Friday, February 28, 2014

A UFO sighting and dream by an 11 year old

This is following along the lines of a pattern forming based upon the information coming through from dreams and other means. As possibly up ahead in our time frame, UFO's will become much more present and visible.

The webbot's Clif High just released a new audio recording (Wujo) which discusses not only the webbot detecting a distortion in time recently, but also data showing strange occurrences with 'woowoo' and spacegoatsfarts, in other words, UFO/ET encounters and strange goings on in relation to esoteric / spiritual experiences. (It actually makes sense that the webbot is picking this up, as I am also noticing the increase in info about it from my little view of the World)

Three UFO's witnessed by two comercial airlines in Peru, 2004 - Source

I am about to share with you an experience by the nephew of friend of mine who is 11 and lives here in Sydney as well. This experience occurred a few days ago on Tuesday the 23rd of February.

My thinking is that this is related to the veil thinning and not just a random event. The 'veil' is a label given to what separates our dimensional space and time from the next dimensional space and time, which I refer to as the 5th dimension.

One way I can explain this is that energy vibrates within a specific frequency range that we are slowly becoming more aware of because of these times we are going through. These vibrational ranges reside within dimensions on multiple levels, or you could call them multiple realms.

Everything is made up of energy, so that includes spirits/ghosts, physical objects, plants, animals, the Earth, our selves, and so on. With these changes going on, the vibrational rate of everything is also changing, so it makes sense that we may start seeing the UFO's belonging to some races of extraterrestrials which are multidimensional.

It has been said that the crafts up there in space are not only here because this is 'the greatest show in the universe' at this time, but that some of them may also come down to pick some people up during the changes.(yes I know, that sounds a bit 'out there') There are also many more reasons they are hanging around and interacting with us.

So, children are much more susceptible to the other side. What I mean is, is that their energy centers are much more open when at a younger age. When we grow older, our conditioning sets in along with our belief systems. Starting from our preadolescence years and into our adolescence and then adult years, we start to close up and have blocks within certain chakra centers based upon a number of factors, such as our experiences in life during that stage, our soul contract, past life related connections and so on.

When our chakra centers are fully open and clear, we are able to sense higher vibrational energy. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in such experiences as this one below, on a global scale, if what is said to be coming is actually coming soon in relation to more UFO sightings and their interactions with us.

Here is the experience.

"I have a sister who lives in Sydney and she has one son who is now 11. He is very intelligent but very sweet and gullible. Other kids make fun of him in different ways.
Anyway my nephew called me to say that while going to a swimming pool yesterday and while looking through the bus window he saw a round saucer flying. (He is very much into military crafts and very anti alien or ufo because he only believes wikipedia (grrr....) ).
But after seeing this he seems to have been converted. He told my brother-in-law but he was asleep at the time. By the time my brother in law talked to my nephew about it, my nephew said the saucer had just left suddenly. It was emanating light from it. It is made of metal he thinks. As he is very knowledgeable in materials and military crafts so I have no doubts about his description.
I asked about his emotion before this. He said yesterday he was supposed to swim in a new group and he wanted his mum to go too but his dad said his mum needs to rest so he cried a bit in the bus.
Then my nephew had a dream that there were bushfires in all of Australia and air was smoky. The sky looked thin and there were many saucers and spaceships floating because the air was thin. (I asked him why does he use the word "thin".) He said he feels as if he knows it is thinner and he could see 6 saucers. 5 were smaller and one was very huge. He also saw in the dream one that he had seen in the bus yesterday but half of it was hiding behind a cloud. 
Within the dream he also said that the moon was lower and so huge and full. One saucer came to their home to the balcony and it was very big. He and his mother went to the balcony and he said it was made of whitish metal. A latch opened and it dropped something for them on their balcony. He said he doesn't know what was given to him but he knows something was given.
After waking up the next morning he went to the balcony as if it was so real. So he told his Mum about the dream. So my sister called me and put him on the phone. He described it very well. He is a very detail oriented kid. 
I trust him more than his parents in anything. If I need them to do something I always tell him because he makes sure his parents do those things. He is very careful. 
BTW, its very funny that my nephew loves cats. He says he is a cat. Sometimes we have to pat him like a cat and he purrs. He doesn't eat anything that cats don't eat. He says he came from a planet of the cats."

I believe the mention of the sky looking 'thin' may relate to what separates us from the other side, as I mentioned previously.

By the way, that same day but in the evening a few suburbs away, my Mother told me that she saw two UFO's in the sky above the city... probably just a coincidence.

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Linda said...

Excellent introduction, Laron. What a great day to post this too, feeling and hearing the frequency changes all around and within quite loudly at the moment.

Beautiful dream from a beautiful child. No matter what the world appears at the lower edge, the fact that we share this world with ever increasing intelligence, clarity and openness of the kids, makes everything more joyful and promising for all. I feel we are all honoured by one another! I look forward to more of us having these dreams and contacts. :)