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Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 - Focus Sessions

I have been waiting for Focus Sessions to do a reading on this issue as I felt that the information coming from the reading would be important for people to hear. Here is the reading.

Via Focus Sessions, 11 March 2014

6:10 AM

I have had a lot of questions regarding this, so I wanted to take some time to tune in:

Q. Could you please do a reading on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that is reported to have crashed in the South China Sea on 8 March 2014.Was it an accident or was it deliberate sabotage ?

A.  When I tune in, my mind is at the point of the flight where issues start to arise.  I see that there is a huge electrical disturbance.  What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding.  It looks like heat lightening and flashes surround the plane.  I also see what looks like discharges of static electricity coming off the plane.  The flight attendants are trying to stand, and people are trying to stand and grab something above their heads?  It is chaotic and a lot of turbulence.  Oxygen masks then start to fall.  Then there is this loud thundering sound that is so deafening that people are grabbing the sides of their head (I feel the pain in my ear, like it is loud and so much pressure!)

Then all of a sudden there is this silence- It is so quiet and calm.  No one is talking, there is no noise.  It is the ultimate peaceful feeling.  I don't even hear the noise of the plane- as if the engine isn't even running.  It feels like the plane is gliding, there is no turbulence.  Like it is floating so peacefully through the air.

I can't help but feel like this plane went into a different layer or dimension of our current existence [I realize this is a very alternative concept, but I just report what I see].  I see the jungle, and what I notice most are the leaves.  The passengers are looking at the vegetation is complete amazement, but not in complete horror, but rather amazement.  They are gigantic.  The climate feels warm and humid, but rather comfortable.  I also have the images of the plane on a beachy coast as if it coasted to a graceful landing.  I can't get the images of show Lost out of my mind, as if the fundamental situation may be similar...

Q. Many people are very suspicious about what happened and do not believe it was an accident due to suspicious circumstances and coincidences surrounding the flight. Such as 2 passengers on the flight having fake passports from Thailand. Also the pilot was interviewed and photographed with a CNN reporter 1 week before the crash.
A.  As I focus on this, what I get is that China is behaving oddly about their airspace.  They are being very restrictive as to who gets into and who doesn't.  I also get that this flight was forced south of the planned route in air.  Shortly after it was forced south is when the electrical disturbance began.  I am not getting anything specific with passengers or the pilot.

Q. Could the crash be because of a oometary explosion ( similar to Russia last year)? The air France was also kind
of a mystery over the Atlantic ?  That would explain why the crew is taken by surprise .
A.  I see this as some electrical / magnetic situation.  I can't visualize an explosion at this time.

And that is all I have for now.  It is 6:38 AM.  (No audio at this time).

As a side note, if anyone has further questions on this topic, just leave a comment and I will monitor them. I'm sure there are a lot of unanswered items out there.  Thanks.

[Update from comments: 3/11/14 2:50 PM:

Thank you everyone for the great comments. I even respect 12:18 PM as I think everyone deserves their own opinion and my reading was a little "out of the box." Truthfully, I surprised myself with what I saw.

Anyways, I wanted to address some points that came up.

Phones: I get that they may be ringing, but no one is able to answer. It looks like a one-way communication. It looks like the number can be dialed as valid, and the phone may sound to ring, but in reality the call is not connected. This looks to be able to go on for a while now.

What they saw before and during the event: They were flying normal, and it got very dark out. Like the were being surrounded by something that looked like smog. Then I saw what looked like a lightening storm. Lighting was hitting the plane and electric sparks were coming from the plane. The ride got rough and it was complete chaos. Then this loud rumbling started, and at that time people started covering their ears. Once the rumbling stopped, there was an eerie calm over everyone. It was incredibly silent.

Description of the place: It is warm. Looks like an island. The plane coasted into a sandy beach. There is what looks like a tropical jungle about 100 yards off the coastline. The leaves on the plants are enormous- reminds of something I would have seen on Jurassic Park. The temperature is warm, I see people in short sleeves and still sweating. They were able to make fire and are keeping a fire on the beach as some kind of signal. Looks incredibly remote- I see no other people on the island. I can see some mountains in the central part of the island and at a distance look like they may have snow on the very top.

Will they come back, do they want too: They don't realize how lost they are. Yes, they want to come back. They are more anxious than scared. I cannot see them being located- I feel like bits of the plane broke off during the turbulence / electrical storm and that will be found, but for the most part the plane is in tact.

How and Why did this plane slip into another dimension: To be honest I can't see the why or how, I just see what looks like an electric storm and the sky immediately surrounding the plane has this plasma look to it. When you stare at a hot road it gives the appearance of blurry vision in the space directly above it- well the sky looks like that around the plane. The next thing I see is that the plane is gone.

