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Dark energies, entities and spirits - What are they exactly?

'Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives - Stories of Personal Transformation. Edited by Michael Newton with case studies by members of the Newton Institute'. This is a book I have had for a while now which contains many cases from those qualified in Michael Newton's past life regression technique (LBL)
, as taught through the Newton Institute.

I have learnt Michael Newton's technique and it is very similar to Dolores Cannon's, except Michael Newton focuses much more on the spirit world and the goings on between lives and experiences. For example, in a standard regression, he only gets the client to recall one life before moving onto the afterlife / between Earth lives. The technique is powerful and effective for its purpose, but the main difference between Dolores Cannon's technique and Michael Newton's, is that Michael doesn't call in the higher self at any stage, but he does get help from the council of elders with relation to healing issues and getting questions answered.

Painting of Saint Francis Borgia performing an exorcism by Goya - Wikipedia

The council of elders is a group of advanced beings, that those who are part of the regular incarnation cycle of Earth report to between each life here on Earth.

Most of the time when I read these types of books, I make notes so that I can refer back to anything important. One note I did make with regards to this book was based upon negative spirits and bad energy. The material I am going to quote isn't long, but I find it very detailed and interesting, and it may be of interest to those out there who wonder about such things.

This information does resonate with me and matches closely to my own beliefs and experience as an energy healer and past life regressionist. It also fits into what I have learnt through other trusted sources which I have ran into.

One thing to remember, Michael Newton has had thousands of clients and his material is based upon a pattern and long history of many sessions through his clients. I therefore find his opinions and information worth listening to. But each of us receive specific patterns and types of clients for a reason. What I mean is that some of us are meant to have experiences with a certain type of client or pattern of clients for a purpose and for a reason.

One of those reasons may be based upon what we do in the future with getting our information out there. If we ever do get into publishing a book or doing talks, we are doing so while sharing the information that we are very experienced in. Clearly, Dolores Cannon comes from a specific angle with regards to her books, as any reader would notice.

Past life regressionist Brian L. Weiss also comes from a certain angle and direction which I find to be a much more practical and scientific approach, which is perfectly fine of course.

Information is also sometimes blocked and withheld for a reason when it comes through in hypnosis via a past life regression session. One of those reasons relates to the human race here on Earth, not being ready to hear certain types of information. This has been clearly demonstrated by examples that Dolores Cannon has given, such as when she has lost specific recordings which have turned up later on, because that information was not meant to be released yet. Or when she is asked not to write about such information in her books.

Moving on, within this example, a client named Marcus is taken back to a past life and then guided to the other side after his death within that life. After the explanation of what went on while in the spirit world, there is a description within the book of a follow up with Marcus two years later. This is where I will start.

"It's two years later and the changes in Marcus's life that have resulted from his LBL session are profound. He has met his guide, his soul group, and his council. He has directly experienced different places of existence and has expanded his consciousness. Healing energy is transmitted spontaneously through his hands. He hasn't been handed all this knowledge on a plate though. 
His ability to perceive has been greatly enhanced, but to some degree he is still exploring uncharted territory, and this takes courage. There have been times when he has blocked out perceptions for fear of losing his sanity. At one time, during meditation, he become aware of a spirit scanning his body. Another time, again during a meditation, an apparently angry spirit began to tear at the energy around his heart center, and he rapidly shook himself back to full alertness."

I will now quote a footnote by Michael Newton in relation to the mention above of angry spirits and Marcus's case study.

