Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast Monday 17th March, 2014 - Neptune's Magic

While being a Virgo, this makes sense.

via Neptune's Magic, Monday 17th March 2014 Its hard to see the full moon at present as its cloudy where I am in the South Island of New Zealand, after the heavy rains of the tail end of cyclone Lusi.

The moon is full as the sun throws a hard angle to Mars and Mercury trines the asteroid Vesta.

Vesta brings self awareness and inner strength to help us stay calm when the more hectic, anxious and impatient energies of Mars are exagerated by the full moon energy.

Its the build up thats usually the hardest to handle with any full moon, and this one is especially strong for Virgo or Piscean type people (Sun/moon/Asc, or the ruling planet, in this case Mercury or Neptune strong in the birth chart.) As always a full moon can be euphoric for some and for others a pain in the butt.

Virgo does make us want to get things right but brings far too much focus on unnecessary details and trivial matters that can drive people crazy, which it probably has for some...

But as always this full moon carries healing energies so if things come out into the open then we can face them and deal with them.( thats a choice however)

This Pisces has found this one quite difficult due to all of the above and more, as it happens on my home and family sector and on my midheaven of Virgo almost to the degree.

So in a sense it has affected my destiny, but as always decisions of major importance shouldnt be made at full moons due to the emotions involved but on the other hand it will effect the emotional reasons behind future decisions.