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Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 - Completing the picture

Was it a hijacking? Was an experimental or top secret weapon, unknown to the public involved? Was there ET involvement?

There is a lot of noise out there in relation to what has happened or what might have happened to Malaysian flight MH370 which went missing on the 8th of March, 2014 with 239 souls on board. So far nothing really that conclusive has been found.

It also seems that different parties have different motives and there has been a few doubts with what some parties have said, and what information has or has not been released, and its very unusual how long it has taken for some information to come out, such as what has popped up in the media over the past few days.

I think that the way that some information has been confirmed and then later denied, and also released in an untimely manner, affects the trust that the public have on the authorities around what new evidence they come up with each day that passes, and the information they have already presented to the public and the media.

What can we really believe? Who can we really trust?

A Boeing 777-200ER, the same aircraft model of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - Wikipedia

I have been purposefully waiting until the noise in the media has quietened down, which it has not, or for me to at least have compiled and gained enough information to create a picture of what actually may have happened. I think I now have the ingredients for that picture, so bear with me as I fill up the canvas and paint that picture within the following article.

Note that this explanation may be hard to accept if you do not have an open mind and/or understanding of the current times we are going through in relation to the shift in consciousness, the new earth, the vibrational changes, the lifting of the veil and so on.

Going by what we have been told through the media, the flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on 8 March at 00:41 local time. It climbed to its assigned cruise altitude of 35,000 feet (10,700 m) and was travelling at 471 knots (542 mph; 872 km/h) true airspeed when it ceased all communications and the transponder signal was lost.

Image credit to

The aircraft's last known position on 8 March at 01:30 local time (17:30 UTC, 7 March) was 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E.

The last words that Malaysian air traffic controllers heard, at 01:19, were “All right, good night”, as a response to, “We have to hand you over to Ho Chi Minh city,” by the Mayalsian air traffic controllers. (Source)

Malaysia’s Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein is reported saying that someone apparently shut down the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight before the pilot’s last words over radio.

The New Straits Times reported on the 9th of March that the captain of another aircraft had attempted to reach the pilots of MH370 "just after 1:30 am" to relay Vietnamese Air Traffic Control's request for MH370 to contact it. The captain said he was able to establish contact but just heard "mumbling" and static.

New Scientist reported that, prior to the aircraft's disappearance, two ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) reports had been automatically issued to engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce's monitoring centre in the United Kingdom; and The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the US government, asserted that Rolls-Royce had received an aircraft health report every thirty minutes for five hours, implying that the aircraft had remained aloft for four hours after its transponder went offline around 01:30 local time.

On the 13th of March reported that The Wall Street Journal published 'sensational claims' that US counter terrorism officials now believed somebody on board deliberately turned off the plane’s transponders to avoid radar detection based upon the five hours of ACARS data being sent from the plane. 

The following day after the Wall Street Journal announcement, the acting Transport Minister of Malaysia announced that the details of The Wall Street Journal report were inaccurate, stating that the final engine transmission was received at 01:07, prior to the flight's disappearance from secondary radar. On the 14th of March, Reuters reported that Rolls Royce had changed what they originally said and now agreed with what the Malaysian transport Minister had announced, that being that no data was received from ACARS.

Neither the crew nor the aircraft's onboard communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems at any time before all contact was lost with the plane.

On the 11th of March it was reported that military radar indicated the aircraft had turned west and continued flying 70 minutes before disappearing off the Malaysian radar near Pulau Perak, as seen in the image below, and that it was tracked flying at a lower altitude across Malaysia to the Malacca Strait. The next day, the Royal Malaysian Air Force chief distanced himself from the report saying it should not be misinterpreted.

According to the Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Transport, Pham Quy Tieu, "We informed Malaysia on the day we lost contact with the flight that we noticed the flight turned back west but Malaysia did not respond." US experts, assigned to assist with the investigation while maintaining a low profile that did not upstage Malaysian authorities, analysed the radar data and subsequently reported that the radar data did indeed indicate that the aircraft had headed west back across the Malay Peninsula, with Reuters and The New York Times saying that the route changes suggested that the aircraft remained under a trained pilot's control. The New York Times also said the aircraft experienced significant changes in altitude.

Route: Kuala Lumpur – Beijing. Inserted: search areas and known path. Small red squares: radar contacts. Small circles: claimed spotting of debris. - Wikipedia

Although Bloomberg News said that analysis of the last satellite "ping" received suggested a last known location approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) west of Perth, Australia, the Malaysian Prime Minister on 15 March said that the last signal, which was received at 08:11 Malaysian time, might have originated from as far north as Kazakhstan. Najib explained that the signals could not be more precisely located than to one of two possible loci: a northern locus stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, or a southern locus stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Possible last known locations of MH370 in red, based on final satellite ping at 08:11 Malaysia time. - Wikipedia

On the 18th of March, the Haveeru Daily, a Maldives paper, reported that the residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll, located in the Indian Ocean, reported seeing a "low flying jumbo jet" on the morning of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The time they report seeing it was 9:15AM Malaysian time.

Image source - Twitter

They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it – which is what the Malaysia Airlines flights typically look like.

Multiple eyewitnesses from the Kuda Huvadhoo confirmed that the aeroplane was travelling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives – Addu. They also mentioned that there was an incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island. "I've never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We've seen seaplanes, but I'm sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly," said an eyewitness. "It's not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too."

[Update to the original article within brackets: Soon after I posted this, Malaysian Minister of Defence and the Acting Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein is reported as saying in a news conference, “Regarding reports that a plane was sighted in the Maldives, I can confirm Malaysia’s chief of the defence force has contacted his counterparts in the Maldives who has confirmed that these reports are not true”.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, how can we know what the truth is when situations like this occur when the media and officials reveal such information, and then later deny it?]

On the 17th of March, Denise Siegel who was once named 'Best Insight Seer,” by the LA Weekly in the US, posted on her blog this short message,

"Everyone has asked repeatedly about this. I contacted a guide. I can’t tell you what Zoma said. I will only share the visions I received.
I’m inside the airplane when a brilliant light hits. The engines are screeching. We are falling from the sky – blackness.
The Indian Ocean is significant.
The airplane empty of people but intact in a warm tropical looking jungle location.

What is the definition of nefarious?

(typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.

Lets continue on now, as I will get back to Denise's message later on.

Around March the 13th, it was reported that New Zealander Mike McKay, who was working on an Oil Rig in the Gulf of Thailand, reported seeing what he thought was a plane on fire coming down from the sky. He provided a lot of details around where he thought he saw this occurring. This image below shows the location being where China announced a possible crash site location, which was later searched and not proved to be true.

Image credit to

In his email to his employers on March 12 he claims he saw flames in the sky which quickly extinguished.
From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds. There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary, or going away from our location,” he wrote.

Mike McKay said the possible plane appeared to be in one piece.

In relation to what Mike McKay reported, Strategic Aviation Solutions chairman Neil Hansford said, “It would be quite believable that, on an oil rig at that time of the morning with a clear sky, if he looked up he would see something lower than he thought and he’s seen it on fire and he’s given an exact position,”.

He also went on to say, "On the rig, Mr McKay would have been sitting up to 100m above the water." ... “You’d see that. If you’re up on an oil rig you’re awfully high up off the water. So he’s sitting up in an elevated position and looking at a clear sky he sees something low and on fire, that’s disappearing,” ... “Being a mariner he knows what the latitude and longitude of what his oil rig is. He’s then looked up at the image and he’s determined how many degrees the aircraft was at from him and he’s said it’s 50-70km from him. An experienced person on the water would be able to use the instruments he’s got because they need to have all of that instrumentation for the helicopters coming to take them on and off the rigs.

New Strait Times reported that up to eight villages in Kampung Pantai Seberang Marang, Maylasia, heard a loud noise coming from the north east out above the ocean. All of them reported the strange sound to the Marang district police headquarters.

Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 metres from the Marang beach at 1.20 am when they heard the noise, which sounded like the fan of a jet engine. "The loud and frightening noise came from the north-east of Pulau Kapas and we ran in that direction to find out the cause. We looked around the Rhu Muda beach but did not see anything unusual," said the lorry driver.

A = Marang beach, Malaysia

Focus Sessions, which is a blog that posts psychic readings in answer to questions that the public sends in, run by a Mum of 4 in her mid 30's, posted a detailed reading on the situation around the missing plane back on the 11th of March, 2014.

