are fifteen, but there is a plan through the governments
12:51 - 12:55 who have received it, within the next two months there will be
12:55 - 12:59 at least double that, but the fifteen nations which have received it,
12:59 - 13:03 covers 65% of the world's populations."

which is in complete contraction with the bit about his alleged taiwan contacts.

"Back on February the 4th I posted about a technology that the Keshe Foundation had developed which could help clean up the radiation which was presented by MT Keshe"

Yeah, well, I swear to god I've just created a cure for cancer but I can show anyone because of stuff. Sorry. :(