Friday, March 7, 2014

Focus Sessions answers the question of what Courtney Brown's announcement is

Via Focus Sessions, 6 March 2014 (Thanks Wren)

1:56PM Q. Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute AKA remote viewing predicts a huge announcement in mid March. Can you focus on what this huge announcement is, please?
A. Immediately when I read this I see the movie ET in my mind. It looks like this message that will be announced will be directly related to aliens.  As I look a little deeper, it looks like the aliens have a message for us, and Courtney will act as a medium for relaying that message to us.

Q. Why does this announcement have to wait until mid March?  Why not now?
A. I get that both the way the message is to come across and the timing isn't right yet.  (In my mind I see a bunch of Yoda's conversing at a round table, like there is a discussion / debate of some kind going on??). Courtney doesn't even know what day the announcement will be made.  Once the message is communicated, it will be announced.  I don't get anything is being withheld, it is forthcoming, it just isn't ready yet.

Q.  I want to get some kind of clue as to what the announcement topic will be.
A.  I get it will be related to humankind in general.  I also get that there is some ethical code that ETs have with regard to there interference with humans, and keeping anonymous, but that code may be changing and their presence will gradually become known (I see an ET walking out from the shadows as if it is coming out of hiding.).  This won't be a huge announcement on the mass media, and it won't be a "loud" revealing, but rather slow and gradual.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:12 PM.

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sm said...

watch the Matrix movie, and think about God, Remote wieving, string teories

Maunagarjana said...

ET walking out from the shadows would be great, as long as its done with benevolent intentions. I'm not interested in more deceptions and manipulations. I think we've had enough of that on Earth. Time for some gradual dawning of truth....for a change!

LightPaige said...

I too sense the overall message will be streaming through ETs, with emphasis on human origins...that perhaps it provides clarity and validation on what Sitchen and Lloyd Pye interpreted. Regardless of the topic though, we know it's outside of most people's belief systems, and if it doesn't grab headlines, then I'm afraid it'll just be more of the same; a wacky conspiracy theory that the average Joe discredits or ignores... So my hope is, regardless of the message, it shatters false paradigms and causes veils to lift!

Laron said...

That was a mouthful to read LP!

LightPaige said...

Oh, sorry, L...was I blabbering again?

Linda said...

I think it was a cool stream of thought flowing, neato girl. Kind of like having a chitchat with you over a coffee, or maybe a pina colada mmm, yes....the latter.

Laron said...

Oh not at all LP, just a whole lot of big words all so close together! ;-)

Wherami said...

I want BIG Ass Spaceships floating in the sky. Then there is no arguments from all the sheeple :) I know I am kidding myself of course there will still be arguments even if something as blatant as that happens. sigh.

LightPaige said...

I would LOVE to grab coffee OR a PINA COLADA... heck, I'd even consider DIET COKE with fluoride for an opportunity to chitchat with you awesome people in person! Wouldn't that be neat? I often wonder how much electricity.. how much power... how much the union of amazing good jujus would have on this planet if like-spirited folk like us actually communed together or at least lived in the same region. Alas, we're just sprinkled in bits all over this planet, working so hard to raise the vibe and make an impact on the consciousness of those around us. Yunno? I'm babbling again! Would you believe I'm a tight-lipped, shy gal in person? lol

Linda said...

You know what LP? I said the same thing a little while ago to some friends. A couple of years ago I was told that we were sprinkled around the planet for our safety, but this is the time for us to come to together (which we're doing already here), but if you're ever in Australia, love to see you, or just pack the kid up, and let's go commune shopping :)....what a peaceful, loving and joyful place that would be. And to your question, ;) lol, or if you are, you just need the right company!

Rachelle said...

You gals are exactly right!! We're scattered throughout the world to bring light to the darkness!! It is wonderful to have this site so we can connect and be together:) It would be wonderful if we could all have a nice retreat together sometime....with buckets of pina coladas:)