"Q. Could you please do a reading on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that is reported to have crashed in the South China Sea on 8 March 2014.Was it an accident or was it deliberate sabotage ?
A.  When I tune in, my mind is at the point of the flight where issues start to arise.  I see that there is a huge electrical disturbance.  What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding.  It looks like heat lightening and flashes surround the plane.  I also see what looks like discharges of static electricity coming off the plane.  The flight attendants are trying to stand, and people are trying to stand and grab something above their heads?  It is chaotic and a lot of turbulence.  Oxygen masks then start to fall.  Then there is this loud thundering sound that is so deafening that people are grabbing the sides of their head (I feel the pain in my ear, like it is loud and so much pressure!)"
Then all of a sudden there is this silence- It is so quiet and calm.  No one is talking, there is no noise.  It is the ultimate peaceful feeling.  I don't even hear the noise of the plane- as if the engine isn't even running.  It feels like the plane is gliding, there is no turbulence.  Like it is floating so peacefully through the air.
I can't help but feel like this plane went into a different layer or dimension of our current existence [I realize this is a very alternative concept, but I just report what I see].  I see the jungle, and what I notice most are the leaves.  The passengers are looking at the vegetation is complete amazement, but not in complete horror, but rather amazement.  They are gigantic. The climate feels warm and humid, but rather comfortable.  I also have the images of the plane on a beachy coast as if it coasted to a graceful landing.  I can't get the images of show Lost out of my mind, as if the fundamental situation may be similar... "
Q. Many people are very suspicious about what happened and do not believe it was an accident due to suspicious circumstances and coincidences surrounding the flight. Such as 2 passengers on the flight having fake passports from Thailand. Also the pilot was interviewed and photographed with a CNN reporter 1 week before the crash.
A.  As I focus on this, what I get is that China is behaving oddly about their airspace.  They are being very restrictive as to who gets into and who doesn't.  I also get that this flight was forced south of the planned route in air.  Shortly after it was forced south is when the electrical disturbance began.  I am not getting anything specific with passengers or the pilot. 
Q. Could the crash be because of a oometary explosion ( similar to Russia last year)? The air France was also kind of a mystery over the Atlantic ?  That would explain why the crew is taken by surprise .
A.  I see this as some electrical / magnetic situation.  I can't visualize an explosion at this time.
And that is all I have for now.  It is 6:38 AM.  (No audio at this time). 
[Update from comments: 3/11/14 2:50 PM:
Thank you everyone for the great comments. I even respect 12:18 PM as I think everyone deserves their own opinion and my reading was a little "out of the box." Truthfully, I surprised myself with what I saw.
Anyways, I wanted to address some points that came up.
Phones: I get that they may be ringing, but no one is able to answer. It looks like a one-way communication. It looks like the number can be dialed as valid, and the phone may sound to ring, but in reality the call is not connected. This looks to be able to go on for a while now.
What they saw before and during the event: They were flying normal, and it got very dark out. Like the were being surrounded by something that looked like smog. Then I saw what looked like a lightening storm. Lighting was hitting the plane and electric sparks were coming from the plane. The ride got rough and it was complete chaos. Then this loud rumbling started, and at that time people started covering their ears. Once the rumbling stopped, there was an eerie calm over everyone. It was incredibly silent.
Description of the place: It is warm. Looks like an island. The plane coasted into a sandy beach. There is what looks like a tropical jungle about 100 yards off the coastline. The leaves on the plants are enormous- reminds of something I would have seen on Jurassic Park. The temperature is warm, I see people in short sleeves and still sweating. They were able to make fire and are keeping a fire on the beach as some kind of signal. Looks incredibly remote- I see no other people on the island. I can see some mountains in the central part of the island and at a distance look like they may have snow on the very top.
Will they come back, do they want too: They don't realize how lost they are. Yes, they want to come back. They are more anxious than scared. I cannot see them being located- I feel like bits of the plane broke off during the turbulence / electrical storm and that will be found, but for the most part the plane is in tact.
How and Why did this plane slip into another dimension: To be honest I can't see the why or how, I just see what looks like an electric storm and the sky immediately surrounding the plane has this plasma look to it. When you stare at a hot road it gives the appearance of blurry vision in the space directly above it- well the sky looks like that around the plane. The next thing I see is that the plane is gone.
[Update from comments 3/11/14 8:01 PM:
There are a couple more things I wanted to discuss. I do not see this as intentional or a government plan. I see this more as a phenomenon or rare, unusual event. They were at the wrong place at the right time and right conditions. I see this as being unexplained for a long time.
Also regarding where they are. This is a concept that is somewhat hard to understand, but we are taught that time is linear. We are also taught that there is a start and stop point and things progress forward along a line. I too see time as linear, but I don't think we are restricted to always moving forward. I see we jump ahead and backwards. We don't always remember where we have been (just like we can't all remember with our conscious mind what we ate for lunch last Tuesday). Your subconscious knows and that is why (for example) we may feel that we have been somewhere or recognize someone (because we have been there or met them) and don't remember. Having said that, I see that they had a (what I call) "time slip" into the past. I have had many images of Gilligan's Island pop up in typing this, so I think that is also noteworthy. I still see them on an island with a jungle inland. They are alive...
I also keep seeing tiny islands on a map to the east of Malaysia- I feel the plane was directed more toward that area.]
[Update from comments 3/12/14 6:57 AM:
Thanks again for all the feedback. I agree with many of the posts- the only way back is the way they went, and I can't see that happening (in my mind). I see them being on Earth, but in the past, like an alternate reality (I know this is a very different concept- I just report what I see).
As a whole, people look to be ok.. There are some injuries- I see one person specifically with some pretty big cuts on their leg and limping, but there is some kind of huge leaves wrapped around it. I am not viewing any deaths, just injuries at this point. If there were deaths, they are out of my view.
I also see some kind of tribal people. I get the impression that they will eventually meet them, but I don't feel hostility. I see them looking at the survivors strangely like they don't understand the aircraft that brought them, and the clothing is very perplexing to them. The tribal people are more afraid of them than anything... This looks like a glimpse as to how they merge into a society....]
[Update from comments 3/12/14 8:46 PM:
I wanted to provide another response to some great questions coming in:
Government- Do they know / What are the doing? I feel this shock and amazement. As if this incident was horrific, and yet unreal at the same time. I get they are trying to track this somehow with electromagnetics and heat, but it is unclear as to how, and it is unsuccessful.
[Update from comments 3/13/14 2:35 PM: 
I see the area in question to the southwest of what is shown on the map as the search area. The were much more off the path that they are broadcasting.
Many of asked how to come back. I cannot get a visual on that. I see them as ok, some injuries, but for the most part ok. I also get an impression that mentally something happened as they disappeared, because they "feel" accepting of their situation.]
[Update from comments 3/14/14 6:58 AM:
Question: What will happen from now on?
A. We will continue to look, and even when it is out of mass media, government will be so
intrigued that they will continue to search for this. I also see some kind of a distraction coming up that will take over the media as a way to get this off the news. Government doesn't like dealing with all the questions (I see it makes them squirm). It is as if they have similar theories as this reading, but don't know how to explain it or what to do just yet when addressing the mass population.
Question: How are the passengers now? 
A. They appear to be what I would call just "ok". I see huge fire on the beachy area trying to create a smoke screen. They look dirty, but appear to have water (I see sandy jugs sitting around.) It looks like after you get within the jungle part of the island there is a stream with clean water they are able to drink from and they send teams to go retrieve it. They look very tired too- sleep is the issue... Also, some of them are just angry. They are so mad they haven't been found. Others in a way accept it, and have had a peacefulness come over them.
Question: Is there any information you can provide from the list of passengers so that their relatives will know for sure you are seeing them for real?] A. I haven't looked at the list because I don't want it to effect my impressions, but I will try to get some descriptions... let me take a moment...Ok I had some random people come into my mind
1-There was a business man, looks to be in his late 20s, and was traveling wearing a suit. When the plane landed he morphed into a leader. He took off his shirt, and is just wearing a white t-shirt with his dress pants, he found a bandanna and twisted it up and is wearing it as a headband. The distinguishing feature of him is he has a golden chain around his neck with a very unique charm. He never takes it off. (If feels like a gift and a link to someone close to him here) He also has a scar on his cheek- and I want to say it is acne related. He has a lot of survival instincts- as if in his personal life this person practiced or studied how to survive...
2-There is a guy, also in his 20s that he emerged to be "2nd in command".. What I see with him is a tattoo on his arm that looks like an upside down triangle (I felt like it had a Superman quality about it).
3-There is a woman that looks to be late 20s early 30s and there is something about her with her purse. It is like she is guarding something in her purse (food, candy, mints??). The purse had really huge metal buckles and an "expensive" feel to it. Wherever she goes, she takes this purse. I even see her walking to the edge of the jungle to use the latrine and she keeps this purse on her shoulder the whole time.
4-I see a lady who has really nervous hands. Like she is "ringing" or moving her hands all the time. I get an image of knitting or crocheting (I can't tell if she is knitting there, or this is something she does at home) but as she is doing this activity, her eyes feel rather large. She is paying attention to everything being said and everything being done. I get an intuitive sense with her (card reader?). 
I also get an image of the group chewing on some leaves that have a sweet taste in the middle. I get that there are some people that are educated on herbs and plants, and understand what is safe to eat. At the edge of the jungle are these "sweet" tasting plants.]
I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.
Bermuda Triangle Reading: 

Denise Le Fay, also an intuitive and well known online in the new age community wrote her own article on the 15th of March about what she sensed that went on in relation to missing Malaysian flight MA37. She said they are not dead and that the plane was taken. She was not able to to detect the people or the plane anywhere on Earth including under the ocean and expands on that, saying that she doesn't think the plane was highjacked, or that it crashed. She specifically states she doesn't believe there were any deaths involved.

She scanned the other side, also known as the spirit world or the astral dimension, and she said they are also not there. She goes on to say that the situation is like the twilight zone, that the souls were taken and exist elsewhere. She also says that the plane is no longer within this timeline and that the whole situation is directly related to the ascension process going on, and that we are close to the 'new energy wave' which is to arrive fully in our timeline.

Krsanna Duran who is a futurist and developer of the TimeStar model of planetary time-space cycles, a UFO experiencer and student of Trans-Himalayan adepts has said the following about the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 through a news letter she maintains.

"The Malaysian fight is travelling in and out of our timeline and navigating in coexistent space. When it is on our timeline, the flight is visible to us on satellites and radar. When it moves off our timeline, the flight echoes or shadows our timeline in coexistent space. We might say the flight was pulled into a powerful current of a magnetic river with a different time rate. On an alternate timeline, the jet might still have plenty of fuel and have found a place to land, but has not yet synchronized with our timeline. (It could still return to our timeline, but “when” remains unknown.) The expert pilot easily is the Malaysia Airline pilot that began the flight at Kuala Lumpur. This is NOT science fiction. It is what time travelers explained to Ida Kannenberg in 1978."

Krsanna Duran explained to me over email that through facts she has come to this conclusion, but also through using her psi perceptions. She also added,

"The jet and passengers are fine and found a place to land.  They landed on an island that exists in the past relative to our timeline that was extant in ancient Mu.  I actually wondered if there are any dinosaurs on the island with them, because Mu sank after the meteor strike the killed off the dinosaurs.  I saw huge walls of light clouds surround the plane when it was pulled into the alternate timeline.  That was the transitional period, when the jet was “pulled” into another time.  First, the plane began changing direction and the pilot attempted to correct the navigation, but nothing he did helped.  Then he realized the jet was caught up in some kind of quiet storm of clouds surrounding his craft.  The pilot’s first and foremost concern was for his passengers and the jet.  Once the transition was complete and they were in the alternate time, the environment and passengers were quiet.  There is no environmental or electromagnetic pollution and no satellites or jets fly overhead.  They are in a pristine environment, but do not yet fully understand what has happened to them.  Some of the Chinese scientists may have an inkling, but cannot yet believe it is true.  The reality of being pulled into an alternative timeline is too fantastical for their modern minds to accept right now.  
If they are lucky, time travellers from the future or extraterrestrials will contact them.  They do not possess the technology to navigate back to our timeline, but the forces of change that are enveloping our planet could pull them back eventually. This is a global event, and we discussed this aspect in the call earlier today.  Similar, although not identical events, will happen more frequently as we transition into the new energy of Earth.  I sense a lot of red rock in another area, possibly Arizona or Australia, where another transit of timelines could spontaneously occur. "

So, through these sources I have mentioned, a picture is forming and by taking elements of each persons perceptions of the situation, we can get an understanding of what happened.