"We are told that Marcus has had to 'block out perceptions' for fear of losing his sanity. Psychologically, this statement is very revealing in the light of what follows in terms of meditations, long after his sessions, where this client was frightened by 'angry spirits' who were ready to take over his body. There are people who are terrified of the idea that mediation, hypnosis, sleep, being in a coma, etc, let down the mental barriers of the conscious mind and leave us open to demonic spirits.
A whole cottage industry has emerged in recent years over this false belief system. The misuse of 'energy cleansing' therapy in some quarters under the title of 'spiritual attachment release' is a good example.
This smacks of exorcism and attracts people in certain religious circles. Every concept in our conscious mind has its own psychic associations that vary in intensity depending on life circumstances and belief systems.
The notion that evil spirits are waiting to attach themselves to our soul creates unnecessary fear with susceptible people who are attracted to medieval superstition, because many feel they deserve to be punished for their transgressions on Earth.
While there are discarnated souls who are not ready to go into the light after death, and even extraterrestrial souls (souls who have never been incarnated in human form), or simply curious or mischievous souls, there are not 'dark forces' involving evil or demonic entitles ready to attach or steal the souls of the incarnated. 
Because evil does not exist in the spirit world. - a sphere of love, compassion and kindness.
The idea of dangerous spirits ready to inhabit the human mind is not something the highly advanced, benevolent beings of the spirit world would permit. Many of us working in the field of spiritual integration involving the soul and human brain believe that the notion of spirit attachments are fragments of one's own self that require healing.
Suppressing aspects of the self may create a phenomenon that resembles possession as an aspect of the unintegrated self. Psychologically, such negative energy in fearful people often involves feelings of guilt, unworthiness, personal inadequacy, and a variety of unresolved issues in life.
It is relevant for readers to know that if Marcus had experienced a troublesome and unaccounted spirit during his session, the LBL facilitator in this story would have dealt with it promptly. Such disturbing visualisations are rare in our work, but they do occur.
As an example, the therapist in this case worked with a lady who visualised something similar to Marcus, and the facilitator immediately called in this woman's personal spirit guide for assistance. The guide explained that the dark, sinister figure who came 'to steal' this hypnosis subjects soul was actually a member of her own soul group on a mission to shake her out of her depression and learn to value her life more." - Michael Newton

I hope that this has given you some more insight into this topic that it seems so many people are fearful about and who may have mistaken their own experience that may have formed negatively into their personal belief system.


Linda said...

Thanks Laron, nice job! I highly recommend the book by Michael Newton 'Memories of the Afterlife', or his 'Journey of Souls', and 'Destiny of Souls', however I particularly found great info in the 'Memories of the Afterlife' as there's so much we can learn from the experiences of other's incarnations - in a few pages versus a lifetime! Nothing like experience of course, but you get the idea.

I agree Laron, which is why I mentioned yesterday that I believe we are the only ones who can dismantle the thoughts, more accurately, overlay the thoughts that have created a fear with ones of love, and joy.....simply delete the unwanted program and replace it with one filled with more light. Everything that exists is of light anyhow (that's basically what a hologram is)....just some of a higher frequency than others, and nicer to experience.

Linda said...

PS. How's the symbology of the window shape as half moon - and overlayed with a grid!
Fabulous synchronicity also as I'm watching the series 'The Borgias' - subtitled 'the original crime family' - He was a Catholic Pope in the late 14th Century, and let's just say, reportedly far more concerned with self interest than upholding any loving message or lifestyle. Hence the gouls....

I believe that many of the 'cloth' actually have no true belief in the afterlife, hence they do what they do, but when they are on their deathbed, most people will appeal to the 'almighty' for redemption out of some innate knowing that there really is a beyond - and so their fear of punishment due to their transgressions (as Michael Newton stated) causes some to even avoid the journey back to the light realm.

Rachelle said...

Wow, Laron. This resonates completely with me as you might remember from some of our earlier conversations. It's awesome to have that type of confirmation of my own thoughts. I haven't read any of his books but I think I will now. Thanks for posting this.

Linda said...

PPS. I just love replying to myself HA! There are of course no 'judgments' or hellfire and brimstone....nothing but understanding and love love love.....yes, I'm sure we all know that here, just in case though.

Laron said...

As a reminder to myself and others, we should also understand that the reasons behind these above examples as explained by Michael, are not the ONLY reasons. He is talking about the average/common situation for those that get into and experience such situations. His example of a soul group member being responsible is probably a rare occurance, but a good example of another reason.

Laron said...

Rachelle, it does fit into a number of dialogues we have had.

angelicview said...

Thanks Laron, that was great! (I, too, make "notes"... but I carry a highlighter when I read and highlight the parts that I want to refer back to later.)

