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Can a person really be "cursed"?

Via Focus Sessions, 17 March 2014

Can a person really be "cursed". If so, are they only cursed in this life or is their soul cursed? Also, are there ways to break a curse?

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I see two separate things when I focus on this.  I will say before I start that in my mind I view the word "curse" as bad luck or negative energy.  Something about the word "curse" doesn't resonate with me (I don't know why?) Ok, the first thing I see are people who, when they chose to reincarnate, actually picked a difficult life.  This type of luck looks to be attached to the soul.  At the time they chose to incarnate, this was their life path (just one of the many paths / lessons that need to be learned for complete understanding).  As a living soul, with a conscious, it looks illogical to chose a difficult path, but I get a message about you can't appreciate easiness or greatness without fully understanding difficulties and struggles, so all lessons are important.  Then I hear a quote from a friend "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour" so all extremes are necessary to evolve and achieves a certain roundedness within our conscious.

The second thing I see is that some people are not on the life path of a difficult life, but they make bad decisions that go against what their gut or inner voice is telling them to do.  This is much more free will driven. Many times the right path is the difficult path, but to achieve something great you often have to put in effort (and I get that is why it is worth it).

In both situations (choosing a more challenging existence before you incarnate or going against what your inner self is telling you to do) you may feel cursed, but in both of those instances you can overcome what you are going through.  I get in the first situation, part of a difficult life path is learning how to change your perception, become more empowered, and overcome the challenge.

The first thing is to develop an awareness and full accountability.  If you believe you can control your situation and put the intent out there, you can make positive change in your life.  If you focus on the bad, and think you are cursed, you will draw that to yourself.  (I am getting that the Law of Attraction is a huge factor in this mindset.).  I am also getting the phrase that "people create their own luck" and this goes both in a negative and positive direction.

Then I see a scenario about someone saying, Why do I get traffic tickets all the time, but my friend has never had one?  Is that not an example of bad luck being drawn to a person. This is where self reflection is important- You may have the attraction of the police (because of this energy attached to your soul) BUT you do still have control, Don't speed, Don't drive broken taillights /windshield/ etc. I get that you will always have choices to or things you can do to take control.  I am also hearing a phrase that positive energy is more powerful that negative (as long as you nurture the positive and don't focus on the negative) and no soul or person is doomed to a life of negativity, but it may require work on the individuals part.

Thank you.  It is 7:23 AM

@11:35 AM: Sometimes people need the negative to evoke a positive change. I agree that many aura readers initially overreact- I see it as a awareness of self, and it signifies either areas in your life need work or possibly your chakras that need balancing.

@2:07 PM: I do think that would be a good reading, but I want to address it briefly here. There are people who are very negatively weighted. They haven't accepted responsibly or accountability or realized that they have control of their life. As a personal defense their disposition, I see them absorbing the happiness from others in an effort to balance themselves (looks like a vampire sucking energy), thinking that is what they need to feel better (not realizing it comes from within). I also hear the phrase that "misery loves company." When you surround yourself with misery, it is easy to get sucked into a miserable, negative existence. (Again I hear references to the law of attraction).

Negative oriented people do serve their purpose. Without the contrast, how would we know what is positive? They also create challenges for people trying to stay centered. Negative people also have their own challenges that they can either overcome or be taken over. I hope I conveyed that in a way that is understandable. XO

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Wherami said...

Great Post! That whole article resonates with me. I always say you must have your Yin and Yang. You must have both for harmony in the Universe.