[Update from comments 3/11/14 8:01 PM:
Thank you again for all of your feedback.

There are a couple more things I wanted to discuss. I do not see this as intentional or a government plan. I see this more as a phenomenon or rare, unusual event. They were at the wrong place at the right time and right conditions. I see this as being unexplained for a long time.

Also regarding where they are. This is a concept that is somewhat hard to understand, but we are taught that time is linear. We are also taught that there is a start and stop point and things progress forward along a line. I too see time as linear, but I don't think we are restricted to always moving forward. I see we jump ahead and backwards. We don't always remember where we have been (just like we can't all remember with our conscious mind what we ate for lunch last Tuesday). Your subconscious knows and that is why (for example) we may feel that we have been somewhere or recognize someone (because we have been there or met them) and don't remember. Having said that, I see that they had a (what I call) "time slip" into the past. I have had many images of Gilligan's Island pop up in typing this, so I think that is also noteworthy. I still see them on an island with a jungle inland. They are alive...

I also keep seeing tiny islands on a map to the east of Malaysia- I feel the plane was directed more toward that area.]

[Update from comments 3/12/14 6:57 AM:
Thanks again for all the feedback. I agree with many of the posts- the only way back is the way they went, and I can't see that happening (in my mind). I see them being on Earth, but in the past, like an alternate reality (I know this is a very different concept- I just report what I see).

As a whole, people look to be ok.. There are some injuries- I see one person specifically with some pretty big cuts on their leg and limping, but there is some kind of huge leaves wrapped around it. I am not viewing any deaths, just injuries at this point. If there were deaths, they are out of my view.

I also see some kind of tribal people. I get the impression that they will eventually meet them, but I don't feel hostility. I see them looking at the survivors strangely like they don't understand the aircraft that brought them, and the clothing is very perplexing to them. The tribal people are more afraid of them than anything... This looks like a glimpse as to how they merge into a society....]

[Update from comments 3/12/14 8:46 PM:
I wanted to provide another response to some great questions coming in:

Government- Do they know / What are the doing? I feel this shock and amazement. As if this incident was horrific, and yet unreal at the same time. I get they are trying to track this somehow with electromagnetics and heat, but it is unclear as to how, and it is unsuccessful.

Someone had mentioned to try scrying or dowsing. Those aren't skills that I have practiced, but anything is worth trying. If someone has had experience and is comfortable, go for it. It could be helpful]

[Update from comments 3/13/14 2:35 PM:
Hello everyone. I am still watching this thread closely.

I see the area in question to the southwest of what is shown on the map as the search area. The were much more off the path that they are broadcasting.

Many of asked how to come back. I cannot get a visual on that. I see them as ok, some injuries, but for the most part ok. I also get an impression that mentally something happened as they disappeared, because they "feel" accepting of their situation.]

[Update from comments 3/14/14 6:58 AM:
Thank you everyone for your comments. I enjoy reading everyone's opinion and perspective. When we come together, I feel like it increases our intuition like an amplifier. Having said that I would like to do another update.

Question: What will happen from now on?
A. We will continue to look, and even when it is out of mass media, government will be so
intrigued that they will continue to search for this. I also see some kind of a distraction coming up that will take over the media as a way to get this off the news. Government doesn't like dealing with all the questions (I see it makes them squirm). It is as if they have similar theories as this reading, but don't know how to explain it or what to do just yet when addressing the mass population.

Question: How are the passengers now? 
A. They appear to be what I would call just "ok". I see huge fire on the beachy area trying to create a smoke screen. They look dirty, but appear to have water (I see sandy jugs sitting around.) It looks like after you get within the jungle part of the island there is a stream with clean water they are able to drink from and they send teams to go retrieve it. They look very tired too- sleep is the issue... Also, some of them are just angry. They are so mad they haven't been found. Others in a way accept it, and have had a peacefulness come over them.

Question: Is there any information you can provide from the list of passengers so that their relatives will know for sure you are seeing them for real?] A. I haven't looked at the list because I don't want it to effect my impressions, but I will try to get some descriptions... let me take a moment...

Ok I had some random people come into my mind
1-There was a business man, looks to be in his late 20s, and was traveling wearing a suit. When the plane landed he morphed into a leader. He took off his shirt, and is just wearing a white t-shirt with his dress pants, he found a bandanna and twisted it up and is wearing it as a headband. The distinguishing feature of him is he has a golden chain around his neck with a very unique charm. He never takes it off. (If feels like a gift and a link to someone close to him here) He also has a scar on his cheek- and I want to say it is acne related. He has a lot of survival instincts- as if in his personal life this person practiced or studied how to survive...

