Monday, February 24, 2014

The World stands and says: "NO MORE!"

Via Removing the Shackles, 22 Feb 2014

Many people are feeling a pause, like the quiet before the storm.  The huge intake of breath that is held in anticipation, with a quickening of the pulse that is the prelude to the adrenaline rush.  It feels as if the world is sitting on the blade of a knife, waiting for the slightest flicker of air to ever so gently brush against it and waft it over the edge of Change.  Many many people stand watching intently to see which way the breeze will blow....

And there are many people who feel the pause like a deadening emptiness that threatens to swallow them whole.  They fear, they doubt, they moan.  To believe in the coming winds of Change is to open themselves to the frigid hazard of being let down again, to have freedom yanked away in icy disdain.... to even hope is too much effort at the end of a very long day.

Society drills us with the admonishment that we are not worthy nor capable of freedom.  Religion and politics teaches us from birth that the only way forward is to be good boys and girls and to listen to our leaders so as to not be punished.  The media surrounds us with propaganda that perpetuates the stereotype of "Normal", and indoctrinates our peers to judge and bully all those in their groups to toe the line, be good, follow the leader, do not question.

But many many many people ARE questioning.  They have awoken to the reality of this Matrix like system that controls the populous with fashion, friends, fear, frenzy, factional faith and fornication.  They are SEEING the real world and the real world problems and the real world answers and they are standing up and saying "NO MORE!!"   At this moment there are literally millions upon millions of people all over this blue planet who are standing up and demanding Truth and Freedom.

One of the things I am told over and over again, is that people are not waking up or not waking up fast enough.  Many rage that "Nothing is Happening", even though it is happening right in front of their eyes.  Many stomp because "IT" isn't happening the way they want it to happen  nor is "IT" following the carefully well thought out schedule that they had arranged.   "Nothing is Happening" has become a litany for those that have no wish to accept that it IS happening.

People ARE waking up.  People are not just waking up, they are standing up and they are standing in their power and saying "NO MORE!!"  The people on this planet are taking up the mantle of NOW and are demanding the truth and demanding their freedom.

No, the Main Stream Media- especially in North America and in Western Europe - are not reporting what is going on all over the world.  Oh, they will tell you about those events that they cannot NOT talk about- like what is happening in the Ukraine and in Thailand and Venezuela. Just as they did not report on Occupy until is was blatantly obvious that they were not reporting on it.  But for the most part, the media is keeping the truth of what is going on very quiet.  The reports are there.... you just have to look for them.   It is the same in the world of politics and finance, the truth is getting out to the people and is being laid transparently on the ground for them to see.... BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT!!!   This is why I began Transpicuous News Updates, so that I could publish daily listings of important pieces of news for people to see.

No, the world is NOT sleeping any more.  The alarm clock has gone off, and it's time to get up!

As I said earlier today,  "If you want CHANGE then you must be the CHANGE you wish to SEE.  Does that mean you have to go out and protest?  That you have to burn cars and throw rotten eggs and scream and yell?   NO it doesn't.   But it DOES mean that you need to take some responsibility for those changes that you want to happen.  It DOES mean that you need to be involved- in whatever way resonates with you- to CREATE CHANGE."

People in North America are under a heavy blanket of  "See nothing, hear nothing, do nothing".... Yet all around them the world is being taken back by those who are STANDING in their BEing.

The World Is Awake!

Don't believe me?   I have spent the past few days compiling this list that shows just how awake the world has become and how many people are Standing Right NOW.

This Is a list of countries that where people are telling the governments "NO MORE".  This is a work in process as it is no where near complete, but I felt compelled to get it out there for people to see RIGHT NOW.  You will see that many of these places are the most highly controlled military states on the planet... and yet, the people RISE and STAND.

YOU are not alone!  All these people in ALL these "nations" are standing right beside you.  They are BEing the CHANGE.

Please Share this list and make it viral.  Let the people know that they are not alone and that people are standing with them. This list will be available as a separate page on RTS so that it can be easily sent as a link and can be continuously updated.

This is not about fear.  It is about Standing Together.  It is about kNOWing that NOW is the Time to BE the CHANGE.

I would like to hear from you.  Please send me links to news stories covering political protests in your area.



