Friday, March 21, 2014

Freedom from the delusional ego

By Paul Lenda via The Waking Times, 15 March 2014

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Although Rousseau was mainly referring to human society as a whole, even 250 years ago he understood that humanity can upgrade itself and live in a golden age by returning to nature and living a balanced life at peace with ourselves and each other. It’s almost hard to believe that, as a result of the ego (something that isn’t even fundamentally real), we can come to a point in our timeline where there is a probable possibility of species self-annihilation, whether by accident or by focused intention by the the most megalomaniacal of minds within our human collective. This is a very dangerous way to live and leaves the uncertainty of a bright future, if a future at all, at unsettling heights. It’s time to finally come to terms with how big of a role the human ego plays in all the social and political issues we see all around us and that affect our daily lives. Putting band-aids on the symptoms will not cure the very deep causes of those symptoms.
Thanks to some wonderful luminaries of humanity, we can upgrade our understanding of what ego is from the rather simplistic Freudian view to a model that allows for more complexity. After all, the universe/multiverse as we understand it, is infinite in nature. Within this infinite reality time is irrelevant…the creation of a highly complex non-entity structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature is not an impossibility. The growth, metamorphosis, and transformation of the energy of Infinity can concoct aspects of Reality (algae, poetry, entheogens, lacrosse, etc.), one of them being of such a high level of sophistication that it has influenced the sentient life cycles of entire species like the human race.
Yes, rather than being an actual entity, the ego is a structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature…something that has been backed by not only thousands of years of personal and direct experiences & eastern philosophies, but also by the study of the nature of Reality and its various aspects through quantum physics and other forward-thinking sciences. Having the understanding of what the ego is in this expanded view can help us understand that whenever the ego exists, we exist in a state of confused perception thanks to the generated illusions it creates. This is why activities such as meditation are helpful in the minimization of the ego’s influence over our lives.

Understanding the Illusion

The powerful emotions of anger, fear, envy, and others can be seen as if they were mechanically following tiny signals…as if there was a switch that was pressed. The illusion is that we are seeing something that is an actual experience within an objective reality. However, the fact is that it is mostly a replay of past experience that is modified a little to fit present circumstances. This replay is recorded again in order to add to the previous memory, which ingrains things even deeper, leading us to have a greater conviction in its real-ness. The more we experience in this way, the deeper we get stuck in the illusion. This entire time, we stay in a state of confusion where we think that we are basing our actions on experience itself. The delusional ego has made us prisoners of something that isn’t even real.
Take a look at how prevalent this is in older individuals. The older a person gets, the more ‘experienced’ he or she is in this illusion that has essentially entrained the brain to think a certain way. The older a person is, the more sure he or she is that they “know” what they’re doing, making it very difficult for them to think differently or delineate from the path the illusion has trained them to go down. The essence of such a person’s life is now made up of a series of illusions.
Wouldn’t you like to be free? Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your own life and not have it controlled by something that isn’t even intrinsically real in the first place? You can and you will…if you can over come the great obstacle of fear. This incredibly powerful tool of the ego is a reflex that is set in movement when something that’s identified as very necessary is seen as being threatened. This reflex of fear causes a person to find every possible way of protecting what is felt as being necessary, or it failing this, to create illusions of escape from the approaching danger. In the strong words of physicist David Bohm, “fear confuses, corrodes, and corrupts the mind.”
About the Author
Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, and co-founder of SHIFT>, a social community focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of Reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based. Visit his website, follow him on Twitter or visit the Shift Facebook community.


Jack said...

"Shift>" Another wonderful site, Laron. Thank you!

podsmagi said...

My ego isn't delusional, it's just really, really tired.

sm said...

my life has been at "lockdown" last few years because of this fear logical taughts tells me that getting back to my exgirl, will not bring me anything good, she will Control my life again then.
when i can feel that she is thinking of me, i dont wanna go back, but feeling bad about going on With my life/find a new girl, and im not getting anywhere...but last weeks i have feelt that she is not thinking about me, and the "replay" starts spinning, and i want her back..and my heart get brooken again, once i feel the negative energy from her..many of my friends comes to me for advices, but once i try to advise my own life, the replay start spinning

Agnysse said...

Namaste All,

During this last leg of our transition, the phasing out of the 3rd dimension can be really difficult. The 'parasitic and egotistic' energy leeches on ... clinging and refusing to release .. and revisiting our 'mind' time and time again's all part of a natural process like having a long shower .. after having been in a pool of thick mud for a long time. There is nothing to fear. It is just energy and it can be released .. not with our mind but with our heart. We use our heart feeling with our mind thoughts and to release all egotistic parasitic thoughts and dependency on what seems to be 'reasons' for us to keep on going back to the 'same old, same old'.. .just because it feels 'comfortable' and 'normal' .. and it was something which we've done and felt before .. but that doesn't make it 'all right' to keep on doing ..the 'same old, same old' .. and 'thinking' that the guilt rides will detour us back to hold onto the same 3rd dimensional ego energy.

It is time to say 'enough' is 'enough' and the we won't 'play' with ego anymore. We refuse to play the same drama over and over again like some twilight zone series. Watching too much tv, too much reality shows that are so very distracting and showing the same old egotistic drama over and over again .. same energy but different stories .. like wearing different clothes for sheer distractions but same old energy.

We all have to 'learn' to say goodbye and be ready to try new experiences. Shake the old energy free and remember to say 'thank you' for all soul lessons learned.

The energy of Gratitude (for anything and everything) is also an important tool .. to release old energies and to thank the new energy for waiting at our door step for too long. It is time to open our doors wide open from our hearts, and welcome the new energy in. Without doing our Spring cleaning from within, we won't have any more room within our physical vessel .. to embrace the new.

Spring is already here. It's time to spring clean our every single thoughts, words and deeds. Think 3, 4, 5 to 10 times .. before we send our thoughts out. We all know, it's hard to catch our thoughts before we actually 'feel' it .. perhaps about half a second .. and We say 'stop' .. and we search our heart for something positive like joy .. search for the image of joy within our heart and project that out. Keep on doing that .. whenever someone in the past .. the energy comes near ... block it by thinking about another incident when you were happy and enjoying yourself. We can do it. We will be victorious because the 3rd dimensional energy is 'clawing, crying and screaming' to stay .. but we thank it .. to go away. And so it is and it is so. Sending bright Reiki blessings to All as One. - Agnes

sm said...

well written:-)
im not a relegious person, but if i should name the devil: the 3rd Dimension Power of fear
and good: Our minds Connected in the 4th Dimension.
and we dont need moses 10 laws, Be With outhers, like u want them to be With u:-) regardless of what u get in Return:-)