2-There is a guy, also in his 20s that he emerged to be "2nd in command".. What I see with him is a tattoo on his arm that looks like an upside down triangle (I felt like it had a Superman quality about it).

3-There is a woman that looks to be late 20s early 30s and there is something about her with her purse. It is like she is guarding something in her purse (food, candy, mints??). The purse had really huge metal buckles and an "expensive" feel to it. Wherever she goes, she takes this purse. I even see her walking to the edge of the jungle to use the latrine and she keeps this purse on her shoulder the whole time.

4-I see a lady who has really nervous hands. Like she is "ringing" or moving her hands all the time. I get an image of knitting or crocheting (I can't tell if she is knitting there, or this is something she does at home) but as she is doing this activity, her eyes feel rather large. She is paying attention to everything being said and everything being done. I get an intuitive sense with her (card reader?).

I also get an image of the group chewing on some leaves that have a sweet taste in the middle. I get that there are some people that are educated on herbs and plants, and understand what is safe to eat. At the edge of the jungle are these "sweet" tasting plants.]

I feel like what happened is so connected to events that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle that I have also attached links to past readings I have done on the topic.
Bermuda Triangle Reading:

[Updated from comments 3/15/14 at 9:55 AM:
I recently had a couple of people ask me about the Andaman Islands and Jawara Tribe... It feels even more south of that- my eye wants to look more south that that location.  I do absolutely feel there is a tribe on the island, and I see them giving assistance to the missing people after a certain amount of time studying them and making sure they are not a threat.]

[Updated from comments 3/16/14 at 2:00 PM:
I wanted to do another update on some things that have come up…
First, I got an image of an Asian man that was trying to convey a message to me in a language that I couldn’t understand.  He seemed frustrated that he couldn’t “talk” to me, and then he held up his hands and showed me 2 fingers, 3 fingers and 7 fingers.  Does anyone know what 2-3-7 means?  I couldn't get a clearer message on that.

One distinguishing thing I saw was that the gentleman trying to communicate with me had a pinky finger that was either broken, dislocated or possible deformed.  It appeared to be bent oddly at the first joint, didn’t seemed painful, and looked healed over, but something noticeable.

I was then shown that the Indian tribe that inhabited the island finally “trusted” them enough to come to their aid.  I see them being led in a single file line back to the village near the center of the island (and also near the foot of the mountain).  I did see white paint on the Indian’s face, and it looked like the different markings distinguished who was in charge.  Back to the walking single file.. They had to walk in a single file because there were certain plants (reminds me of a huge Adams Needle plant) that have a sharp pointy end that if it scratched you burned and itched.  They had to be cautious walking the path.

I don’t sense fear or danger.  I believe this tribe is trying to help.

To answer some questions: I don’t see anyone in the cockpit right now.  I think they were led away from the beachy area last night (more like late afternoon).

I have been asked about some islands in the area: Sumatra: It feels west of that, Cocos: This area feels more right, Christmas Island: I felt the best connection with this and Cocos, Flores: This feels off to me.

I will mentally work on Paul Weeks and see what things I can connect to.]

[Updated from comments 3/17/14 at 6:22 AM:
I have been following this thread, and wanted to do another update.

I am still not sure about the numbers 2-3-7.  I didn’t know the number of passengers until I continued to read my comments, but I also don’t like to make any stretches, and since there were originally 239, I can’t say this is right (It could be but I can’t confirm.)

When I focus on what timeline, I still felt they weren’t of this timeline, but in a previous time… When I mentally tried to sort how that worked, I got that for that to work what happens is their vibration (or frequency) as a whole shifts.  I then got that the way to find them is to some how tune into their frequency.  I was still a little unclear how to explain this, and here was the example I got- We can’t see microwaves with the naked eye without a special device because they are at a frequency that our eyes can’t “see”, well this alternate reality is also at a different frequency that we can’t see with our naked eye.

I also wanted to note that if I am able to connect with the Asian man again, I will try to phonetically write down some words and have someone help me translate.  I still feel there was something significant with 2-3-7.

Paul Weeks:  I did work on tuning into him.  The first thing I noticed was my ear hurt, like something in my eardrum was injured.  I also get this ringing in my head.  What I most related to was watching a movie in which someone had a flash bomb go off and there is this silent ringing/muffled sound effect going on. I looks like something is going on with the hearing in one of his ears.

