Thursday, February 27, 2014

The New Earth - Messages from meditation

In an article not long ago, I referred to friends of mine who had, through visions, experienced images of the earth splitting in a sense, which matched up with what others have been saying out there for this period in time, such as Tolec for example. This of course relates to various theories out there, such as Dolores Cannon's 'New Earth' theory.

In early February this year, two of my intuitive friends shared this information with me below and with their permission, I feel its time to share it with you.

Sent to me on 13th of February - "I was in the middle of a meditation last Friday when it came to me.  I was in the state of having no thoughts but only feeling the energy coming through.  I felt a bit of a "presence" with me in that field and then a picture popped into my awareness.  It was like I was in space and could see the earth as a big, blue, beautiful sphere.  Then it looked like a transparent earth rose from within the physical looked exactly the same except it was shimmery and more like energy (like heat rising from hot pavement).  The impression that came to me as I looked at it was that this is what is happening with humanity at this time.  
I think the G2 cloud you have been referring to has something to do with the catalyst for this energy to gain enough strength.  But, it was being used by those souls incarnated on earth that were able to hold and then release the energy. (I apologize if this makes no sense).  It felt like the ones who were resonating (vibrating) with the influx of this new energy were moving along with this new earth and the ones who were not ready were still on the old earth.  But, there was no fear.  It was like the ones that were aware of what was going on were in a state of full consciousness and acceptance and the ones who were not aware didn't even realize anything was different.  They were still going about their daily lives in darkness."

Also sent to me on the 13th Feb - "...week before last week in our group healing session, I saw the new earth. It felt new earth has separated and ready. It however came from the old earth so in the past one was always overlapping. Now I saw them separate.
I saw lots of huge crystal towers rising through the earth. In the air there was a stair to go to the new earth. (To be analytical, if I had a movie screen in front of me, and if we divide the screen in 3 parts from top to bottom of the screen, the bottom one part was old earth and the top 2 parts were the new earth. So I was watching ground of older earth but sky and mid section of new earth. )There were nice shiny towers, very blue skies and I could see birds but I am afraid of birds by the way so I couldn´t see. 
Then suddenly I was in space and I saw seven earths. I saw seven earths in a circle. When I looked the stair to join the new earth didn´t match with the old earth. As if they were two images we took on a photoshop software but they clearly look like two different images and they need to be matched. 
I felt that how the stairs are going to merge depends on us. Each of us. Each human has to contemplate and get rid of their own fears, sorrows, forgive things for each of them rather than thinking about everyone else. Each human without following someone else have to find source or know or ask. They will be answered to find the source the all knowing. They can consult each other and work together but they have to clear their own way still. One cleansed human will open one more channel. It is as if the more cleansed people more the bandwidth of our internet connection will increase. And the new earth is like something we are downloading. The faster the connection the sooner it will. 
But why is it working now? Because some external wave is coming. As if a bus is coming and if we are not ready with our money and not waiting at the bus stop in time, we cannot catch the bus. It will be gone. As if a wave is coming and if we catch that wave we can surf on it. 
So here are the things I feel. We have to look at the sky. We have to look at the sun and the moon and especially clouds. We know it deep inside it is happening."

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