Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Bomb Cleanup

By guest writer, Kat Bayer

It travels unseen, no smell, no sound,
In the oceans, in the sky, in the flesh, in the ground,
Radiating waves that can harm or heal,
A choice to be made, a fate to seal,

Yet, choice is a funny thing to ponder,
As the trickster mind puts to wonder,
“What’s the point if we’re just gunna die?”
But that’s the dirty little lie.

Choice is really a sacred bond,
To follow the heart over ego mind,
Where greed and hate and hurt and fear,
Have no power over Love’s mighty spear,

For life eternal is our true state,
Creators all, in time, in space,
So embrace the authority given by Love,
And remember the Hand inside your glove,

Stand up. Ready yourself.

Now sharpen your arrows and daggers of Love,
Storm the foul with an affectionate shove,
With inner eyes connected to heart,
Alchemize hurt into healing light,

Stand up. Dive in. Go deep. Be brave.

Soak it in, soak it up,
Gather it into a golden cup,
Witness it turn into elixir wine,
To heal and nurture in zero time,

Stand in solidarity oh warriors of Love!

How do we clean and heal the world?

Make golden Love bombs. Drop them everywhere.

In every nook and cranny, wherever there is strife.
Explode discord with ecstasy, until the love ignites.
Watch it spread like wild fire ‘til naught else remains
'Til life in all its glory is running through our veins.

Choose life with joy, compassion with wisdom,
Transmute all the wicked with heavenly vision,
Where lives are free to love and explore,
And share true knowledge and beauty, and more.

We are one.

Kat Bayer
©2014. All rights reserved.


Linda said...

:) beautiful.

Shamini G said...

A lovely read to start the day!