You may be wondering that if the plane moved into another timeline, dimension, or reality very soon to when it first went missing, how could it be seen from an Island in the Indian Ocean? Is this information disinfo, created to continue the noise and other disinfo out there on the internet? Or is this a real sighting through the local newspaper of the Maldives? What was the object showing up on the radars they thought may be the plane heading towards the Adaman sea? These radar reports also happened to have a lot of confusion surrounding the authenticity of them.

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce said they were receiving data for up to five hours from the missing Malaysian Flight MH370, yet they later report that this was note true.

I think there may be two possibilities here, one is that there has been information made up by certain parties involved, for reasons that we can only guess upon, to show that the plane was still in flight hours after the event. There is information out there, and not from sites I would not rely upon and therefore want to link to, that goes towards this being a possibility. There are sources saying that a weapon was used against the plane at the time, possibly belonging to the US Government, and that they planned to force the plane down, in relation to the 20 employees from the Freescale Semiconductor company and the technology they were involved with developing.

As one example of a source out there saying this, over on this blog here, we have an interview on video conducted by Alfred Lambremont. He has interviewed radiation and directed energy expert Leuren Moret, where they discuss Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 being shot down by a newly unveiled U.S. Navy Laser Weapons System (LaWS).

Mike McKay, the kiwi who witnessed what he thought was a plane in the sky, in the general location of where the missing Malaysian flight MA37 may have been, reported that part of the plane was on fire, but that it was later extinguished. This would match up with the theory of the plane being attacked by weapon system.

You may remember earlier on in this article that the US Government had some direct involvement with the facts and investigations into the missing Malaysian flight, which proceeded to impact what the media reported. That is something to be aware of when taking into considering the claims about them also being involved in shooting at the missing plane with some kind of weapon system.

This situation around a group or government involvement with possibly attacking the plane may answer the question around why Denise Siegal used the word NEFARIOUS within her reading I mentioned earlier on and also decided not to go into detail, as she said she would only share the visions, not the information coming form her guide directly. I had the sense from her that she was told certain things that she could not share publicly, for whatever reasons that may be.

But all of this sounds a bit far fetched right?

The second explanation could be that most of the information out there is not disinfo, and the plane has been moving in and out of our timeline because of the event which occurred in the initial moments that the plane disappeared, that has a picture built around it thanks to the various sensitives out there.

Denise Siegel said, "I’m inside the airplane when a brilliant light hits. The engines are screeching. We are falling from the sky – blackness. The Indian Ocean is significant."

If the plane moved into another reality / dimension / timeline, it may have kept flying for quite a long period of time trying to find a place to land. Perhaps in this other reality it headed in the direction of where the Maldives are, but kept moving in and out of our reality. If it was a different time and place, there may have been no land beneath them until that point and possibly they found a place to land the plane, or were assisted with the landing by an outside party to make sure they were safe. Perhaps they may also have been assisted to stay cloaked or hidden from the group that may have originally attacked them and this is why certain technologies on the plane were no longer functioning correctly?

Krsanna Durandid mention that "The Malaysian fight is travelling in and out of our timeline and navigating in coexistent space. When it is on our timeline, the flight is visible to us on satellites and radar. When it moves off our timeline, the flight echoes or shadows our timeline in coexistent space".

And lastly, I am going to share with you one more message from another intuitive source. I can't confirm the authenticity of this source as there is not much information about the person except for a Facebook page with 17 followers.

On the 14th of March, the blog 'New Earth through Divine Love' posted this article, and this is the only article existing on the blog.

I receive information through meditation or while doing my scientific work, as I am always connected.
What happened to the Malaysia Airlines ?
- Humans were involved in it. There was a bad intention to bring them down. It was planned by one of the countries that are involved in the search right now.
Why bring them down?
- Related with a group of people who builds products that are of massive important for the country that attempted to bring the flight down.
What happened?
- The intelligent love beings that are always monitoring earth, quickly saved the flight from the military attack.
It is hidden now in a branched reality.
The attackers are equally puzzled. They followed it after attack using their equipments and then just couldn’t physically see it.
What was their plan to attack it in air? Why from the air?
-The attackers were afraid the traders/business people were next going to meet with their rivals. The traders simply wanted to do good business by showing power of things they can build. This would make the rivals know what sort of instruments the attackers has as they are their regular customers. The attackers didn’t want this to happen. This was the only way for them to stop. They wanted to oppress the information. They planned to damage the right side of the plane and bring it down to land on a large vehicle or artificial island, that was waiting in the sea. There they would get the people out and kill the rest and break the plane and leave it in the sea as a crash. But their plan failed as the love beings interfered.
Why did the love beings interfere?
-Because the vibration of the passengers of the flight was very highly raised by a 3 volunteers present in the flight. Because greater things are happening now and the new earth frequencies are here. The love beings are allowed to interfere now any time that you humans ask.
Can the passengers come back?
- They can come back which is not so easy- for their belief system right now does not believe they can. The three volunteers can create a loop to come back. But they might not want to. All the passengers saw the profound being and realizes what life on 3-D earth meant as they can now see more than 3-D. At this moment they are focused purely on their energy and there are no ties and no important reason enough to come back. However some of them are just hoping if they could send a message for their relatives not to worry. Their presence by their families will only be known through a dream or meditative state.
I receive information through meditation or while doing my scientific work, as I am always connected.

Volunteer souls is one of my specialities, through my own research and also encountering them from my past life regression work. This above explanation makes a lot of sense to me and seems to tie in the readings and information from the other sensitives, and seems to also complete this picture.

Denise Le Fay mentioned that she thought the situation was related to the ascension process going on, and that we are close to the 'new energy wave' which is to arrive fully in our timeline. Within the reading above, it was mentioned that "greater things are happening now and the new earth frequencies are here. The love beings are allowed to interfere now any time that you humans ask."

In the future we may have more information become available, but in my opinion, I think all of this makes sense and within it are a number of truths which have been found.


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Laron said...

Took me just about six hours to write this one up. said...

Well done. You tied it up in a nice package. It's mind blowing to me. Anyone who would do such evil for such a small advantage should be ashamed. You'd think that after 9/11.... who am I kidding.
Not all Americans are jackasses! The MIC has hijacked our country and poisoned our sence of right and wrong. I hope the volunteers will continue to do good work and guide humanity in the right direction.

Fantastic Fox said...

My rational mind would like to say that it was the most obvious choice, a crash or a terrorist hijacking. However, I would also like to believe in the theory that those passengers are safe & sound and something magical is about to happen. Though I don't see death as a "bad" thing and even if they were dead, they still would be "safe". At the moment I am just wondering if we will ever find out what happened to the plane or if sometime in the near future there will be some kind a a spectacular announcement.

Laron, have you seen this article by Dr. Paul LaViolette?

Laron said...

I haven't seen that one Fox. That is an interesting theory from LaViolette. I saw that YouTube showing the blips on the radar very early on. I suspect it to be related to the US aircraft carrier that was in the vicinity and the blip that stands still may be a chopper. I chose not to use that material on purpose.

I wouldn't use before its news as a reliable news source, I'm surprise Paul linked to it.

the_mesmerizer said...

What an amazing piece of research. A reporter/investigator who is capable of looking at mainstream news, other media news and also spiritual news. A time on earth has come where people like you set up new levels of investigations. I can see a earth where news will be reported like this and not separated or divided. This is inclusive news. Thank you for this masterpiece. The world is thankful to you, Laron.

fairyfloss said...

I think your analysis is spot here Laron. Thank you for your dedication. I'm definitely erring on the side now of a timeslip, earth changes and ascension process.

Laron said...

Thanks Ruffle!

Laron said...

Thanks Mez.

I do hope that the human involvement isn't true.. and that the rest is though. But the human involvement is simply what came out of painting the picture asit wasn't something I was searching for or wanting to be true.

Laron said...

I think I present a pattern that can form a few answers, if the reader is open to the psychic world. Thanks Jodie.

Karyn Russell said...

Wow, food for thought in the greatest sense....... compiling and piecing together a lot of info ...... what an insightful jig saw puzzle :-)

reklawrm said...

Brilliant Laron,
Let me add some interesting link:,103.63/7

You should set up the map as follows, if the links doesn’t works fine:

Day and time : 2014-03-07 17:00
Fliter: MAS370

Today is very slow, I´m suppose that a lot of folks worldwide are having a look.

The interesting thing is the KAL672 flight, in that period of time before MAS370 out of the radar, it goes back and then it goes to the right position again at match 8 !!???

Something is wrong for sure , The application itself ? Something interfering the radars view ??

It takes a while so I suggest to click play/pause when stuck…

nomoreschool2013 said...

What a lot of work Laron! A very well researched article. And thorough too! Love the wrap up idea. Have sensed the US covering their tails as they are totally involved. Well done x

Miles Togo said...

Thank you for compiling all this information! You do so much or our awakened community. Keep up all the wonderful work!!!

Laron said...

Just updated the article to reflect new information released by Malaysian officials. I only added to it, I didn't modify anything. This just proves a point of mine regarding the trust the public should NOT have in the info out there.

[Update to the original article within brackets: Soon after I posted this, Malaysian Minister of Defence and the Acting Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein is reported as saying in a news conference, “Regarding reports that a plane was sighted in the Maldives, I can confirm Malaysia’s chief of the defence force has contacted his counterparts in the Maldives who has confirmed that these reports are not true,”.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, how can we know what the truth is when situations like this occur when the media and officials reveal such information, and then later deny it?]

Laron said...

Thanks NMS2013

Laron said...

Thanks reklawrm.

Miles Togo said...