I also got this image of a leather briefcase.  I actually got an angry feeling toward this case (or what it represented- like he felt like he wouldn’t be in this situation if it were for this “brief case”).  Again, I was unclear if this is symbolic or actual, but he felt to guard this case, but had some mental dilemma as to why he was caring so much for it because it felt as though it meant nothing were he was now.  I see him walking around this jungle area, banging it around, and using it as a seat.

(I will keep working on him and I was also contacted about a few other people)]

[Updated from comments 3/18/14 at 6:21 AM

I wanted to do another follow-up.
First, thank you everyone who is putting their energy into this.  I think the more we focus, the more we collectively can pin-point this and help these people.  I call this type of collective thought synergy, and together we are so much stronger.

Someone said that many people are getting and seeing different things- I think that is because things come to everyone differently because of their own personal life experiences, but what we have to do is see what is in common, or the link between it all, and that is where we will find our answers.

It came to me yesterday when I was focused on all this, and looking at my blog, that “The answers are here, right in front of me, I just need to look to see it.”  The message was that the truth is there, and it may not be obvious, but it is there… I have been rehashing this over and over, and looking at comments, and I haven’t seen that moment of clarity just yet.  I will not give up though- Thank you for all the comments/feedback, all of the alternate views help me to break away from my train of thought that I am on.

Having said all that, I wanted to address some specific points that people have brought up.
Poyang Lake – I get this is too north.
Java- This is a possibility, but I really feel a pull to the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island.

I was still focused on the briefcase too.  There is so much anger directed toward that!  I just see him banging around, hitting it on stuff, and it is so tattered.  At the same time, he drags it everyone and won’t let it go.  When I focus on the anger what’s in it and the anger, I see graph paper and then graphs, like a presentation.  I also see what looks like blueprints to something.  Then I get this anger again- It is coming through that he feels like he is where he is because of what is in the briefcase or what it symbolizes.  I also keep hearing, “They did this to me, It’s their fault.”

I still stand by the numbers 2-3-7.  As I was typing this it came to me to ask if anyone reading this knows sign language?  I saw myself signing the alphabet (which is the only sign language I know). What are the equivalent words for holding up 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then 7 fingers? Does that symbolize numbers or does it create words?

Mr. Wan Hock Khoon- The only thing I get is that he is a very spiritual person, and he is mentor.  I don’t see him as a physically strong leader, but rather a spiritual healer.  I want to use the word Shaman when I focus on him.  I am only seeing the energy about him, so I will keep working to try to see more.
In getting the plane back here- I am still working on that too.  I just haven’t been able to connect what needs to happen before the plane can materialize here.

Thanks and I am continuing to watch this…]

[Updated from comments 3/19/14 at 6:39 AM

Thank you for your continued feedback on this thread.  I think all the energy helps many people collectively sort through this and try to offer help or clues..

Lanipure:  I was asked if I could hear this name, word or another word sounding similar (another psychic had tuned into this).  When I put that intent out there, the first thing I get is that there is an animal on this island and that it what it is called.  It feels rare (and at a first image it looks like some kind of a wildcat but it could be my mind reinforcing it is an animal).  I wouldn’t say it is extremely harmful because it looks to avoid the tribe that is helping the survivors, but the tribe members look to be cautious of it.  Possibly someone knows (in English or Chinese) if Lanipure (or something sounding like it) is a rare animal living on an island in the ocean…

Paul Weeks:  I tried to focus on positive energy with him.  I feel like the anger and frustration he is feeling is blocking me from communication.  I can “see” images, but I can’t get a mental connection to convey messages.  He looks to be very emotional now.  I see him very sad, and then in the next instant he is kicking his briefcase.  I even see briefly that he took out some of the papers in his briefcase and burned them and then said “Here, you want them, you got them.  Here you go.” And threw them in the fire.  Very angry- I feel like we need to send positive energy to him.

Wan Hock Khoon-:  I was asked to see if I could somehow connect to this gentleman.  He feels very calm.  He also feels very connected to his higher self. As I try to have some spiritual connection with him, I am getting a conflict resonating within me.  I see him zoom out to a map of the world and I see his finger point to an area of water in the Atlantic that is to the northwest of Africa.  I really felt an internal pull toward Christmas Island and Cocos Island which is not even close to the northwest of Africa, so I am trying to sort out why he is showing me this area of water to the northwest of Africa, so I am going to continue to let my mind work on that.

Maldives: Someone yesterday questioned Maldives… That could be a possibility, but I still feel a connection to Christmas Island and Cocos Island.]

[Updated from comments 3/20/14 at 7:05 AM

Hello and thanks for sharing continued energy on this…

As I read through the comments (and I appreciate all of your thoughts- alternative views are what makes us stronger and help us to mentally stretch our ideas) I had some things come to mind that I wanted to discuss.

