Monday, March 10, 2014

Cigar shaped UFO reported by MSN over Ukraine

Here is a decent UFO sighting reported by by main stream media site MSN (March 8th). With the wide spread rumour and following stories that a series of pyramids sitting in Crimea may be related to the war, and that one of them contains an alien mummy and also some kind of energy based technology, here we have this event occurring.

The YouTube channel DAHBOO77 has converted the MSN video onto YouTube for everyone's convenience as seen above.

Turner Radio Network is calling it a 'Sky Dreadnought' and that it belongs to the USA. TRN comes up with some really interesting articles sometimes... some articles that I would call disinformation.


Linda said...


Linda said...

I just read the last page (p287) of my first Dolores Cannon book titled 'Keepers of the Garden'. I would like to share this last page with everyone here. (Laron, I hope you feel free to delete or add whatever to make it copywrite legal, if I've infringed in anyway).

'One evening I was idly watching a science-fiction movie with the familiar "aliens take over the world" theme. Unexpectedly, it was as though a voice spoke loud and clear inside my head.'

"Why do they portray us in this manner? This only instills more fear in an already fearful world. We are not like that, we have shown this to you. Please tell the world who we really are, their brothers, their guardians and protectors from the stars. We do not need to take over this planet with violence. It is already ours, it always has been. We have been here since the beginning - caring and nurturing. Now we are trying to keep you from destroying this planet. Because this planet was given free will above all else in its life charter, you must be allowed to make your decisions. But we cannot sit idly by and watch our family annihilate itself and its home. The infusion of new blood was the only answer. If the earth influences are not too strong, we shall not fail. We will accomplish our goal, not of taking over the planet, but of saving it."

Dolores then expresses her views which include: 'For they are our ancestors, our relatives. Their blood flows in the veins of every living creature on this earth. The latest ones have come complete with programming and imprints of past lives and emotions to help them deal with life in our chaotic world. They are an infusion of new blood that does not believe that fear and war and destruction are the ultimate answer. They are programmed with love, peace and understanding. They are also more sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. Yet they seldom know their true heritage.'

(then a bit further on she writes about rising suicide rates in teens as evidence many gentle ones cannot adjust)....then ends the book with this:
'Yes, the aliens are here. Thank God that they are, for without them we are lost!'

I wouldn't say we are completely lost, for many of us are willing to learn, but I say we need help to bring balance, harmony, and enlightenment here - whatever that takes - the situation in the Ukraine looks like a good place to start, then let's head over to the Texas legal system and those pulling the strings there.