Thank you so much for compiling all this information. With so much information regarding this incidenct, its nice to be able to review it all in one place. Additionally, thank you for all you do with your web site!

reklawrm said...

Thank you Laron,

Did you hear about this issue too ? Some "experts" that I´m following are talking about it:

Mule said...

Wow, unbelievable, but believable at the same time... got chills up my spine. Thanks for putting this together Laron.

Love Light On Earth said...

Thank you so much! Here is some more info on the missing airliner. It is a channeled message and I think you will findit very interesting! Love and light!

podsmagi said...

A marvelous article Laron, bringing together all the important threads. Thank you.

Hands up everyone who has now asked the love beings for some sort of help!

It makes sense that they can do this now, not so far to downstep as we have raised our vibration. I knew the pain would be worth it.:)

opalescent said...

Thank you for such a comprehensive analysis and for presenting all of this information! I'll be sharing this liberally. You know, when I was reading the info through Focus Sessions, I had a very clear insight that some entity had appeared to the people within the plane, which showed them what was happening and gave the whole experience a sense of peace.

Kathryn55 said...

Hi Laron, Thank you for the article and all the hard work to put it together.
I am sending this link to a message receivedd by Gerald O'Donnell from the Oneness that also relates to this. Very intriguing!! Looking forward to your response to this!
Much love,Namaste

Laron said...

I did reklawrm, but I think there is more more to the situation than just what is said about what they specifically do in that one article. But I don't feel a personal need to focus on such details as I think there is something much larger and important that has occurred.

Laron said...

That is very interesting opalescent!

Imagine if we had been on that plane... and the sense of peace that we would each receive if we were actually told at that moment what was going on. That would be very much welcomed.

Laron said...

Kathryn, I read this soon after it was posted. (That was the first time I had seen the website and I haven't heard of Gerald O’Donnell)

I'm not sure what the 'one' is, in reference to where this information comes from as I am not familiar with that term.

The information doesn't resonate with me, that is what I felt the first time that I read it and again now.

I get the sense that the person may think this is a direct intervention from source? I don't believe this is possible as I don't believe we can communicate with source from this dimension directly simply because of how the system of life and laws of existence in general works. (dimensionally and multi-dimensionally speaking) There are many levels between us and absolute/source, and also many entities(and collective consciousness) that have a role and responsibility to maintain and look after each of those levels (levels being dimensions and the realms/realities within).

Those entities are the ones that would step in, if there was ever a need to. Because of this very unique time that the universe, earth and all life which is part of this dimension are going through, there have been influences from many outside parties in assisting this process going back many years now. There are many involved who are not human and do not come from Earth. The many UFO abductions over the years have related to assisting with raising the vibration of people here to help with this exact time period and transition, as an example.

But when saying all this, it's possible the message that came through for Gerald was simply misinterpreted through his own filter (belief systems, conditioning, mentality, etc) and that there are truths within it that tie directly into my picture of what surrounds this missing plane. For example, the beings that have the role of interacting with those on Earth may have had instructions from above. But I very highly doubt the instructions came all the way down from source it self, as on a scale from the bottom to the top, we are near the bottom, and it's a long way to the top.

I have been shown directly while I was over in Peru, through the use of Huachuma/San Pedro plant medicine, how small we really are... the earth, each individual soul on the earth, and so on, in comparison to the greater schemes of existence. There is so much more out there... and because our perceptions are limited from being under the rules of this existence on Earth, and that our memories of who we are and what we exist as before this are not brought along, we simply don't realise this fact. My Point being.. I can't really explain how small we are by the limiting communication system that we have here... it would have to be a telepathic image or representation to understand it properly... an analogy may work but I can't think up a useful one right now.

I could say a whole lot more but I think is enough for this response. There are usually exceptions to statements and information so when I say something, it doesn't mean that is all there is to explain the question.

I hope that is helpful, and blessings to you Kathryn.

Kathryn55 said...

Hi Laron, Thanks for your reply! I too had an interesting/wonderful journey with Huachuma a year ago in Peru! (Pisac) Connection to Mother Earth,,, i also felt'my smallness; as you describe in the 'Big picture of existence.... but also my interconnectedness/diviinity. the same relevance to the beauty/energy of the mountains/flora/fauna... humbling but very heart openening/mind expanding/grounding/fear dissolving!
Blessings! In gratitude, Namaste

Laron said...

Pisac is also where I was so I am guessing you were hosted by the same two people as me. Small world! I spent 5 weeks with them back in 2011 and also tried ayahuasca. With one of the sessions I also was taught very strongly what humbleness really is, something I will never forget.

Tricia Freemom said...

Press Release
Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship
LightWeb News

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY. A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by LightWeb News. The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction. Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from LightWeb News.

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO's in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as "hostages" to bring about immediate world peace.

Laron said...

I have seen a few entries by Dr Kathryn E May since this started. As mentioned within the article I put together above, while it is a possibility that beings in this time period may be able to assist in Earthly events simply because of what is going on now with the shift/new earth etc, I can guarantee you they are not going to kidnap people and force world governments to change their ways with the backing of human hostages. This is not what high virbrational and highly advanced spiritual entities would do.

This would be the perfect example of going against the non interference laws that are in place for the various ET races, and the various collective consciousnesses and beings above the third dimension, existing and or/interacting in our dimension and I think this is simply ridiculous!

I could speculate and add a number of reasons as to why Dr Kathryn E May is presenting this information to the public but there is no need for me to speculate.

As mentioned in the article, if the loved ones on Earth suddenly get text messages from the passengers that are said to be held by this Galactic Ship, then I will be proven wrong.

If someone asked my opinion on this, I would say it is disinformation. There is even mention of Radio Turner Network which is known as a fear based site and also a disinformation site.

I think people need to be very careful with what channelled messages they follow.

Laron said...

Love Light On Earth, I have read this message a few times now over the past week or so. I haven't ran into this site before up until I read the article for the first time. I think the information has some truths to it. It is very specific on what occurred during the moments of the flight disappearing from radar and it could easily fit into the picture in my article. I would have to go over previous messages on the site to get a better sense and feeling to base a final opinion about it's accuracy. Because it is channelled I didn't take much notice of it originally.

Thanks for sharing this one with us all.

Laron said...

Thanks Pod!

podsmagi said...

How can one demand world peace through an act of violence and oppression?

ivan sanchez said...

Be careful what your demon liar guide shows and tells you. I used to be into the occult and astral projection, icke, monroe... I used to believe the Bible was deception and it was just another solar religion. Then one night I said a prayer: Jesus if you are real and really created everything of course I'd serve you, just show me something. A month later while driving my jeep after mocking and scoffing my wife's church it was as if my spiritual eyes were opened I received knowledge instantaneously and I knew I was on the wrong side of things as sure as if God was sitting in the passenger seat. I stopped the car got out and knelt and prayed for forgiveness and was hit with the most intense feeling of power and love which engulfed me that you could mentally, physically and spiritual feel. I wept and wept. To think that I walked and talked against the one that created me and he still had this insane amount of love for me, it's beautiful . My God is the God that proves himself through prophesy. All you have to do is seek. Who are you, or anyone, to not be able to humble themselves before the creator of the universe and ask for forgiveness.
I used to be into astral travel but after coming to know the lord when the vibrations would come the helpers revealed their true nature, the most insidious terrifying demonic creatures you could imagine, who hated me all the more that they knew the gig was up for them. This is common for those who come out of the occult and into Christ, to be tested and tormented for a awhile by the demons that you thought were friends.

D. Koss Uber said...

But you would use "Faux News" as a reliable source?

Laron said...

Never heard of it DKU.

Laron said...

Hi Ivan, it sounds like you have had a number of strong experiences and I think that it is great as they sound like they have assisted you in finding what resonates with you in this life. I know so many people search but do not find their own answers.

There are a number of reasons why you might run into what you would perceive to be negative beings with astral projecting. Sometimes they may even be our own energetic created demons. But there are also many ways to protect your self as we are very powerful beings when we are conscious and in the astral and we can never be harmed or hurt. True helpers/guides can not be negative as this is simply impossible going by the nature of how the system of life and reality works vibrationally. I am happy to provide more information around this over email if you want to contact me as I know a great deal around this subject.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Brian said...

Laron, you might be interested as well in this description of what happened to the missing plane:

Thanks for the nicely done article!

Laron said...

Thanks Brian.

'Love Light On Earth' posted that same URL above which I have responded to.

Laron said...

I think this news story is important on the situation.

'MH370 pilots 'not suspicious'' (22 march)

"Forensic experts examining the home flight simulator of Malaysia Airlines pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah have found nothing suspicious, collapsing the only significant lead investigators have been pursuing to try to solve the mystery disappearance of MH370, police sources say.

Investigators became suspicious last week when they discovered Zaharie, 53, had deleted logs on a computer linked to the simulator on February 3, almost five weeks before the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board inexplicably turned around during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and was still flying more than seven hours later.

The computer hard drive was sent to FBI experts in the US to search for evidence of some kind of hijacking plot.

Intensive scrutiny of Zaharie’s background has failed uncover any links to extremists groups or terrorism.

Investigations have also failed to find anything suspicious in the background of Fariq, who was due soon to marry another pilot."

Happydee said...

Hello Laron, Thank you for constantly updating this website. I really appreciate it. I have been following everything you have written. I have found a few videos on Youtube that Psychic medium Keith Watson has spoken about. It ties in with links you have updated and i will also post the second link for the video where he has been contacted by people from the public wanting to get in contact with their loved ones. He believes they are somewhere near St. Bradons Rock, Mauritius. Unfortunately i cant "search" that location on the crowd sourcing website as at this present moment it is only looking in the location near Australia. Let me know what you think of the videos :)

There is also another lady seeing that it is on an island and has described what she has seen:
When you get to the end of her video, you can click to watch video 2

Hope you find this interesting.:)

Laron said...


Laura Knight-Jadczyk over on Cassiopaea just did a new channelled article here,,34301.0.html

It's been a while since she has released information I think. I have copied and pasted what is relevant in regards to that message below, in relation to the missing flight.