It's always been a little bit hard for me to understand those people who feel that something other-dimensional is out to get them. I always feel quite safe in my space and feel like my Team is always watching out for me.

One thing that does come to mind though, is an article by Jim Self in which he talks about where our thoughts go when we're done thinking them. The lowest-vibrational thoughts (or dreams) would be the most frightening thing you can possibly think of, all the way down to the simple negative thought (which would be higher in vibration than the nightmare-type thought). The thing is that the lower the vibration is, the lower that thought (or dream) is going to "sink" in vibration or density. Sylvia Brown (no groaning now!) said that the lowest of the low get locked away out of our reach. But the ones that are just plain negative can affect us if WE are matching the vibration of the thought-form. We manifest our thoughts - they are real things. Ugh! I know this is quite fragmented and I'm not portraying it properly. I really should just write an article on it. lol!

So, those thoughts can actually be the "source" of what some people perceive as "attacking" them other-dimensionally.

Any questions? lol

Laron said...

I see the butterfly affect is in play today!

(I never write in my books, I try and keep them perrrrfect)

Animals sense when we are fearful, such as with riding a horse or standing in a swarm of bees. Fear is very unhelpful and is a major block for people in many areas of spirituality, such as astral projection for example. Fear has its own energy and creates thought forms, based upon what the thoughts are, and this in turn has a negative affect.

I agree with what your saying there but I would also look at thought forms as having a influence on our future actions, decisions and moods, based upon the power, intensity and length of time we have been thinking about specific things, which includes all those fearful ideas we may have.

This is another reason why its so important to be in the now, to be in the moment, as the more we think, we not only separate ourselves from connections to the other side, such as to our higher self, guides and so forth, but we are constantly manifesting possible thoughts and situations that can have a negative influence on us.

SuperSakib said...

Hi Laron, Thank you so much for doing the comparison between two prominent past life regressionists. Thanks because I had so much interest but too little time to commit to both their readings now. The message is very timely for me personally too. :-) I just had a few minutes of doubt on 1 Feb and now I know I was right not to fear. :-)

SuperSakib said...

Linda, would be great if you can give me a technique to delete something. I personally could delete some things and then I had problem with some other things, each time I was deleting I was sort of pushing it or living it so much that I guess I was activating it. So that means I need to know more. Would be nice if you give me some light on this topic.

Linda said...

Hey Sakib, sure, I hope I have something to help you. Everyone will have their own truth about this, this is just my layman's understanding, and it's long LOL!!! (sorry Laron :/) - two parts. The issue is really about overlaying the unwanted attitude or thought with a new one, a new program that we want as a part of our identity, and playing it long enough that it becomes a 'hardwired' neural-net, however I like the word delete because it's so emphatic.

Scientifically speaking, the process is called Neurogenesis which means the birthing of neurons. When they are young and very flexible, they need to be nurtured until they grow while forming connections to other neurons (think thoughts) ie. it's the forming of a new attitude. I've included this tidbit because knowing some of the science helps us accept it as a fact - which it is, and it's because of this that many people experience miraculous's all about belief. So in a nutshell, we make the choice, and continue to make that choice in our focus (not wishful thinking) that that is who we are - regardless of the environment we see, because what we see today is the result of past thoughts. We need to hold the new choice of ourselves long enough (however long it takes) until we see our mind reflected in our reality. That length of that process is wholly dependent on whether you choose to revisit the past programming, and if you've taken that new you and incorporated it into your everyday thoughts. This is where it's important to not beat yourself up if you find yourself remembering the old version of you, but to choose straight away, that "oh, that's right, that's not me anymore! This is who I am now and I feel like I'VE ALWAYS BEEN this version:)". People tend to make an enemy of themselves, but that's only going to keep the old going....not what you want. Love yourself always, no matter what! No matter what. You're learning and becoming greater - every reason to be happy with yourself.

Sometimes those we have relationships with need some time to adjust to the new you, so be patient, and hold your focus. There's nothing to fight or to prove, just become something different. So, this is not like pretending, this is making a choice and knowing that you're building a new identity through a new attitude, and actually if we could see the neural-net fire, you'd see it takes place in a different place and making different connections than the one you've left. What's important is to make your new identity independent of anyone else doing or being anything in order for you to achieve success. You're the only one in control of your thoughts, and hence your reality.

