Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Nativity Story: A Metaphor

A short older article from December 2009 in relation to what Christmas is about sits below my personal introduction here.

Right now is an interesting time for me, as over the past 13 years or so, while working full time, I have been able to celebrate Christmas without worrying about how much I spend on others with relation to gifts, and I have always been a big gift giver!

This time around I am having to be much more careful with how much I spend and who I give presents to, since I no longer have an income. It's a totally different experience.

I know not all of you out there celebrate Christmas. I recently made a new friend who doesn't and it made me question why I do. It's just what my family does and they do not do it because of religious reasons, it's really all about the love and tradition, isn't it.

Via, 24 December 2013 (Thanks Connie)

As we examine the metaphysical meaning within the story of the Nativity we find the messages and lessons which can be used to enhance our own lives, to live the message and live in the highest consciousness: the greatest good for all concerned.

The Nativity story itself is a fairytale of love and virtue winning over the negative, a common theme in the arts. It helps to stabilize people in a world of anxieties and distractions, giving hope in the invisible, and credence to the need for each of us to work on our anxieties and fears. The story reawakens our inner longing for trust, miracles and believing in something bigger than ourselves. The child within each of us yearns for seeming magic, miracles, security, hope and faith.

The story of the Nativity is a metaphor: the Virgin Mary symbolizes willingness to receive and nurture truths. Joseph represents the intellect and the search for truth, preparing for the birth of newness. The journey to Bethlehem stands for our need to return to the point when in turmoil we separated from our Creator and fellow men. The struggle to find a bed is the human ego’s struggle to hold on to its fears, prejudices and resentments. The birth of Jesus depicts our birth/rebirth to what we call the Christ Consciousness–the Judeo-Christian teachings and value system-yearly the opportunity to reassess and recommit. The wise men are our movement toward the light of the truth of our being.

I see the Nativity story of Christmas as a metaphor of the messages showing our journey to expressing heaven on earth and ever expanding good.

You and me: we are the Christmas Story.


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