"Q: (L) Ha ha ha! [laughter because Laura was induced to start a program of saunas followed by ice-cold hip baths] Alright then. So I guess that we can pretty well answer the question in advance that other little glitches that people are having all over are part of the same thing. It just manifests in each person according to their particular vulnerability?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Alright, I think that's enough on that topic. I think the topic on everybody's mind is The Plane [Malaysian Airlines Flight 370]. The plane, the plane! {Fantasy Island.}(Pierre) Where is it?

A: In well of space/time lock.

Q: (L) Well, the Chinese are certain that they have located some wreckage.

A: Any "wreckage" located under the circumstances must be seen as highly questionable.

Q: (Pierre) Was it deliberate, or was it an accident?

A: Happens when bleedthrough causes confusion.

Q: (L) Confusion of what?

A: Realms and all within.

Q: (Perceval) Seems like the confusion was evident in the change in direction of the plane, and then it disappeared into a well of time and space. (Data) Are the passengers okay on the plane?

A: Depends on how you define "okay".

Q: (Perceval) Is it a similar situation to Flight 19?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) So, we have that explanation in the transcripts, what's going on with the passengers... Do any of the PTB on the planet know?

A: Of course! Why do you think there was such a comedown vis-a-vis Crimea and Russia?

Q: (L) You mean they had plans to be more aggressive and “in-their-faces”, and they... (Perceval) Why would the disappearance of the plane make them scared or make them back down? Was it "comedown", was that what was said? Like a retreat. So, basically the PTB backed down on Crimea and Russia and that whole situation because the plane disappeared and they were worried about...? (Pierre) So, if you lie too much, if you create too much chaos, like unjustified war, you might increase such a bleedthrough?

A: They have "advisors" and "interpretors" of such things.

Q: (Pierre) So the advisors said if they go on with the attack, and with lying and manipulating... (L) I don't think they would say that. (Perceval) They wouldn't spell it out. (L) I don't think that they would talk to them in those terms. (Pierre) What would they say? (L) Probably say something like, I dunno... Maybe they have some advisors and interpreters who say, "We did that, and if you don't back down, we're gonna do more!" Ya know, like threatening rather than explaining to them how to be good boys.

A: More or less.

Q: (L) I mean, we would all like to think that there would be some high and mighty power in the world that would tell the psychopaths, "Oh, if you keep creating chaos, you're gonna screw things up! You're a bad boy!" But that's not likely to happen because it would just be, ya know... (Perceval) You get into the idea of different levels of power here. People are doing the whole overt Crimea thing. And they have advisors and maybe they suspect that there's a higher power like the ones that blew up the Columbia space shuttle for Bush and stuff. They ascribe this plane incident to "them", and interpret it in some way like, "Let's back off" kind of thing. Like the way they alluded to this idea that there is a higher power that has vast technology and can influence the American government and its policies for example by sending a warning... So maybe the ones who take note of these things looked at this plane and said, "Maybe this is some kind of message to us."

Laron said...


A: There is likely to be a bit of interdimensional blackmail going on. How likely do you think it is for the "reality creating" US PTB to back down from their natural state of being the world's biggest bully?

Q: (Pierre) Why did those higher entities want the PTB to back down concerning Crimea and Russia?

A: They understand what the consequences are.

Q: (Perceval) So their whole thing is all about control... nuclear or global war, and that's the end of it. They've always wanted to control things and squeeze the people even tighter. (L) Well, the only thing that ever scares or stops a psychopath is a bigger psychopath. Um, I just have the feeling that somehow MOSSAD is involved in all of this business, like maybe even this plane thing. It's just too, um...

A: Maybe they live up to their motto?

Q: (L) "By way of deception, thou shalt do war." So that would suggest that, at some level, MOSSAD is involved with these advisors or interpreters, or somehow... (Perceval) They've said in the past that MOSSAD is near the top of the hierarchy. (L) So, at the top of MOSSAD, there's the interface with the hyperdimensional STS beings, more or less.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So... (Perceval) The Israelis are the chosen people! Who else would be chosen for such a job? (L) I see. Okay. So, that's the plane. Oh, I want to ask about the phones. How come the phones were still ringing three days after the plane was missing?

A: Being in another time/space "space" is not out of reach of electronic signals, plus there is the time anomaly.

Q: (L) So, ET really can phone home? [laughter]

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) But he might get the call before or after it was made! (L) Yeah, he'll get it yesterday.

A: Something like that.

Q: (Chu) Well, now they can shut it out of the news, but they'll have to come up with something. (L) They’ll just ignore it. Just the big honking ignoring tactic that makes all kinds of things just completely disappear from people's minds. (Perceval) Absolutely. Just move on. There's been about 50 planes that have disappeared like that, and never found. (Chu) Yeah but they said the families were going on hunger strikes and stuff. (Perceval) If they don't give them any news coverage, no one will know. (L) Yeah, without any news coverage, what are they going to have? Facebook and Twitter. (Andromeda) Are we gonna start seeing a lot more of this kind of thing?

A: Oh yes!!!"

Happydee said...

Hello Kathryn55, thank you for sharing your link. I just read it and thought it was amazing. That also makes alot of sense. I like to have an open mind to everything. I also posted some links up above too you might be interested in. Have a great day :)

Laron said...


Focus Sessions continues to update the original article about the missing plane. Below are additional comments that I will not include in the article above, as they make the article far too long.[Updated from comments 3/15/14 at 9:55 AM:
I recently had a couple of people ask me about the Andaman Islands and Jawara Tribe... It feels even more south of that- my eye wants to look more south that that location. I do absolutely feel there is a tribe on the island, and I see them giving assistance to the missing people after a certain amount of time studying them and making sure they are not a threat.]

[Updated from comments 3/16/14 at 2:00 PM:
I wanted to do another update on some things that have come up…
First, I got an image of an Asian man that was trying to convey a message to me in a language that I couldn’t understand. He seemed frustrated that he couldn’t “talk” to me, and then he held up his hands and showed me 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 7 fingers. Does anyone know what 2-3-7 means? I couldn't get a clearer message on that.

One distinguishing thing I saw was that the gentleman trying to communicate with me had a pinky finger that was either broken, dislocated or possible deformed. It appeared to be bent oddly at the first joint, didn’t seemed painful, and looked healed over, but something noticeable.

I was then shown that the Indian tribe that inhabited the island finally “trusted” them enough to come to their aid. I see them being led in a single file line back to the village near the center of the island (and also near the foot of the mountain). I did see white paint on the Indian’s face, and it looked like the different markings distinguished who was in charge. Back to the walking single file.. They had to walk in a single file because there were certain plants (reminds me of a huge Adams Needle plant) that have a sharp pointy end that if it scratched you burned and itched. They had to be cautious walking the path.

I don’t sense fear or danger. I believe this tribe is trying to help.

To answer some questions: I don’t see anyone in the cockpit right now. I think they were led away from the beachy area last night (more like late afternoon).

I have been asked about some islands in the area: Sumatra: It feels west of that, Cocos: This area feels more right, Christmas Island: I felt the best connection with this and Cocos, Flores: This feels off to me.

I will mentally work on Paul Weeks and see what things I can connect to.]

[Updated from comments 3/17/14 at 6:22 AM:
I have been following this thread, and wanted to do another update.

I am still not sure about the numbers 2-3-7. I didn’t know the number of passengers until I continued to read my comments, but I also don’t like to make any stretches, and since there were originally 239, I can’t say this is right (It could be but I can’t confirm.)

When I focus on what timeline, I still felt they weren’t of this timeline, but in a previous time… When I mentally tried to sort how that worked, I got that for that to work what happens is their vibration (or frequency) as a whole shifts. I then got that the way to find them is to some how tune into their frequency. I was still a little unclear how to explain this, and here was the example I got- We can’t see microwaves with the naked eye without a special device because they are at a frequency that our eyes can’t “see”, well this alternate reality is also at a different frequency that we can’t see with our naked eye.

I also wanted to note that if I am able to connect with the Asian man again, I will try to phonetically write down some words and have someone help me translate. I still feel there was something significant with 2-3-7.

Laron said...


Paul Weeks: I did work on tuning into him. The first thing I noticed was my ear hurt, like something in my eardrum was injured. I also get this ringing in my head. What I most related to was watching a movie in which someone had a flash bomb go off and there is this silent ringing/muffled sound effect going on. I looks like something is going on with the hearing in one of his ears.

I also got this image of a leather briefcase. I actually got an angry feeling toward this case (or what it represented- like he felt like he wouldn’t be in this situation if it were for this “brief case”). Again, I was unclear if this is symbolic or actual, but he felt to guard this case, but had some mental dilemma as to why he was caring so much for it because it felt as though it meant nothing were he was now. I see him walking around this jungle area, banging it around, and using it as a seat.

(I will keep working on him and I was also contacted about a few other people)]

[Updated from comments 3/18/14 at 6:21 AM

I wanted to do another follow-up.
First, thank you everyone who is putting their energy into this. I think the more we focus, the more we collectively can pin-point this and help these people. I call this type of collective thought synergy, and together we are so much stronger.

Someone said that many people are getting and seeing different things- I think that is because things come to everyone differently because of their own personal life experiences, but what we have to do is see what is in common, or the link between it all, and that is where we will find our answers.

It came to me yesterday when I was focused on all this, and looking at my blog, that “The answers are here, right in front of me, I just need to look to see it.” The message was that the truth is there, and it may not be obvious, but it is there… I have been rehashing this over and over, and looking at comments, and I haven’t seen that moment of clarity just yet. I will not give up though- Thank you for all the comments/feedback, all of the alternate views help me to break away from my train of thought that I am on.

Having said all that, I wanted to address some specific points that people have brought up.
Poyang Lake – I get this is too north.
Java- This is a possibility, but I really feel a pull to the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island.

I was still focused on the briefcase too. There is so much anger directed toward that! I just see him banging around, hitting it on stuff, and it is so tattered. At the same time, he drags it everyone and won’t let it go. When I focus on the anger what’s in it and the anger, I see graph paper and then graphs, like a presentation. I also see what looks like blueprints to something. Then I get this anger again- It is coming through that he feels like he is where he is because of what is in the briefcase or what it symbolizes. I also keep hearing, “They did this to me, It’s their fault.”

I still stand by the numbers 2-3-7. As I was typing this it came to me to ask if anyone reading this knows sign language? I saw myself signing the alphabet (which is the only sign language I know). What are the equivalent words for holding up 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then 7 fingers? Does that symbolize numbers or does it create words?