Stop Water Cannons from Being Deployed on the UK’s Austerity Protests-Jan 30/14

Over 1,000 cyclists stage die-in protest outside Transport for London HQ-Dec 1/13

50,000 attend Manchester protest against austerity-Sept 29/13

Thousands Protest the UK Government's Brutal Austerity- Apr 1/13


Tens of thousands protest against austerity- Feb 14/13


Ukip's Nigel Farage mobbed by protesters in Edinburgh- May 17/13

Thousands attend anti-bedroom tax protest in Glasgow- Jun 1/13


Protesters march through Pontypridd over education cuts- Nov 16/13


Germany: Riot police and protesters clash big in Hamburg - Dec 21/13

Hamburg: Police Attack Rote Flora demo- Dec 24/13

Thousands in German anti-NSA protest-Sept 8/13

Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, Portugal- June 1/13


Spanish protests over new austerity measures- Feb 16/14

Basques march in support of ETA prisoners despite Madrid ban-Jan 12/14

Protesters demonstrate against austerity measures across Spain- Mar 11/13


Portuguese soldiers stage anti-austerity protest- Feb 13/14

Mass protest erupts in Portugal against austerity budget- Dec 20/13

Portugal: Anti-austerity protesters occupy government ministries- Nov 26/13

Portugal Lived Today. A Million and a Half People In the Streets Against Austerity.-Mar 3/13

 Lisbon: Thousands join anti-austerity march over 2014 budget- Feb 02/14


Italy’s president fears violent insurrection in 2014 but offers no remedy - Dec 17/13

'Pitchfork' protests rattle Italian government - Dec 13/13

Italy anti-austerity protesters clash with police in Rome- Oct 19/13



*Police Attack 20,000 French Citizens Protesting Against Airport Notre-Dame-Des-Landes- 02/22/14


French conservatives march against government 'family-phobia'- Feb 02/14

Thousands stage anti-government protests in Paris- Jan 26/14

 French government suspends ecotax after violent protests - Oct 29/13

Tens of Thousands of French Protesters Reject Austerity- May 5/13


Protests greet Greece's EU presidency - Jan 9/14

Thousands of Greeks mark 40th anniversary of student uprising, protest against austerity-Nov 17/13

Thousands join fresh Greece protests against Golden Dawn- Sept 25/13

Wave of Protests Engulfs Greece- Jun 17/13


Several Thousands March In Anti-Austerity Protest In Brussels-Feb 21/13




Bosnia-Herzegovina hit by wave of violent protests- Feb 7/14

Bosnia's ethnic rivals join forces in protests- Jun 11/13



Large demonstration in Poland against government austerity policies-sept 23/13

Tens of thousands join march for jobs in Poland- Sept 14/14


International protest against criminalization of homelessness in Hungary- Feb 12/14

HUNGARY: Protests against increasing Hungary's nuclear power -Feb 03/14


“Yes, we can say No”- A new chapter in Albania’s protests-Nov 15/14


Belarus Car Owners Flood Into Downtown Minsk to Protest New Tax - Dec 20/14


Bulgarians to Hold 1st Anti-Cabinet Rally for 2014- Jan 3/14

Bulgarian government to resign amid austerity protests- Feb 20/13



Anti-Government Protesters and Police Clash in Montenegro- Feb 15/14



Protests Arson Attacks Against Swedish-Eritreans-Mar 23/13

Thousands take to the streets for anti-racism protest in Sweden after similar rally marred by neo-Nazi attack- Dec 23/13


Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media -


Over Ten Thousand March in Moscow to Support Charged Opposition Activists- Feb 2/14

Russian protesters march as Putin seeks firmer political footing- Jun 12/13

Middle East:


No links necessary: just open any news site.



Protesters across Jordan call for social reforms

Saudi Arabia:

Saudis protest government’s discriminatory behavior



Iran: Bakhtiaris clashed with security forces in Isfahan



Open any news paper or website



Political party calls for Karachi shutdown as protest

Nationwide Protests in Pakistan - February & March 2014

Sri Lanka:

South Korea:

South Korea: A Thousand Buddhist Monks Join Protests Against Election Manipulation - Nov 28/13

100,000 South Koreans Protest Election Scandal, Labor Clampdown  



Kyrgyzstan: After Defeat, Former Osh Mayor Tells Thousands He’ll Return 


Police in Kazakhstan have detained a number of demonstrators during an unsanctioned protest rally against the devaluation of the country’s national currency, tenge. 


Bangladesh :

Bangladeshi opposition parties vow to continue protests as violence mars polls


Myanmar protesters call for end to harsh laws


Vietnam deploys dancers to foil protests

Anti-China protesters gather in Vietnam's capital


 protests unmask anti-Vietnam views  Racially charged slogans are sometimes mixed with opposition calls for more democracy and higher wages.  

New protest crackdown in Cambodia Riot police were recently deployed in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh to break up anti-government protests. The crackdowns are part of an escalating standoff between officials and those calling for democratic reform. 