I had some people ask about Comoros.  I get that is too south.. I have adopted a philosophy that things happen, and they are a sign rather than coincidence.  Yesterday, I put in a DVD (cartoon) that I have never watched or heard, and when children were singing, the word “Cocos Island” was in one line in the lyrics- and I actually was paying attention at the time and heard it.  I am sticking to my gut regarding this region / area.  I still see Cocos as a clue and area of interest.

Jee Jing Hang:  I get he was there working a new business deal (I see him shaking hands with another man).  I also see him looking at a laptop (as if to say I could do this online, but it isn’t right, he wanted to be in person.).  He was excited about the project (business deal) , but not the trip.  I get he didn’t like traveling (motion sick, nervous?) I also get the impression that he wanted to surprise someone with this deal he was working out.  I ask myself what this deal was- The first thing I hear is that it is confidential (as if it is confidential until it is settled).  I also get that is has to do with real estate- and the business has to be at a specific location (and expand, grow from there).    He looked to be practicing or rehearsing what he need to say during his business presentation, as if in his head he was prepping himself (I see this chanting in his mind) right up until the plane ran into trouble.

2-3-7.  I had some questions regarding the actual finger placement when this was shown to me.  The “2” looked like a peace sign, (first and second finger), the “3” was the first three fingers and the “7” was again the peace sign with a high five (first and second finger and then all five on the other hand).  Maybe this better helps with the sign language aspect too.

Again with the 2-3-7 (and believing in signs).. I was searching Netflix for “Robin Hood” and there was a show called “Room 237” (which I then remembered someone mentioned much earlier in the blog).  I felt compelled to watch it.  It is so much more than just discussing the Shining, but rather the hidden symbolism in the forms of media we watch (subliminal messages, links to the truth via prop placement, hidden truth in general).  I knew then that I was being told that the truth is out there, we just have to come together and figure it out. I have an overwhelming feeling that the truth will come out.

Thank you, and I will continue to monitor this thread.]

[Updated from comments 3/21/14 at 6:48 AM
Hello.  I wanted to give an update on this thread…  Thank you again for sharing your energy.

NW of Sumatera:  Some people have asked about this area.  I will say the area feels right.  I still feel that Cocos Island is connected to this (maybe there is a named or unnamed island that is in very close proximity to Cocos).. I am trying to focus my energy to that area to see anything I can..

ET Forces:  I have been asked to try to get some kind of connection with that type of energy.  I am going to put some focus into that and I will update you on what I am able to do.  I will say that my initial image is a snapshot of ET (from the movie ET) and he is putting his finger up to his mouth and shushing me.. I haven’t figured out what this is yet…It feels a little negative, but I haven’t fully explored it.

Pilots:  I do get there were some unbalanced energy with at least one of them BUT I also get that when the plane entered the strange electric storm, they panicked.  They maintained control, but on the inside they felt fear.  I don’t see foul play from my perspective. I see an instinct of survival come over them..

In closing, It came to me yesterday that the media is wanting closure to this story.  In some of the comments I didn’t feel the news of finding wreckage was real.  I believe that they are telling people it is real to “tie up” the story, but I don’t see evidence that is very compelling that the plane or any wreckage was found.  My mind went to a scene in the movie Room 237 (that I described accidentally finding in the previous thread) where military scenes were shot in a studio set and televised as being real (military things did happen, but not the way they were always televised).  I just see that we can’t fully believe what we are shown, and trust in yourself to know what is the truth].

[Updated from comments 3/22/14 at 9:17 AM
Thank you everyone for your continued energy on this.

Something that really caught my attention in reading through the comments was the idea of the Urung (I was also told it was called Pulau Pulau Koko) Island..  In thinking about this place I do connect to the energy, but I can’t find it on a Google map to really focus in.  I really get that either the word Cocos is where they are, or they are really close to it (if it isn’t the name, the sounds of word Cocos is relevant).  Possibly Christmas Island, but I would like to be able to meditate on the Pulau Pulau location.. For those that know, can you direct me- or give me a proximity on a map?

I have had a few questions asking me about remote viewing groups.  I am not working with any groups.  I am sharing energy with everyone, but I am not talking to groups directly.  I don’t want to change my impressions by influences (or their intuitive impressions), but rather see if we can come to the same conclusion independently.  I think that helps to pin-point the truth and help to eliminate the impressions the pull us of track.  You may read ten facts, eight are right and two are misinterpreted- the commonalities amongst independent reads leads you to the truth..