Linda said...

So how do we do it? Decide to change. Firstly the new 'program' has to be one we feel completely happy to accept with open arms. If there's any doubt that it's what you want or you sense some subtle obstacle, find it, root it out, or change your mind about what you really can accept. It's my understanding that the brain's language is holographic imagery - therefore it's a great idea to have a mental visual representation of that new can help to meditate and in that quiet space free of any need to protect or defend anything, or to be anything, you can just allow a picture/vision of you to come. This will be something that almost makes your heart skip a beat, and it will be totally natural to you at your core - then it's genuine. Once you have the picture, hold it in your mind for long periods unhindered by any judgement, and also flash on it throughout the day - like a little subliminal message to yourself. It's like Jesus saw the table laden - until it was. Anyone else could look at it and see it's empty, but it really wasn't to him, and so there it was. Also you can pause in a trance state on every word individually, and see each word move from left to right across your mental view screen.

Mind is exists outside of our brains, and we can all turn on any program, as long as we can really believe it to be. There's no limit to access, there's only the belief that you're limited to it. :) If we can think it, then it exists already, we just need to accept it. One day, you'll wake up and just start living as if you always were that - that's when you've made it reality, and how long to see it, it doesn't matter, you will see it, because you ARE it, you've BECOME it. Then, just decide to not look back, be future forward then we're actually creating and not recreating the past. Without knowing the issue, that's kind of an all-encompassing answer ;).

Linda said...

PS. Sakib, there are those great humans in service also, like hypnotherapists for example that use ways to get beyond doubt and access the deeper mind, implanting new ideas and behaviors. What I've mentioned above are to do that process yourself, and you just need a no nonsense/don't mess with me attitude (with yourself) about it. Whatever works is great, and sometimes a mixture will give added moral support.

SuperSakib said...

Thank you so much Linda. It helped me. I read and memorised it sort of and did it. It did help. I also like the word delete for work related reasons. So it fits very well for me. Now I will carry the new program tomorrow again. Thank you. I don´t want to write a lot as you wrote a lot already...:-). Selfhelp is working.

gerry cecere said...

I believe schizophrenia is a body with two souls. I don't think meditation leaves the body vulnerable to evil entities but strengthens the body and soul. The persons aura or soul needs to be expanded, or in other words to get big. By getting big it creates a force field. For a healthy body, we must first have a healthy soul. Sickness is due to a soul that is small or that leaks energy. So if we want to be healthy or lose weight (losing weight is not correct, losing mass is our objective) don't concentrate on the body but soul by meditating and calmness. I may be a little of track, but the gist is that a weak soul allows intruders to either takeover or weaken us to sickness?

gerry cecere said...

Oh! I forgot, there was a mention in the first post that there was a time humans were not ready for information. This is true. In the time of the watchers rebellion, they went against God by teaching people things that were meant to be secret only to heaven. Our misuse of this information has caused only devastation, we call this science?

Laron said...

This information from Linda would complement my article here about removing memories/events and letting go of karma,
'Releasing and letting go of Karma',

Laron said...

Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two of the most complicated aspects to work with when it comes to healing. Within the diploma I completed on energetic healing, I was taught to never take on a client who had these conditions as an energy healer. But as a QHHT / past/inbetween life regressionist, I would consider trying from this angle I think. There is always the option of using a surrogate to help the person. (a family/friend could come to me and through them, we could help the person who had the condition)

Its a possibility that there is more than one soul in the body of a person with schizophrenia. But I lean towards other theories, such as one of these two.

-There could be too much energy from their immortal soul coming in (as the soul in the spirit world never sends down 100% of its energy, only part of its energy for a life on earth), and the physical body is unable to handle that amount of energy. At different stages in our life, we are sometimes temporarily provided with a boost of energy from our soul up there. This is said to be temporary though, but there could be exceptions to this.