Mr. Wan Hock Khoon- The only thing I get is that he is a very spiritual person, and he is mentor. I don’t see him as a physically strong leader, but rather a spiritual healer. I want to use the word Shaman when I focus on him. I am only seeing the energy about him, so I will keep working to try to see more.
In getting the plane back here- I am still working on that too. I just haven’t been able to connect what needs to happen before the plane can materialize here.

Thanks and I am continuing to watch this…]

Laron said...

(continued)[Updated from comments 3/19/14 at 6:39 AM

Thank you for your continued feedback on this thread. I think all the energy helps many people collectively sort through this and try to offer help or clues..

Lanipure: I was asked if I could hear this name, word or another word sounding similar (another psychic had tuned into this). When I put that intent out there, the first thing I get is that there is an animal on this island and that it what it is called. It feels rare (and at a first image it looks like some kind of a wildcat but it could be my mind reinforcing it is an animal). I wouldn’t say it is extremely harmful because it looks to avoid the tribe that is helping the survivors, but the tribe members look to be cautious of it. Possibly someone knows (in English or Chinese) if Lanipure (or something sounding like it) is a rare animal living on an island in the ocean…

Paul Weeks: I tried to focus on positive energy with him. I feel like the anger and frustration he is feeling is blocking me from communication. I can “see” images, but I can’t get a mental connection to convey messages. He looks to be very emotional now. I see him very sad, and then in the next instant he is kicking his briefcase. I even see briefly that he took out some of the papers in his briefcase and burned them and then said “Here, you want them, you got them. Here you go.” And threw them in the fire. Very angry- I feel like we need to send positive energy to him.

Wan Hock Khoon-: I was asked to see if I could somehow connect to this gentleman. He feels very calm. He also feels very connected to his higher self. As I try to have some spiritual connection with him, I am getting a conflict resonating within me. I see him zoom out to a map of the world and I see his finger point to an area of water in the Atlantic that is to the northwest of Africa. I really felt an internal pull toward Christmas Island and Cocos Island which is not even close to the northwest of Africa, so I am trying to sort out why he is showing me this area of water to the northwest of Africa, so I am going to continue to let my mind work on that.

Maldives: Someone yesterday questioned Maldives… That could be a possibility, but I still feel a connection to Christmas Island and Cocos Island.]

[Updated from comments 3/20/14 at 7:05 AM

Hello and thanks for sharing continued energy on this…

As I read through the comments (and I appreciate all of your thoughts- alternative views are what makes us stronger and help us to mentally stretch our ideas) I had some things come to mind that I wanted to discuss.

I had some people ask about Comoros. I get that is too south.. I have adopted a philosophy that things happen, and they are a sign rather than coincidence. Yesterday, I put in a DVD (cartoon) that I have never watched or heard, and when children were singing, the word “Cocos Island” was in one line in the lyrics- and I actually was paying attention at the time and heard it. I am sticking to my gut regarding this region / area. I still see Cocos as a clue and area of interest.

Jee Jing Hang: I get he was there working a new business deal (I see him shaking hands with another man). I also see him looking at a laptop (as if to say I could do this online, but it isn’t right, he wanted to be in person.). He was excited about the project (business deal) , but not the trip. I get he didn’t like traveling (motion sick, nervous?) I also get the impression that he wanted to surprise someone with this deal he was working out. I ask myself what this deal was- The first thing I hear is that it is confidential (as if it is confidential until it is settled). I also get that is has to do with real estate- and the business has to be at a specific location (and expand, grow from there). He looked to be practicing or rehearsing what he need to say during his business presentation, as if in his head he was prepping himself (I see this chanting in his mind) right up until the plane ran into trouble.

Laron said...

(continued)2-3-7. I had some questions regarding the actual finger placement when this was shown to me. The “2” looked like a peace sign, (first and second finger), the “3” was the first three fingers and the “7” was again the peace sign with a high five (first and second finger and then all five on the other hand). Maybe this better helps with the sign language aspect too.

Again with the 2-3-7 (and believing in signs).. I was searching Netflix for “Robin Hood” and there was a show called “Room 237” (which I then remembered someone mentioned much earlier in the blog). I felt compelled to watch it. It is so much more than just discussing the Shining, but rather the hidden symbolism in the forms of media we watch (subliminal messages, links to the truth via prop placement, hidden truth in general). I knew then that I was being told that the truth is out there, we just have to come together and figure it out. I have an overwhelming feeling that the truth will come out.

Thank you, and I will continue to monitor this thread.]

[Updated from comments 3/21/14 at 6:48 AM
Hello. I wanted to give an update on this thread… Thank you again for sharing your energy.

NW of Sumatera: Some people have asked about this area. I will say the area feels right. I still feel that Cocos Island is connected to this (maybe there is a named or unnamed island that is in very close proximity to Cocos).. I am trying to focus my energy to that area to see anything I can..

ET Forces: I have been asked to try to get some kind of connection with that type of energy. I am going to put some focus into that and I will update you on what I am able to do. I will say that my initial image is a snapshot of ET (from the movie ET) and he is putting his finger up to his mouth and shushing me.. I haven’t figured out what this is yet…It feels a little negative, but I haven’t fully explored it.

Pilots: I do get there were some unbalanced energy with at least one of them BUT I also get that when the plane entered the strange electric storm, they panicked. They maintained control, but on the inside they felt fear. I don’t see foul play from my perspective. I see an instinct of survival come over them..

In closing, It came to me yesterday that the media is wanting closure to this story. In some of the comments I didn’t feel the news of finding wreckage was real. I believe that they are telling people it is real to “tie up” the story, but I don’t see evidence that is very compelling that the plane or any wreckage was found. My mind went to a scene in the movie Room 237 (that I described accidentally finding in the previous thread) where military scenes were shot in a studio set and televised as being real (military things did happen, but not the way they were always televised). I just see that we can’t fully believe what we are shown, and trust in yourself to know what is the truth].

[Updated from comments 3/22/14 at 9:17 AM
Thank you everyone for your continued energy on this.

Something that really caught my attention in reading through the comments was the idea of the Urung (I was also told it was called Pulau Pulau Koko) Island.. In thinking about this place I do connect to the energy, but I can’t find it on a Google map to really focus in. I really get that either the word Cocos is where they are, or they are really close to it (if it isn’t the name, the sounds of word Cocos is relevant). Possibly Christmas Island, but I would like to be able to meditate on the Pulau Pulau location.. For those that know, can you direct me- or give me a proximity on a map?

Laron said...

(continued)I have had a few questions asking me about remote viewing groups. I am not working with any groups. I am sharing energy with everyone, but I am not talking to groups directly. I don’t want to change my impressions by influences (or their intuitive impressions), but rather see if we can come to the same conclusion independently. I think that helps to pin-point the truth and help to eliminate the impressions the pull us of track. You may read ten facts, eight are right and two are misinterpreted- the commonalities amongst independent reads leads you to the truth..

Yesterday I also had an image.. New debris that they find will be broadcasted as part of the plane (I get the media is wanting this unsolved story off the news). In reality they need to be looking for aged debris. When they time slipped (and when I focus on what time- I see 1950s style clothing) and landed, pieces of the plane broke (the plane was mainly intact). They need to look for current looking plane parts that appear to have aged for many years..]

[Updated from comments 3/23/14 at 11:40 AM
Thank you to everyone putting their positive energy into this.

I was finally able to locate Pulau-Pulau Kokos Indonesia on Google Earth. I did get a connection to this.. I can’t help but feel that the word Cocos came to me in order to later discover this. This is to the west of Malaysia, just as I previously felt, and the island itself feels “right.” I still maintain some connection to the Cocos and Christmas Islands, but definitely feel this is an area worth exploring.

I have been asked to focus on the Indian Village again. My initial feelings are that it is “ok” but kind of quiet. Meaning people are into what they are doing, and for as many people that are there, it sounds quiet. I also see that the passengers are helping the Indians. At first they were guests, but now they are contributing. I see men worked to help clear more trees and the women are mashing something in a bowl to make dried crumbs (looks like something they eat.) I also see some men trying to communicate with the Indians by using a lot of hand gestures, but it almost looks like the passengers don’t know how to even describe how they got to where they are.. There is a lot of mental confusion as if they are waking up and trying to understand what is happening.

The next thing I got is that there are passengers (let’s say it was a time slip and they are 50 years in the past) that adopt the Indian lifestyle and grow up into that culture. If we found them today, they would be older, have children, and those children would hear this story as if it happened in the past. I realize this is a difficult concept, but I feel like if we could communicate to an Indian tribe on one of these islands (Cocos, Christmas or Pulau-Pulau) they could tell us what happened. I get that they even have some of the debris or even the plane poked in a cave.

ETs. It was in a comment that ETs don’t look like ET. I want to explain that I understand this (some may look this way and some may not). When I get an image it can be literal or a symbol. I see my image of ET just a symbol to point me down an alternative path of thinking.

Laron said...

(continued) [Updated from comments 3/24/14 at 6:46 AM
Continued thanks goes out to all of you.

I had some questions as to how the time difference would work. I see it this way… If you had someone that was 70 years old on the flight, and they slipped back (let’s say 50 years), They would still be 70 years old, but just living in a different time. I see that if we could locate this tribe that I see on this “jungle island with a large snow-capped mountain in the middle” we could get real answers.
I would also like to explore the area of Palau Palau more. The term or sound Cocos (Kokos) is relevant to this search. The more I focus on this the more connected I am to this area.

With regard to the mental state.. I am having a previous reading pull forward regarding the Bermuda triangle. When people (and in my vision I saw it as a plane) were transferred to a different time/place, when they left the aircraft they suffered a terrible state of mental stability. The confusion and understanding of what just happened was so great, that it was almost difficult to “ground” themselves and understand what was real or what just happened. In the reading I had the word “Boonshock” come up as a term used by inhabitants of the place that the aircraft was transferred to describe this mental situation…

I will say I do get a connection to a similar feeling with regards to the location of the passengers now. They (the passengers) are so confused as to how to describe what happened. They don’t fully understand where they are in relationship to time because they are on a scarcely inhabited island, but they think they just landed there. They remember the electrical storm, but after that it was just strangely quiet. The passengers that seem are mentally strong, feel fine, and they are trying to tell the ones that are mentally catching up (they are confused and don’t know why, and feel something happened but don’t know what) that they are in some kind of shock.

