Sunday, March 2, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast Sunday 2nd March, 2014 - Neptune's Magic

As mentioned within this forecast for today, this is an upcoming time of taking us back into the past and may relate to us retrieving something in some circumstances. Perhaps some lost knowledge?

via Neptune's Magic, Sunday 2nd March 2014 - Today both Mars and Vesta turn retrograde in motion in relation to the earth.

At the same time the moon is with Chiron. This tells a story of how things will be in the weeks ahead - a journey of healing for many as they reach back into the past somehow to retrieve something and work on it to make it better than before.
This is particularly strong for Arian people or those with a strong Mars in their life pattern, such as Mars in Aries or on the horizon or midheaven, or near their sun, or an Aries moon or ascending sign-Midheaven too.

Its also very strong for Librans as this is where Mars is just now. Mars Rx for everyone should have at least something to do with relationships or how to get along in a team or how much leadership to take in a team situation. But its also about planning something - or setting something up that needs balance and strength too.

Because Vesta supports this move with a sympathy motion its bringing more inner strength to the Mars experience- more depth, spirituality and core strength , so its very good for working on self and Mars is all about self, but Libra is about others so there has to be balance with how we relate and how much we share in this Mars Rx period. Many new decisions will be made and if we are off track the total lunar eclipse in Libra mid April will put us right.

In a general sense it depends what sign its in or which sector in your birth chart, as to how it will affect you personally but generally it can take you back into the past somehow or bring someone back into your life. It will help some of us relax a little and take a back seat or be a back seat driver if necessary.

But our core strength will remain the same and we can work on areas that we don't generally have time for so I see it as a trial period for many, relationships too - I do think a lot of long term relationships will need reassessing and working on in this period.

Its a chance to do things a different way...

Whatever Mars represents in your life, as in with Librans, it about your partner, the way you share will change somehow or your partners past may come back to meet you or vice versa.

So we will have until the 20th May to complete a project or try something out, or accept a new way of sharing, or visit our past somehow, just as examples.

So you may have to wait until the 20th May before you can see the best results of what you are working on from today.

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