Yesterday I also had an image.. New debris that they find will be broadcasted as part of the plane (I get the media is wanting this unsolved story off the news).  In reality they need to be looking for aged debris.  When they time slipped (and when I focus on what time- I see 1950s style clothing) and landed, pieces of the plane broke (the plane was mainly intact). They need to look for current looking plane parts that appear to have aged for many years..]

[Updated from comments 3/23/14 at 11:40 AM
Thank you to everyone putting their positive energy into this.

I was finally able to locate Pulau-Pulau Kokos Indonesia on Google Earth.  I did get a connection to this.. I can’t help but feel that the word Cocos came to me in order to later discover this.  This is to the west of Malaysia, just as I previously felt, and the island itself feels “right.”  I still maintain some connection to the Cocos and Christmas Islands, but definitely feel this is an area worth exploring.

I have been asked to focus on the Indian Village again.  My initial feelings are that it is “ok” but kind of quiet.  Meaning people are into what they are doing, and for as many people that are there, it sounds quiet.  I also see that the passengers are helping the Indians.  At first they were guests, but now they are contributing.  I see men worked to help clear more trees and the women are mashing something in a bowl to make dried crumbs (looks like something they eat.) I also see some men trying to communicate with the Indians by using a lot of hand gestures, but it almost looks like the passengers don’t know how to even describe how they got to where they are.. There is a lot of mental confusion as if they are waking up and trying to understand what is happening.

The next thing I got is that there are passengers (let’s say it was a time slip and they are 50 years in the past) that adopt the Indian lifestyle and grow up into that culture.  If we found them today, they would be older, have children, and those children would hear this story as if it happened in the past.  I realize this is a difficult concept, but I feel like if we could communicate to an Indian tribe on one of these islands (Cocos, Christmas or Pulau-Pulau) they could tell us what happened.  I get that they even have some of the debris or even the plane poked in a cave.

ETs.  It was in a comment that ETs don’t look like ET.  I want to explain that I understand this (some may look this way and some may not).  When I get an image it can be literal or a symbol.  I see my image of ET just a symbol to point me down an alternative path of thinking.

[Updated from comments 3/24/14 at 6:46 AM
Continued thanks goes out to all of you.

I had some questions as to how the time difference would work.  I see it this way… If you had someone that was 70 years old on the flight, and they slipped back (let’s say 50 years),  They would still be 70 years old, but just living in a different time.  I see that if we could locate this tribe that I see on this “jungle island with a large snow-capped mountain in the middle” we could get real answers.
I would also like to explore the area of Palau Palau more. The term or sound Cocos (Kokos) is relevant to this search.  The more I focus on this the more connected I am to this area.

With regard to the mental state.. I am having a previous reading pull forward regarding the Bermuda triangle.  When people (and in my vision I saw it as a plane) were transferred to a different time/place, when they left the aircraft they suffered a terrible state of mental stability.  The confusion and understanding of what just happened was so great, that it was almost difficult to “ground” themselves and understand what was real or what just happened.  In the reading I had the word “Boonshock” come up as a term used by inhabitants of the place that the aircraft was transferred to describe this mental situation…

I will say I do get a connection to a similar feeling with regards to the location of the passengers now.  They (the passengers) are so confused as to how to describe what happened.  They don’t fully understand where they are in relationship to time because they are on a scarcely inhabited island, but they think they just landed there.  They remember the electrical storm, but after that it was just strangely quiet.  The passengers that seem are mentally strong, feel fine, and they are trying to tell the ones that are mentally catching up (they are confused and don’t know why, and feel something happened but don’t know what) that they are in some kind of shock.

I will continue to work on this…]
[Updated from comments 3/24/14 at 12:30 PM
Hello everyone.  I was reading through the comments (as I do throughout the day to keep my mind in tune and energized), and I saw where they had announced that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean with no survivors.  My initial thought was, Who is saying that?  It just felt like someone’s theory. It felt like a made up story.  I looked online at some of the sources, and realized it was the actual news people were given.

I had said that they would find debris and label it as belonging to this flight (and it isn't).  I had also said that they would end this soon because the media wants it off the news.  I just ask that people not give up using some energy on this, as I feel if we keep our minds open to communication flowing with our higher selves, we may still be able to see this tragedy through with a different ending.

Love and light-]


Shallena said...

Very interesting... would explain why they can't track the black box homing beacon... made me think of Stephen kings story Tommy Knockers...

Utami Astar said...

I was thinking along the same lines as this Focus Session... This incident brings me back to what Valiant said on No More Sleeping blog in his penultimate posting "In The Skies" (I think that's the title) about watching things this March for falling things including airplanes, magnetic fileds, errant bird behaviour, etc...

Utami Astar said...

