Monday, March 3, 2014

A Message from the Sasquatch

Fascinating information to ponder over with relevant elements connecting into many aspects of our times right now.

By John Allen via My Lady in the Woods, 26 Feb 2014

We have been watching you. We know who you are and where you live. We see and feel your energy while you are sleeping. We are the watchers from the woods. We watch you for hours and take bets about how your kids will turn out. We love watching your kids. Your kids are the most pure form of what you want to be. We love our kids too. We watch our kids grow and as they grow we teach them about you. We teach them the dangers of the humans who have made their environment sick. We watch as you wonder who we are.

The fear that you carry with you has been your own worst enemy. We see this. We watch this. We honor your choices even though we respect very few of them. We watch as you poison yourselves and poison every other creature in the process. We eat your food. At least we eat the food that is not toxic.

We walk barefoot among the broken glass that is left in our home by you. We feel your pain and watch you hurt. We watch you from the woods. We know who you really are and we know why you are here. What would you think if we were to tell you that you are not who you think you are?

It is time. It is time that you remember. We are coming to you today through this human because he has invited us to do so. We are his family. We help his fingers and heart find their way to your being. He has found us again in this lifetime and we are happy that he has remembered who we really are. You know that we mean you no harm.

We do not kill for a sport. We do not kill you because you are are family too. Why would anyone want to kill a brother for being different? Is it difference that is our enemy? We know what is in your hearts. We can feel your energy before you ever come to our home. You come to our homes and breathe the clean air. You love the sound of the water as our rivers bring you peace. Do you know who we are? We are your friends. You have forgotten about us. We are the Watchers from the Woods.

We have much to say to you. Will you listen? What do you want from us? We feel these answers from you. More and more of you come to see us. You leave us gifts. You listen as we choose to answer or we do not. The energy of your heart walks before you. It tells us who you are and where you are with your current state of evolution. We feel your fear. It is not us that brings this fear. It is you. When it is time for you to leave we send you the energy to do so. When you want to harm us we laugh and give you a nose bleed from behind a tree. We see you.

Our home is where you build your houses and dams. We watch as you cut down our brothers the trees for your poison food. Now is the time that some of you knew would come. It is time to come together and return our home to her beauty. But you must change. We know who is coming to our forest before you ever leave your home. We dodge your bullets and help heal the wounded animals that may fall prey to your sport. We remember a time when we lived together in harmony before the dark ones came and took the golden stones out of our dear mother. We watched as these golden stones divided you and made you disrespect yourself. We listen as some of you come to our homes to kill us and sell our bodies. You will never do this because you do not remember who we are.

Your leaders do not wish for you to know that you are not the only smart ones on this planet. They do not wish for you to know that we are hiding from you. They do not wish for you to know that you are not the only smart ones in all of the planets. We have friends in high places too. We visit your star family when ever we want to. Some of us travel on star ships with people who look just like you. Do you think that we are the only beings that hide from you? Soon you will see who all has been living right under your noses for as long as any soul can remember.

We come from another planet that is no longer here in this reality. Some of you remember. We can speak with you about all of these things when you want. Remember to take it slow with us when you come to the woods. We will make ourselves known to you as your fear of us allows us to. Now is the time. A great shift is happening now and some of us remain here to help you make it through. Some of us have joined your families in the new reality. It is beautiful there. Some of us go back and forth just like we can disappear in front of your eyes. This is easy. Most of you have only forgotten that you can do all of these things too. Many teachers you have had that have tried to tell you this and you have not listened. But the time has come. Your dark leaders have tried to keep us from you but they do not have the power to do this anymore.

Open your hearts. Feel us. We are your brothers and sisters in the woods. We are the Sasquatch. The time has come for you to know who we really are. We are you and you are us. We are in your DNA. We have given you things that are very dear to us. We have shared this world with you. And many of you have been a very dirty room mate. The powers of Mind Speak are hidden within all of you. Call to us and we will help you now. It is time. We have never harmed you unless you have caused harm to us. We mean you no harm. But we will protect our families from you if we need to. Will you stop trying to hunt us for sport and money? It is time to do this.

Many of you have questions to ask of us and we will share the most exciting questions with you now before we go. Yes, our feet are very big. We smell like we want to smell. We laugh. We make jokes. We have families and love our kids. We live in clans and respect our elders. Everyone in the clan knows how to protect the clan. We can send you a thought that will make you leave the area. We know who you are by the energy that walks before you. We communicate with the grid of all there is and know when you are thinking of us. We respect your free will choice. We want to live in harmony together again with you. It breaks our heart to see how some of you treat your kids. This must stop. The care of our kids is the most important thing in all clans. We are watching you. And we are waiting for you to wake up and join the rest of us in harmony. It is time. Do you understand. Now is the time.

This is John. I asked my friends if they would like to me a give me a message that I can share with people. I was surprised at the response. What I was told immediately was, "Yes, It is time." I am honored. I know that this is a stretch for some of you. It will be a stretch until it isn't any more.

The Sasquatch people that assisted me are:

Tahjee, (Sister/Mother figure)
Toegrahnu, (Brother and Sentinel)
TuKornu, (Respected Elder, Male)
Tandania, (Friend, Male)
and a new friend on the scene: Tanda (Lives on another planet bigger than Jupiter. He is about sixty feet tall)


Wherami said...

Definitely fascinating. I have been a squatch enthusiasts for a few years now. This certainly answers some questions about them and sheds some new light on their existence. Perhaps they are the aliens that will be shown to have been living among us for so long. Along with the Cabal.

Lida Griffith said...

This is a beautiful piece...from our brothers and sisters in the woods!! I will share this with Valiant/Bill for he is a true believer and has felt their presence near us here in South Jersey! We live right next to the Pine Barrens. Sometimes they come close for a 'look see'!!

Stacy A said...

This is a beautiful message. Thank you for bringing it forward :-)