-We also have facets of other beings who come in to help us from time to time, and possibly take over our consciousness. This would relate more so to multiple personalities. These facets are there to help us and guide us with our lifes purpose. This is rare though and doesn't happen very often.

And a third theory that pops into my mind is that the compatibility between the soul that was born into the body, and the physical third dimensional host is simply not there, so people live their lives never being adjusted properly because of the lack of compatibly.

Meditation does many positive things, but just like any form of mindfulness or concentration exercises, or energy work, this opens us up spiritually and if we are fear, then this can manifest into negative experiences for us because we don't understand various new situations that occur. As an example, we may start hearing voices or seeing things, we may think we are being attacked when we are not being attacked... so it can be hard for some people to adjust to their new abilities and senses to the other side.
Sickness is due to an area of the energetic system that is out of balance. That may be conneted to a chakra, an energy center or energy line (meridian), or an auric layer (mental/emotional/spiritual-astral)

Laron said...

That occurs for a number of reasons(these are not the only reasons),
-situations in our life that we are not resolving or getting past/acknowledging
-it can be karma related where we are simply paying back/balancing our karma
-past life/experience related where an event occurred which is the source of the issue, which needs to be acknowledged

On top of that, if we drink alcohol in excess, we are going to lower our immunity in a major way as alcohol directly impacts our energetic fields. This goes for drugs and cigarettes. Add eating meat and dairy as well. A vegan organic diet can cure many issues just by it self.

Also.. some people are victims on an unconscious level.. they don't want to heal, they don't want to get well no matter what they try.

I don't believe we can be taken over by 'intruders'. I believe that we always have the choice to allow another voice to speak through us, such as with people that do trance channellings. Even if our energy is very low and damaged, I still believe that it is not possible for this to happen. Another reason I think this, is that when we astral travel / are out of our body, a copy of our consciousness is made and we are actually in two places at once... so there is nothing to take over as we are always in our body no matter what. (unless we have passed over, as that is when the silver cord is disconnected)

We all need to remove all this fear and worry as there is nothing to worry or fear. Each and every one of us are very powerful energy beings. We have the ability to manifest our reality here, if we choose to do so. We just need to 'remember' and understand who we really are and we would realise we have nothing to fear.

SuperSakib said...

Thanks Laron. I just read it again. And while practising that way, I was not doing well in some unpleasant memories which are very sensitive to me- memories about my mother and her sufferings; she is my weakness, I can´t tolerate anything happening to her. For my own I can do easily but this was one of her suffering which was very hard for me to do. Thanks Linda after reading I could do it finally. I am doing it now again.

Linda said...

I'm so happy I could help Sakib :), we all help each other. Laron, thank you! <3

Alex V said...

I apologize but I beg to dissent (who cares lol).
I hope my english chip works fine tonight.

With due respect, shouldn`t We have the right to know who we really are at every time? Who gave the right to such council to determine who deserves to know what and who doesn´t. It sounds pretty much to me to elitism, and all of we human incarnated here know in flesh what elitism leads to. ( 1% knowing the real game 99% in ignorance and serving as slaves to the former).

Regarding the non existence of evil in the spirit world, _I think that´s what some beings want us to believe, what can be more twisted that the slave system of karma? and who handles that? mhh the councils, but it´s for our own good, Where have I listened that before? earth, politcs?....

I´m sick of councils, and hierarquies and "advanced" beings telling us what or what no to do, what do they fear from us? why do they need us to forget who we really are. why this nonsense investment of energy in a game that doesn´t lead to any logical end. Just imagine the ammount of energy that universe needs to invest for an eternal being to learn during thousand of years, when such proccess could be so much funnier and energy conservative when you have all your memories intact when incarnating. You learn faster and without waste of energy, isn`t the creation meant no to waste energy? or such wasted energy is harvested by some beings?
Are we sure that the group of "advanced beings" are saying the truth, or just as above so below?.

Laron, have you ever had the chance to ask to the "guides" or higher selves of the people who goes to you for a regression about what´s beyond the "karma system"?

Had many things to say but today I don`t have the clarity or willingness to articulate all of that.