Cambodia: Security Forces Beat Housing Rights Protesters



Inner Mongolia detains dozens in Communist party internet crackdown. Chinese regional authorities arrest 52 people for illegally distributing information online and stirring up ethnic tension  


Nepal protests heighten tensions ahead of election


Philippine anti-corruption protests draw massive crowds. $226M of taxpayer money funnelled to legislators' non-existent pet projects  


Tens of Thousands Attend Anti-Government Protest on Taiwan National Day  


Rioting In China's Restive Xinjiang Region Kills 16 People, Including 2 Policemen

China places armed police under military control to manage large-scale riots











  South Africa--











South Sudan--






March In March Australia 2014: A national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government’s policies

North America:


There is no more “News” media: 100,000 people protested on Saturday, and we never heard about it.- Feb 10/14


South America


Malvinas Argentina: Police Repression in the name of Monsanto

Peso panic and rocketing prices shake the throne of Argentina's Queen Cristina

Argentine Default Chaos Relived as Blackouts Follow Looting


Bolivia: children clash with police over child labour

Bolivian protests continue for a 10th day


Rio fare protesters seize main station and let commuters travel free

Brazil-‘Novo Palestina’ land occupation

 Brazil's oilfield auction fuels protest in Rio

"Rio, a showcase for the world"-22/10/2013
The people no longer believe this farce! The fight continues, tomorrow it will be even bigger!


 Students clash with riot police in Chile- 29/05/13



4:3 Indigenous women from Amazonia protest against oil drilling

Indigenous Women Confront Ecuadorian Government Over Resource Extraction


Protest over wages and salaries continues at the University of Guyana


Video HD Police violently disperse protests in Paraguay


Thousands Teargassed: Anti-govt protesters clash with Peru polic

Peru police fire tear gas on protesting students, civil servants


Hundreds Protest Against Uruguay's Paper Pulp Plant

Uruguay Protest (Americas)



Dominican Republic:

Protest Against Exploitation of Loma Miranda – Dominican Republic- Feb 1/14


Thousands of Haitian people protest US-backed Martelly government


Steve said...

All people need clean air, clean water, arable land and free from coruption

angelicview said...

That article blew me away! I wrote a similar one before... so I can see that this person feels very much like I do. Thanks for posting :)

fairyfloss said...

What an amazing list and what a great article to put things in perspective. Thanks yet again Laron for your incredible ability to find or make great articles.

Laron said...

Thanks you two.

Steve, if this new earth exists, that is the place to find those types of things! =)

Steve said...

Unfortunately, if new earth exist we would pollute her also with our value system.
We need to learn, how manage intelligently earth resources as we don't have multiple Earth.

Laron said...

Steve, that is all taken care of and wouldn't happen for a number of reasons. (the laws of the dimensional space it exists in is different to here which would mean our egoic system and personality would also be functioning differently and there are those there making sure that we don't make the same mistakes.. and so on)

It's complicated but Dolores Cannon explains it perfectly in her book 'the three waves of volunteers and the new earth'

There is some info here in relation to that book,

Wherami said...

This is the last cycle of this Age. The Age we are entering now was determined that we the souls entering it had to change. Thats what all this hubbub is about.Its just a toddler soul tantrum fit.

Linda said...

Phenomenal! Rock on World! I'm not for looting or violence....although if the looting was from a particular religious institution, oops corporation like say....the Vatican bank, or the ATO (Australia's taxation dept) well, I might go for that - just call it PAYBACK.

So it's 'as within so without' changes. It's really quite stunning this planet right now - the dawning of this new age of personal responsibility and accountability....and equitable and just treatment for ALL life, next up (fingers crossed).
Excellent article to ponder for sure! Thanks Laron :)

AlexV said...

Without excusing our personal liability regarding to our disrespectful behavior towards mother earth I think that we humans have been so mislead, manipulated and pushed to do harm during eons, that I cannot accept we all are the only ones to be blamed by mother's earth abuse. I feel that old myths about gods, behaving like mad beings has some truth. If this homo sapiens sapiens was created " as their image" could it be possible we inherited some treats that makes us behave like a neurotic species? Why is it that the same ancient families who ruled in Rome are still attaining the same power they had and the are the owners of the global companies and governmints that slaves us into their mad economic models, who put them in power in first place?.

Planet has space enough, water enough, food enough to give a decent life to all beings living here. We do not need that much technology to solve things that technology started itself, A way to eliminate a problem is to subtract the cause of it, not adding up more things as palliative. I do not think humans are the only root of the problem, there are others behind curtains who called the shots. We do not need to move to another Earth, we need to clean and amend this one as long as we live on this planet. We are the ones who must take care of our planet, we do not need to be taken care of her.

-gosh If just everyone who is protesting in the world would agree in one single thing, a lot of blood would be saved- "Enki GTFO here!".