I will continue to work on this…]
[Updated from comments 3/24/14 at 12:30 PM
Hello everyone. I was reading through the comments (as I do throughout the day to keep my mind in tune and energized), and I saw where they had announced that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean with no survivors. My initial thought was, Who is saying that? It just felt like someone’s theory. It felt like a made up story. I looked online at some of the sources, and realized it was the actual news people were given.

I had said that they would find debris and label it as belonging to this flight (and it isn't). I had also said that they would end this soon because the media wants it off the news. I just ask that people not give up using some energy on this, as I feel if we keep our minds open to communication flowing with our higher selves, we may still be able to see this tragedy through with a different ending.

Love and light-]

Kathryn55 said...

Hi Laron, I commented on Mar20 th to this article and posted a link to a message received by Gerald O'Donnell of Arvari Academy. He occasionally channels messages from The 'Oneness", The One & Only' who I interpret as being 'Source',The Divine Creator"... The message was received on 11 March,2014 and pertained to the missing airliner and why it 'disappeared' to prevent some nefarious events to occur. You did reply to my comment however I felt you perhaps dismissed Gerald's message as being misguided,misinterpreted ,not important,etc. We are all entitled to our opinions of course however I am posting the links again as I feel it is a very important topic He also received a message on 10 March 2014 in which the airliner mystery wasn't mentioned but did have important message for all humanity. These are listed on the home page of his website on the left hand column under latest messages. Some of the previous ones are very interesting and provoacative. There are also links to recent interviews. Here are the links to the latest messages...ToBe-orNot-Be is about the airliner.
There are no coincidences..... Perhaps other people might like to read those messages and comment here. I eagerly look forward to replies.. Yes discernment is so important . My 'intuition guides me to listen deeply to these messages and I feel excited and positive for the future. The Truth will be revealed.
My thoughts and prayers for comfort & love to the relatives and friends involved in these challenging days.
May we all keep our hearts & minds open & pray for discernment. Interesting times to be alive on this planet! I believe we are at a tipping point in our evolution and future.
.May the New Dawn of Love,Harmony & Peace on Earth be birthed now! In La'Kesh. Much love to all.

Laron said...

Kathryn, you already posted a similar message with these links earlier on. I have deleted the duplicate message. (I can see you have expanded on your original message here so chose the original one to remove instead of this one)

Laron said...

Kathie has sent in this message, she says she doesn't have a profile to post with and has asked me to post it.

"It's good to see the message from Kathryn55 posted re: Gerald O'Donnell's latest message about the Malaysian flight. Originally, I explored all reports by various news outlets and real journalists such as Jim Stone and Scott Creighton in combination with Gerald O'Donnell's message from the ONE I then asked accomplished RV members on the grillflame forum to look into the status of the passengers. A member reported back almost identical sensations experienced by the passengers as reported by Lynn @ I have ultimately concluded that Gerald's message posted just days after the plane went missing is, in fact, an accurate channelling. I believe various governments are shocked by this disappearance and are desperately trying to come up with a 3D, human answer. My heart goes out to all families and the passengers whom are missing their lives in this reality. I suspect now that humanity is going to be given some very serious lessons in the near future by the ONE unless more people start to raise their vibrations and love one another as they do themselves."

I just wanted to mention a few things to relation Kathie's message above.

Anyone that claims to channel god simply brings up a very big red flag for me and I don't like to see people fooled as there is a lot of information on the internet that we need to be wary of.

Gerarld's message that is being linked to,, is very vague and doesn't have much of a resemblance to Focus Sessions reading on the missing flight, so I am not sure why Kathie is making the comparison with that information. (Otherwise I agree with her on Focus Sessions reading, as that is my primary source of my article above)

Any advanced spiritual entity that has the ability to interact with us at this time, and bypass the rules in place for non-interference is not going to threaten people. I quote from Gerarld's article being linked to,

"The One is solemnly warning every single of Its entities that, if need be, It will cause a similar de-manifestation of their existence if they continue opposing the desire It has for all to live in peace and harmony."

We did not come to Earth to live in peace and harmony, this is a very misguided message. We came here to have many experiences and learn what is morally right and wrong through these experiences. If we are being forced to act in a certain way, that defeats the whole purpose of our free will, karmic path and soul contract with other people. A lot of events that happen in life are agreed upon by each of us, for our learning as spiritual beings.

Laron said...

Going by the evidence in this situation, it looks like the event around what occurred was most likely not part of the plan of all those people, and that some asked assistance and they got that assistance to help them and to move them away from that negative situation. It does look like a group of people were planning something bad towards the plane and its passengers, which was thwarted by that assistance. But I think that is about it for the involvement of the beings/entities that assisted. I don't see this as a message or a warning to anyone. I see it how I presented it above.

I quote Gerald again,

"Align with the Godliness and you shall flourish and expand beyond anything you can imagine."

After reading more of his work, I find that Gerarld's entries have a bit of a religious overtone to them and so this may be part of his belief system which could be interfering with the interpretation of the messages he is getting.

In conclusion, seeing a threat within a message that includes going against the purpose of why we are here on Earth, is a another big red flag for me.

But I thank you all for wanting to provide your own opinions as we are all at different levels of spiritual progression and we are not all in the same boat. We can also learn so much from each other with sharing our opinions.

Blessings to you all,

Laron said...

All, Lyn over on Focus Sessions has another two updates to her missing flight article. I am going to stop posting the updates here so if you want to check in from time to time on additional info, the link to the article is here,

Laron said...

Thanks for the links Happydee. I rarely watch videos so I haven't got around to checking these out. If you know of a transcript or summary article about this, please let us know.

Thanks HD.

Laron said...

I just decided to check them out now and made some notes for people. I will provide my opinion at the end.

He says magnets came to him. He saw electromagnetic pulses. He says they would disable all electronic equipment.

He says the pressure would then be impacted which would cause oxygen issues. He is sure people have passed out, including the pilot, but they not unconscious all the time, they are coming in and out of consciousness.

He said that they had an idea of a place to land, but because of their state and flying blind, they missed where they wanted to land.

He mentions a cluster of islands, very small ones where the plane may have landed. He explains that the plane is under the water but intact, except something may have happened to the tail of the plane. The people are alright from the sounds of it. He provides descriptions of some of the people.

He picks up they were travelling in a south western direction.

He thinks the Maldives may be related to the location where the plane landed on the water.

He seems to require direct family or close friends to be able to connect into this more so I think this is one of his strengths around his ability.

So, firstly I haven't heard of Keith before but from what I sensed and got from him, he seems genuine and seemed to really be concerned about the situation. I think he has picked up some genuine truths here with what he sensed and explained. So when combining this with the information in my article, I would suggest that the plane was pulled into this other reality, the plane coming in and out of our reality during the journey they were in the air, ... where all this may have went on around what was described, and the description of where Keith explained in relation to the island and where they were, would match up with Focus Sessions info. I think what Keith doesn't realise is that the plane may not be in our reality any more though.

There was that story saying locals saw a plane fly over the Maldives very low, yet was later disregarded by military. It's possible the plane was coming in and out of this timeline when that sighting occurred.

Because of peoples belief systems, even those of experienced psychics, they may not be able to determine and interpret specific information to include such things as were said by sources in my article above. So what I mean here is that while they may not mention ET involvement or timelines or different realities, this doesn't mean what they are saying is any less valid and can easily be another angle and look into the grander picture of what may have actually happened.

(I also watched Rock n Roll Prophetess video. One interesting thing she said was that she gets a lot of info in the shower.. same for me)

Silence Awakens said...

Could this be the person in charge. He wears the necklace and a special pendant. I have a very strong impression

Silence Awakens said...
I believe this is the man described as in charge wearing the necklace and special pendant

Laron said...

That would be Philip Wood SA.


It is absolutely disinformation. It is garbage. When the nutcase US secret navy group can play around with their space ships and carry their god-awful weapons on them, they're also capable of pretending to be some, what the fk do you call them ASH TAR command, and tell everyone to keep peace so they can keep going around creating discord. You know?


I think we should see about connecting to the family members, the loved ones of those who were on that flight and are now in a different dimension, so that we can connect in communication and love, and help to gather their courage and minds to desire to come back, so that the Galactic Federation will be able to bring them back, and everyone will be so full of joy at the sight of their arrival....but we still must be very aware and wary of what those nutcases will try to do who have all those weapons and nuclear garbage that they, like 2-yr-olds may use in a fit of a temper tantrum. I mean, oh my god. But I do feel that with all that love, this can be very much disintegrated. After all, love Is a greater power than arrogance and hate.


I think this is great. We all need to communicate with them and keep up that communication. They're still here, you know? (I mean, they're not gone from their bodily connection). Earlier, a few hours ago, when I first heard about this plane's disappearance, my friend Dan asked me whether I knew about it, and I had just recently read the news on the internet (I've been too busy to look at news), and when I read about it, I KNEW there was something more to it. So the first thing I did was to meditate on them. I focused to relax, set my mind free to the best of my ability, and then I connected. I saw some of the things that happened. I saw the one pilot affected who sat on the right side of the plane, and all this other stuff, I can't say because I was told to be quiet about it for my own protection. But yea, they're there. I communicated with one guy from that place. I think it was that leader that one of the psychics was talking about. Then I was interested in whether I picked up anything correctly so I went looking for psychic info, which is where I find you, Laron. Thank you for this entire blog. Excellent. Very beautifully done. So yea, we need to focus on these people, all of us who are sensitive, so that we can get a communication and help assist them in the return. Everyone who has a feeling that they are sensitive, meditate on this, please.

Laron said...

I had an inquiry about who Philip is. He is a passenger on the plane and may be the person Silence Awakens is referring to as that photo is of him.

SA is also referring to the Focus Sessions information within the article, which stated specific information about a number of individuals that was seen on the island.

Laron said...

Welcome to the blog here BELIALITH and thanks for your comments.

Laron said...

Media just reported that they totally got the words wrong with relation to the last words the Captain said.