Bottom line, it`s a nice writting but It doesn`t ressonate with me, nothing personal Laron, I like what you do here.


Grumpy Alex V.

oohh I forgot, Evil do exists, also dark energies and some angels... they work for the same company Enki and associates, lol.

Laron said...

Mr V,

Speaking from consciousness just now, I believe that I have strong intuition around this topic and I feel a lot of confidence with what I say here. This is not just my research and wisdom being written out here.

This is my reality right now, and I respect each and every other persons own personal reality of course.

If you have preconceptions, beliefs, conditioning and strong thought forms based around evil existing, whether that is demons, dark entities, evil spirits and so on, then when you have an 'experience' there is a possibility you will manifest a negative experience and it will become real for you in that moment, even though it is not actually. (I am not referring to human’s who have decided to go down the path of ‘evil’ during their time here on Earth)

When I say experience, that could be a number of many different situations involving the other side / another dimension / outside of our physical third dimension. It could be through a dream. It could be an astral travel experience. It could relate to a connection made to the other side while meditating, or in the very relaxed state before or after falling asleep. It could be during a yoga session with breathing work. There are many examples I could include.

I think there are definitely realms within the lower dimensions, where people who are not spiritually developed and have succumbed to multiple lifetimes of negativity, could end up. This is similar to what some would call ‘hell’. These are simply locations in space time, outside of the third dimension, where spirits are attracted to based upon their vibration and this is one of them. It is rare to end up there though, very rare. Spirit guides will help people through using various techniques of their own, to try and rehabilitate them and heal them in the spirit world first, to make sure the spirits they look after don’t end up there.

Laron said...

When I say lower dimensions, I don’t exactly mean the 2nd dimension or 1st, but possibly a lower level or realm of the 5th dimension. So this can be confusing when I say that… these details are not so important as they are just numbers based upon humanities understanding of science.

In response to your mention of us having the right to know who we are… we consciously made the choice to come here. We just don’t remember that fact. The rules of this experience state that we can not remember such information as it would defeat the purpose of this experience and life on Earth. Most of us are here to learn and grow spiritually. Others are here as volunteers to help during this period of time. And then there are extraterrestrials hanging about / coming and going, with their own motives.

If we had consciously chosen another location to undergo our learning and growth, that other location may not have this rule of not bringing in knowledge with us, or an understanding of where we come from. This planet can be very lonely because of that rule. There are of course ways to find out information and thats what I help people do through my work and through the sharing of my knowledge on my blog here.

So, just going back to us knowing all the answers… there would be no point in being here. There would be no point in raising the vibration of our spirit, becoming more aware, overcoming this and that, etc. This sort of thing can be understood from this angle, but we are never going to understand fully why that other part of us up there chooses to do this, until we return back to it, or at least have another perception and awareness from the spirit world between our higher self and our existence here.

Laron said...

That is a good question… are the advanced beings speaking the truth that all these authors / past life regressionists speak of, or who I have interacted with through my own work. We all come to the understanding that beings in these roles and locations, do not lie to us from our experience. They are of light… they are only ‘good’. They can only be of high vibration. There has never been an occurrence of any form of negative beings in such places as is spoken of, where we go after death here. (Such as the ‘waiting area’, where spirits go if they have had a traumatic life in general or death beforehand, often seen as a hospital type setting. Or the location back where we spend most of our time between lives, where we plan future lives, perform recreation activities, hang out with our spirit friends, attend spiritual classes, overview our former lives, etc.)

They always tell us if we are not allowed to know certain information and they are very strict and clear about that. Some of us also have an intuition around the connection that takes place with them, through the client. We have a feeling of the vibration and of the energy and we know its real, we know its positive and we know its trustworthy. If we don’t have this when we begin this type of work, it will develop over time.

I highly suggest you read the two books ‘Destiny of Souls’ and “Journey of Souls’ by Michael Newton to get a perspective of some of these things. They are the best resources I have ran into because of the detail and experience of the thousands of cases that Michael Newton has performed.

When you say beyond the karma system, do you mean what happens after you finish the earth school? Or finish having experiences in lives on earth or other locations in the universe?

With light,