Things falling from the skies, I mean

Carol Turner said...

The description of the environment sounds like the desvription of the Inner Earth environment.

Wherami said...

Seems that lots of people like Valiant and Focus Sessions are seeing whats going on. I like it. Parts of what Focus Sessions saw has a lot of language from the bots for this time of year that I have been waiting on. Magnetism and Energies from Space with electrical outbursts and charges and then some strangeness with people being caught in a time experiment near china.

Agnysse said...

I feel that this aircraft has gone into another dimension which they have manifested and created for themselves. Possibly all of the people on board this aircraft has the the same collective consciousness, which synchronized their getting together as a soul group journeying during this last leg of their journey.

This is not 'new' as it has always been this way that the collective consciousness of a 'smaller' synchronized reality pockets has been happening everywhere at any given time. It is what it is.

Not to say that we 'don't feel' for their families here in our reality on Mother Earth, We do. The most important outlook for this whole situation, is to send much love and blessings to this little group of people who are experiencing their 'side-tracked' reality. They are not sure of what they 'desire' to do next and their 'anxiety' is a part of the 3D paradigm .. which .. hopefully will dissipate so that they can co-create together as one soul group to further advance their journey.

They may be on another planet similar to Planet Earth. This could be an example of the transitioning of those who have decided to not 'ascend'. and yet still are allowed to continue their journey in 3D .. and possibly 4D as Planet Earth no longer desire to maintain the energy of the 3rd and 4th dimension.

Namaste and bright Reiki blessings - Agnes

Laron said...

Agnes, I said pretty much the same thing as that to a friend yesterday but with a difference with your second theory, which I would think would be the new earth and therefore would be part of the ascension process as it didn't sound like a third dimensional location from the description of the reading.

Blunt Talk said...

Certainly a probability

Lon Strickler said...

Laron said...

Major Ed Dames said on his Forum,

"The airplane went down within an approximate 20 mile radius of N13 30' 00''/E97 30' 00''
Unlike most terrain target sites, open water does not (presently) lend itself to tighter fixes."

That location is just off the west coast of Thailand.

Angel said...

Another "Philadelphia experiment"?

the_mesmerizer said...

What does "Unlike most terrain target sites, open water does not (presently) lend itself to tighter fixes." mean?

Ashtar Sheran said...

<3 >_< I hope you are doing ok! ~ FYi; I HIGHLY BELIEVE The EVENT is In PROGRESS "bc of the Flight 370 missing" as You might know the Light Et's have them, they are ALL WELL & FULL of AWE & WONDER :P <3 :) I am your brother~ from another mother~ I am Rich / Arch Angel Michael / Lord Ashtar Sheran <3 LISTEN ANYTIME~or LIVE on SATURDAYS@8PM CA TIME. 10PM Midwest/CST. 11PM FL/NY EST TIME ~FREE~ANYTIME @

More at: @Ashtar Sheran RADIO

Laron said...

the ocean is harder to pin point an object with remote viewing in comparison to the land

Laron said...

Everyone, Focus Sessions has added a lot more information to the original article. I have updated the repost here to reflect that information.

Linda said...
I'd love for someone to watch this and tell me all about it. My data credit is currently almost used up. I saw the first few minutes. The guy is a slow talker, but the lady he's interviewing Lauren Moret is a very interesting and gutsy activist in the scientific fields of radio frequency and how it can be used.

Wherami said...

here is what I got from the first 30 minutes Linda

770 million articles on the airplane disappearing - so the world is very weirded out by this for sure.

flight 370 - march 8 missing.

top tier us navy release new weapon. in paper day before plane missing on March 7. directed energy weapon. laser weapon system. LAWS - is the name of it.
possible product demonstration he surmises as a demo for Putin so that the Russians are aware of US capabalility. There are other live demonstrations on Youtube that show how this weapon is used. They all hit the tail section. A witness saw the plan burning at high altitude while he was working on a oil rig. This witness has been confirmed. He was working in vietnam. The plane was in one piece but the tail was burning he says.

First moments after disaster - Vietnam news and lots of people immediately saw that US had shot it down. A vietnamese admiral stated that he saw the US shoot it down.

This is payback for Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal verdicts for Israel , US, and UK.

The RAND Corporation is the private company building and designing all of these powerful dangerous weapons so that they are outside of Govt supervision.

constant misdirection and disinfo by media to keep everyone confused.

Linda said...

Hey Whereami, thank you!


Laron said...

Denise Le Fay has done a psychic reading on the situation of missing flight MH370. She has copyrighted her article so I will link to it and provide a quick summary. (I would have posted it if it wasn't copyrighted)

She senses the passengers have been taken and are alive, that they exist elsewhere. (outside of this dimension/reality)

Basically she is saying what has been said in the Focus Session above and has confirmed what I expect this to be about, as in the new earth/ascension related.