Instead of 'All right, good night' it was 'Good night Malaysian three seven zero'

What can I say? What else have they told us that is not accurate if they could get this simply fact so wrong.

Laron said...


Yoichi Shimatsu wrote this article which is posted on 25th), (it is a very practical explanation, no involvement of alternative dimensions/timelines/et's)

My opinion is that this could be a very likely scenario, BUT, I believe this may have just been the intention behind the event. So, in other words, a lot of people would have been notified about this plan and they would have it engrained in their minds, it would have energy behind it based upon peoples thought forms. People would likely be following orders and may have some guilt around this plan if they did know about it.

As people would be murdered, kidnapped, etc. People would be concerned, worried, perhaps regrets about being involved, etc, and this would generate a lot of energy and thought into the ether, astral and akashic records.

This explanation matches in with my article above, and is what I was really hinting at within it, in addition to the intuitive answers that I included.

So, while I still think that the ET/higher being involvement and the alternative time line theory is very valid, the actual planning and reason why the ET/higher being involvement occurred may have the answer within this article by Yoichi Shimatsu.

Note: I am aware of the picture that was posted online that has exif data showing the possible location of Philip Wood on the Diego Garcia atoll, which included the message that he had been taken hostage. I believe it to be a fake based upon peoples intention to try and show the public where the plane/passengers are. (it was posted a long time after the event, over a week, so there was a lot of time for people to work out what may have occurred) I could be wrong, but it doesn't matter if its real or not... I do think the intention may have been to get those passengers and the plane to Diego Garcia as is explained in the link provided.

Laron said...

One more aspect I should have addressed... the sighting of the plane at the Maldives, this I think is an import aspect of the evidence. The flight path of the plane sighted was heading in the general direction of the Diego Garcia atoll. (I have the picture included in my article showing the direction)

If that sighting was real... public reported it, military denied it... supposedly.

If it is real, then, as mentioned in the article I wrote above, the plane may have been moving in and out of our timeline for quite some time, before it fully manifested in the alternative time line and during that period of time, if this article I just linked to is accurate at all, the plane may have been electronically highjacked and directed to the Diego Garcia military base. That is why it could have been sighted over the Maldives.

But, it never reached the base, going by the theory that there was an interruption in the plan by ET/higher dimensional beings... the actual physical landing may have taken place fully in the alternative time line with the assistance of the ones that helped it move into that timeline/reality, as the pilots may not have had control of the systems of the plane besed upon the theory in Yoichi Shimatsu's article.

All this info sounds very far fetched, I know. =)

reklawrm said...

In this link, posted in Spain, on the 26 of March, they told about the possibility that the MH370 was highjacked and directed to the Diego García military base:

The day after, on the 27th, they showed photos about the Diego Garcia facilities, and it is quite clear that somebody tried to make a photoshop between the island and a motherboard:

It seems that somebody tries once again to create an attempt to deflect attention from that place…

The links are in Spanish…;)

Laron said...

Just following up on Gerald's supposed channelling from 'God'. Lyn over at Focus Sessions just posted this information from a Q&A, which is what I expected so it's good to get confirmation.

"2:08 PM
Q. What you stated regarding the way the Malaysian passengers were responding during the process of the plane leaving this dimension seems to coincide with the channeling Gerald O'Donnell received from the ONE Can you do a reading on the accuracy of this latest message and Mr. O'Donnell's skills and abilities? Thank you!
A. I did listen to his channeling, and now I am going to focus on that..

I first get that this was a true channeling session. I have witnessed channeling, and what Mr. O'Donnell is doing rings true to me. His words feel genuine and not forced, and I do believe he has connected with his higher self."

As I suspected, it was Gerald's higher self coming through, not source. She goes on to say that she feels a lot of positive intention behind it, which also makes sense to me, as he does seem like he is wanting to help people. But because of certain things mentioned in the message in question, the message does seem very distorted and in my opinion, I very highly doubt a person's higher self would say the exact words, or come through with that sort of meaning or intention as this seems to have a very strong religious overtone. i.e.,

'Do not test the resolve of the Oneness"
'Align with the Godliness and you shall flourish and expand beyond anything you can imagine.'
'Heed this word…'
'The One is solemnly warning every single of Its entities...'

But it's good to see another confirmation on the general idea/theme around what I came to a conclusion on within my article above, about how the passengers and possibly the plane as well, moved out of our reality to a safer place.

mtpeach said...

Laron, I respect you for the way you navigate all the different viewpoints on this topic. And the way you present info from others that doesn't agree with your own feelings. I did find Gerald's channeling valuable. It reminded me of some of Edgar Cayce's readings---he did sometimes admonish people, usually gently, but not always. But Gerald's channeling sounds more like the time when the angel Halaliel came through Cayce, with a very stern message. I feel we are in an unusual time--End Times--and this event is pivotal somehow for us. I feel Gerald's message is important, and should be taken in its entirety. Thank you for including it here. (Sharon)

Laron said...

Thanks for your message Sharon. If the message was directed at the beings(cabal?) which are said to have been influencing and holding back human development (spiritually/technologically), then it would make a little more sense to me. They seem to be on the way out right now. These specific beings, the ones at the top, seem to be bypassing, somehow, the non-interference laws/rules around outside ET contact over what may have been a very long period of time. This message would then go along the lines of what your saying (end times), and could relate to that situation. (of course, I am assuming here that the cabal have an ET influence as the topic is not one of interest to me and therefore I don't know much about them as I find them to be of a negative energy, and I don't focus on negativity)

(I have also come to learn that the cabal may have been involved, somehow, in what was planned to
occur with MH370. David Wilcock just posted an interesting take on what occurred with the plane, but I have only read about 10% of it.

But the message did not come across in that way for me at all, and sounded like it was a very religious message applying to everybody, with no exceptions. I feel very strongly that this message does not resonate with me and that I need to make my point here because of that. It simply makes no sense with regards to how the system of life works here. (reincarnation, free will, light/dark, individual spiritual development, earth being the learning/school planet, the role of our higher self in all of this, etc)

I quote again from the message in question,

"The One is solemnly warning every single of Its entities that, if need be, It will cause a similar de-manifestation of their existence if they continue opposing the desire It has for all to live in peace and harmony.
No thing can continue existing without The Oneness having some level of concentration upon it; when that concentration is removed, that level ceases to be.
And this is going to be the only rule by which all of existence shall exist from now on.
Heed this word…"

This message is threatening us with death/non-existence if we don't live in peace and harmony. It is also trying to explain that this is going to be the only rule, the only way, for our future.. which is also not correct, and which also makes no sense. It does not fit in at all with the times we are going through, based upon many different theories which are all basically looking in at the same event.

I am sorry for my continued follow ups on people commenting here about this specific message, but there is no way I am going to take the message seriously as this is not how the system of life works within our space-time here on Earth. =)

Laron said...

There are of course some important words said, such as 'be kind to all', which is great advice, but again I find another part of the message, specifically near the end, to be very religious based,

"Love each other and The One in which you are now basking."

Love each other is a great message to come through as well, but I am not going to be basking at anything. I believe we all make up source, each and every one of us. We are all energetic conscious beings which come from source originally. We are all equal and there is no grand being up there who tells us what to do. =)

Our higherself is us, but a much greater extension of us that which contains a whole lot more energy and consciousness. It can be looked at as a group of multiple souls which are sent out simultaneously to help the higherself grow spiritually. A few weeks ago I had an experience in the astral, which gave me a spiritual teaching around being in conscoius control of the decision making and thought process of a collective consciousness/higher self. It was a very unique experience and is just about impossible to put into words to explain it, because of our limitations here.

If we were going to love the one we were now basking, we would need to look in the mirror as that is us.

Based upon our individual growth and development as spiritual beings, we learn what to do on our own, and for some, that takes a long time, for others, it doesn't take so long. The Earth experience is designed to function under these conditions so that we can develop and grow and return from where we originated from, which may be multiple levels of existence. (think of a ladder with each step going up, but the higher self is closer to the top)

When I say, love and light below, I mean it from my heart, my consciousness here and on behalf of my own higher self. I am not trying to argue here, and I am not speaking from ego, I consider myself to have become, what some may call a spiritual teacher of a sorts(a very unique one it seems), based upon my knowledge, wisdom and experience in life. I am also starting to believe that from time to time, I am actually having information which is coming directly from my own higher self as I do feel very guided sometimes when I speak or write out information.

As Courtney Brown once said, 'this is my house', and from time to time I am going to make my point very well known here. Now seems to be such a time. Even though I feel very uncomfortable doing so.

There are dimensional levels and realms above us which we can access through conscious astral travel, or after we finish our existence here, depending if we are able to meet the frequency requirements(we can be assisted). One of these dimensions, which I will give a name to, to help those that may understand the 7 dimensional system/model, that being the 6th dimension(these are just human labels we put towards conceptualising the vibrationa of energy), does contain pure peace and no negativity, and this is where we do not harm others 100% of the time, where we are always kind to each other as we exist as energy and as a form of pure consciousness. We would not even consider harm there. It would be impossible.

But that is not here, that is there. We are not there, we are here.

While the shift is seemingly about to be upon us, and if it isn't within the next few months it will likely be a gradual process over say, the next decade or so, possibly even longer, we are not shifting to a location such as what I just explained, we are only going up 'one level', one step, and things will be different, for those that make that shift, different to our 3d experience on Earth, but I don't believe they will be anything like the 'rules' which seemed to have been laid down in Geralds message.

Love and light to all of you. =)


Wherami said...

This message is threatening us with death/non-existence if we don't live in peace and harmony. It is also trying to explain that this is going to be the only rule, the only way, for our future.. which is also not correct, and which also makes no sense. It does not fit in at all with the times we are going through, based upon many different theories which are all basically looking in at the same event.

I am sorry for my continued follow ups on people commenting here about this specific message, but there is no way I am going to take the message seriously as this is not how the system of life works within our space-time here on Earth. =)

I felt that part needed to be reiterated again :) There is no possible way The Source would threaten non-existence as that is the antithesis of all life and The Source is only about existence. There are other forces in the Universe that are against life though as there always must be balance.

Marilyn R said...

I think that each person's individual experience of what it is we are going through is going to be different and we should only trust our own interpretations with these things and trust that initial feel because it's probably correct. :)