Laron said...

All, I am going to write up a new article with new information I have received. Some of it I will include below.

Please see this blog entry here for additional information that paints parts of this picture. This information has given me goose bumps.. I think... it makes perfect sense.

I have been in direct contact with Krsanna who also has some very interesting information around the missing plane. Her information matches up with the link I just provided, Denise Le Fay and also Focus Sessions.

She has given me permission to share this,

"The Malaysian fight is traveling in and out of our timeline and navigating in coexistent space. When it is on our timeline, the flight is visible to us on satellites and radar. When it moves off our timeline, the flight echoes or shadows our timeline in coexistent space. We might say the flight was pulled into a powerful current of a magnetic river with a different time rate. On an alternate timeline, the jet might still have plenty of fuel and have found a place to land, but has not yet synchronized with our timeline. (It could still return to our timeline, but “when” remains unknown.) The expert pilot easily is the Malaysia Airline pilot that began the flight at Kuala Lumpur. This is NOT science fiction. It is what time travelers explained to Ida Kannenberg in 1978.

“We can use a coexistent and coexten­sive universe — a different dimension of being you would call it — al­though that is not altogether the correct term. This occupies the same space, but in a different concept of time. Yes, you are right, if it had the same concept of time it could not coexist. If you could manipulate time and energy, you could come into this area of being, as we do.

“Right again, when we use this coexistent world, we are as an ener­gy existence — that is, from your viewpoint and understanding. We are not, then, material, as you are. We are trying to think in new terms, translating for your understanding. We then exist in a different kind of time and know how to use energies in different ways. There are more kinds of energy available to you even more than you have discovered.

“You are just beginning to catch a glimpse of psychic energies. No more now, we have to translate this kind of knowledge into your un­derstanding. It is like a foreign language. We must study also.”"

Jo Dean said...

I saw the Malaysian plane fly into another dimension. There was an off world craft near by that flew into that dimension & rescued the crew & passengers. They were taken to another planet for indoctrination, & their well being. They knew what was happening to them & they're fine. They are adjusting to their new environment & had molecular change structure of their physical bodies. They will never return to this planet & they are alright about this. Where they are is so much more beautiful than planet Earth. They have met other humans who have "disappeared" from this planet. They have become a community.

Jo Dean said...

I had seen this Malaysian plane fly into another dimension of time. There was an off world craft near by & flew into the dimension to rescue the crew & passengers. They were taken to another planet where the molecular structure of their physical bodies took place. They are very well where they are..receiving counseling & met with others who have disappeared from this planet. Their environment is so beautiful & they will go on to live fulfilled lives.

Jo Dean said...

Governments know exactly what happened to the Malaysian plane, but they cannot release this information to the general public for obvious reasons. So sad they're keeping this a secret that the plane did fly into another dimension of time...a rip in the fabric of time as we know it to be.

Laron said...

Jo Dean, do you have a website I can link to? I would like to include your info in an article I am writing.

Linda said...

Something else I realized in relation to this is that as we are (some of us) seeing things from a higher perspective in terms of frequency, the veil thinning so-to-speak, then it makes sense that what some are detecting may be a shift via death to another dimension (heaven or whatever you like). I see the sky as different colours when I'm in just gazing, it's simply viewing it from a natural tranced state, just one thing that many of us are detecting now - changes in our frequency change what we see. I think the plane came down, and no coincidence with the technological knowledge of those on board, and people may be picking up the easy slide into the realm of light. Just another angle of thought.

Laron said...

All, please see my new article here, , if you want more information on the missing flight. (six hours of research and writing)

Waityurturn said...

Thanks Laron!! Keep posting these links.

Ivy Aw said...

Please! Please check I am totally confused... Question and Answer by psychic mom of 4 in her 30s (surely not Major Ed Dames!) exactly the same? Right down to the pictures? Whats happening here? Who is the real deal?

Laron said...

I'm not sure what your trying to say there Ivy. This article above is from that URL you posted, as mentioned at the top of the article here.

Laron said...

All, please note I have updated the article above to reflect a vast amount of additional information that Focus Sessions has added.

Memo Wiseguy said...

I still don't understand how authorities find a different object everyday but yet it is no part of a plane...

My questions are:
- why did it take so long to deploy search teams?
- Why no mayday from pilot?
- How can we find a soccer ball in a middle of a soccer field using google map but we cant find a plane the size of a building?
- Or the government knows something we don't?

Check this video i found: